How much do recycled asphalt millings cost?

$10 – $20 Per ton (materials)
$2 – $5 Per square foot installed
$1,200 – $3,600 2-car driveway installed

Recycled asphalt millings cost $10 to $20 per ton or $12 to $32 per yard, without installation. A 2-car asphalt millings driveway costs $1,200 to $3,600 installed or $2 to $5 per square foot on average. Crushed asphalt is available to buy from landscaping and paving companies.

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Recycled asphalt cost

Recycled asphalt millings cost $12 to $32 per yard or $10 to $20 per ton. Asphalt millings for a 2-car driveway costs $60 to $240 without installation. A recycled asphalt driveway costs $2 to $5 per square foot or $1,200 to $3,600 installed. Crushed asphalt prices depend on quality.

Recycled asphalt cost - chart
Recycled asphalt cost - chart

Recycled asphalt cost
Unit Material prices
Per ton $10 – $20
Per cubic yard $12 – $32
Per square foot* $0.15 – $0.40

*Based on a 4-inch depth. All prices not including installation.

Asphalt millings cost installed by project - chart
Asphalt millings cost installed by project - chart

Asphalt millings cost by project
Size and use Material prices Total installed cost
10x20 Driveway (1-car) $30 – $80 $400 – $1,000
20x20 Driveway (2-car) $60 – $160 $800 – $2,000
16x38 Driveway (2-car) $90 – $240 $1,200 – $3,000
30x30 Driveway (3-car) $130 – $360 $1,800 – $4,500
12x12 Patio $20 – $60 $300 – $750
4x50 Walkway $30 – $80 $400 – $1,000
16x16 Playground $40 – $100 $500 – $1,300
10x100 Road $150 – $400 $2,000 – $5,000
78x36 Tennis court $400 – $1,100 $5,500 – $15,000
94x50 Basketball court $700 – $1,800 $9,500 – $25,000
10-Car parking lot $500 – $1,500 $6,000 – $15,000
  • Crushed asphalt is up to 5 times cheaper than virgin asphalt and is eco-friendly.
  • Recycled asphalt pavement produces less dust, dirt, and mud than gravel.
  • Reclamied asphalt hardens over time, has low maintenance, is less susceptible to the weather elements, and melts ice and snow faster than gravel.

Asphalt millings calculator

Enter the length and width of your driveway or area in feet in the calculator below to estimate the cost of reclaimed asphalt millings.

Asphalt millings calculator
Length of the area in feet
Width of the area in feet
Depth in inches
(4" standard driveway; 5" for heavy trucks)

recycled asphalt driveway installation - before and after

Average asphalt millings cost

Recycled asphalt millings (RAM) prices depend on the screening quality of the grindings, location, and quantity purchased. Prices increase for finely ground-up asphalt that forms a smoother pavement surface.

Average asphalt millings cost - chart
Average asphalt millings cost - chart

Average asphalt millings prices
National Average Cost $120
Minimum Cost $40
Maximum Cost $400
Average Range $60 to $240

*Material prices only for a 2-car driveway.

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Recycled asphalt cost per ton

Recycled asphalt millings cost $10 to $20 per ton, depending on the asphalt recycling quality and screening grade. One ton of asphalt millings covers 60 square feet at 4 inches thick.

Asphalt millings prices per yard

Crushed asphalt millings cost $12 to $32 per yard. Crushed asphalt prices depend on the screening quality and rock size. One cubic yard of asphalt millings covers 80 square feet at 4" thick. One yard of asphalt millings weighs 1.2 to 1.6 tons.

Crushed asphalt delivery cost

Crushed asphalt delivery costs $30 to $100 per truckload (8 to 20 tons). Delivery increases the cost per ton and yard by 50%, depending on the quantity and distance. Some companies offer free delivery with a minimum purchase. Small amounts of millings are typically not eligible for delivery.

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Recycled asphalt driveway cost per square foot

A recycled asphalt driveway costs $2 to $5 per square foot installed or from $0.15 to $0.40 per square foot for materials only. A ton of asphalt millings covers 60 square feet on average, while a cubic yard covers 80 square feet at 4" deep.

Recycled asphalt driveway cost installed - chart
Recycled asphalt driveway cost installed - chart

Asphalt millings driveway cost
Size Tons Materials only Total installed cost
10x20 Driveway (1-car) 3 – 4 $30 – $80 $400 – $1,000
20x20 Driveway (2-car) 6 – 8 $60 – $160 $800 – $2,000
16x38 Driveway (2-car) 9 – 12 $90 – $240 $1,200 – $3,000
30x30 Driveway (3-car) 13 – 18 $130 – $360 $1,800 – $4,500
Costs per square foot vary to the thickness of the asphalt layer. Driveways for heavy trucks need 5+ inches of asphalt millings. Small, lightweight vehicles require a layer 3 to 4 inches thick.

Replacing gravel with asphalt millings for driveway

Other driveway options to compare:

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How many tons of asphalt millings do I need for a driveway?

Asphalt millings for a 2-car (400 to 600 SF) driveway cost $60 to $240 for 6 to 8 tons of millings. A 1-car (200 SF) driveway costs $30 to $80 for 3 to 4 tons of recycled asphalt. Residential driveways require a 4-inch minimum layer of recycled asphalt.

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Asphalt millings prices for a residential blacktop

Reclaimed asphalt pavement (RAP) is suitable for any residential or commercial application. Recyclers ground-up asphalt for driveways, patios, walkways, playgrounds, sports courts, roads, and parking lots.

Crushed asphalt cost by type
Type (feet) Tons Material prices Total installed cost
12x12 Patio 2 – 3 $20 – $60 $300 – $750
4x50 Walkway 3 – 4 $30 – $80 $400 – $1,000
16x16 Playground 4 ­– 5 $40 – $100 $500 – $1,300
10x100 Road 15 – 20 $150 – $400 $2,000 – $5,000
78x36 Tennis court 40 – 55 $400 – $1,100 $5,500 – $15,000
94x50 Basketball court 70 – 90 $700 – $1,800 $9,500 – $25,000

How much recycled asphalt do I need for a basketball or tennis court?

Recycled asphalt for a 94x50-foot basketball court costs $700 to $1,800 and requires 70 to 90 tons of asphalt millings. A 78x36-foot tennis court requires 40 to 55 tons of recycled asphalt that costs $400 to $1,100 on average.

30x30 backyard basketball court constructed with asphalt millings

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What are asphalt millings?

Asphalt millings are old recycled asphalt pieces crushed into a smaller gravel-size rock. Contractors compact and seal the crushed asphalt to create driveways, roads, parking spots, sidewalks, or blacktops. Asphalt-recycling facilities heat reclaimed millings to remove impurities and excess moisture.

Crushed asphalt millings up close view

Depending on the quality and size, recycled asphalt pavement includes:

  • Double-crushed paving rocks (best for driveways)
  • Landscaping gravel alternatives
  • Cement supplements
  • Hot-mix or cold-mix liquid asphalt additives
  • Construction fill material
  • Larger road sub-base rocks

Asphalt millings vs. new asphalt

Asphalt millings cost $10 to $20 per ton, while hot-mix liquid (HMA) asphalt prices are $40 to $80 per ton. Recycled asphalt is eco-friendly and easier to install. New asphalt is heavier, contains more oil, and is harder to install, but is more durable and lasts longer. Both require compacting and sealcoating.

Another option is resurfacing the top layer. Asphalt resurfacing costs $1 to $3 per square foot on average.

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Are asphalt millings good for a driveway?

Sealed asphalt millings are good for building durable driveways and roads. Even the U.S. Department of Transportation uses recycled asphalt on more than half of its highways. With a solid road base, proper compaction, and sealants, asphalt millings form low-maintenance and cost-effective pavement.

contractors using reclaimed asphalt to pour new driveway

Can my old asphalt be recycled?

Existing asphalt is recycled at demolition-recycling facilities, asphalt plants, stone-crushing companies, or solid-waste management centers. Highway construction companies recycle 80% to 95% of asphalt demolitions to build new roads. When repaving, contractors typically recycle old asphalt for free.

For more nearby asphalt recycling options, check:

  • “Asphalt reclaiming” companies in the Yellow Pages
  • The Blue Book Building and Construction Network
  • The Construction and Demolition Recycling Association
  • Recycle Nation’s listings of broken asphalt and aggregate processing centers
Call ahead before dropping off old asphalt because some facilities have requirements on the condition of the materials they accept.

How long does recycled asphalt take to harden?

After steamroller compaction and sealing, the recycled asphalt millings take 24 to 48 hours to harden. First, the steamroller will compress and heat the millings that bind together to create a hardened level surface. Then pavers spread a sealant on top to stabilize the blacktop.

Can you seal asphalt millings?

Asphalt millings can and should be sealed to make pavement last longer. Asphalt sealing costs $0.20 to $0.70 per square foot, depending on the cleaning and prep work required. Hire a professional paver to choose the most-suitable asphalt millings sealer and application method.

How much does recycled asphalt weigh?

Recycled asphalt weighs 90 to 120 pounds per cubic foot or between 1.2 and 1.6 tons per cubic yard, depending on the quality and mix composition. Asphalt millings typically weigh less than new hot-mix asphalt.

Rain makes recycled asphalt millings heavier by raising its moisture content. For suppliers that price by weight and store their asphalt grindings uncovered, save money by purchasing in dry weather.

Are asphalt millings bad for the environment?

Recycling asphalt millings reduces landfill waste, lowers construction-related greenhouse gas emissions, and prevents environmental damage from mining new asphalt materials.

Asphalt millings themselves are not toxic. However, coal-tar binders and sealants on any paved road are carcinogenic. Companies now sell eco-friendly sealants. Sealing recycled-asphalt driveways prevent particles of old sealant and binder materials from leaching into groundwater.

How much does it cost to mill an asphalt parking lot?

The average cost to mill an asphalt parking lot is $0.25 to $0.75 per square foot. Prices depend on the project's size, obstructions and structures, and disposal or recycling fees ($0 to $20 per ton). A milling machine removes the top 1" to 3" layer of asphalt to allow for new paving.

Long 2-car recycled asphalt millings driveway with small parking lot area

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Where to buy recycled asphalt millings?

Recycled asphalt millings are available for sale through landscaping companies, paving companies, construction-material recycling centers, and asphalt-production plants. Buying crushed or recycled asphalt typically includes standard delivery fees that vary by location.

Local landscaping companies give lower prices and better service when buying small amounts of recycled asphalt.

Hiring a recycled asphalt company

Only professional paving contractors can construct a long-lasting driveway. Paving is not a DIY-friendly project due to the leveling work required and possible drainage issues if done improperly.

  • Compare at least three estimates from multiple contractors.
  • Select companies with certification from the state’s Department of Transportation asphalt training programs, the National Center for Asphalt Technology (NCAT), or similar road-construction education.
  • Review feedback from their past customers on HomeGuide, Google, and the Better Business Bureau (BBB).
  • Select contractors who have at least a few years of experience.
  • Request copies of a written contract, detailed estimate, and warranty before construction.
  • Never pay in full before the work begins. Instead, negotiate a payment schedule upon reaching project milestones.

Questions to ask

  • How many driveways have you paved with asphalt millings?
  • Does the estimate include all the materials and labor fees? If there are additional fees, what can I expect?
  • Does the estimate include hauling my old asphalt to a nearby recycling plant?
  • Does your company have a business license, insurance, and bond guarantee?
  • Is any prep work necessary to allow space for paving equipment and large trucks?
  • How long will the paving process take?
  • Can I see photos of your past work or talk to your previous clients?
  • How do you manage project delays due to things like unfavorable weather?
  • What permits do I need, and will you obtain them?
  • What does your warranty policy include?
  • What is your payment schedule?

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