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How much do bricks cost?

$0.35 – $0.90 per brick (1 brick)
$140 – $470 per pallet (400 – 525 bricks)
$350 – $900 per thousand (1,000 bricks)
$2 – $6 per square foot (materials only)

Bricks cost $0.35 to $0.90 each on average. A pallet of bricks costs $140 to $470. Brick prices are $2 to $6 per square foot. The cost of bricks per 1,000 is $350 to $900. The labor cost to lay brick adds $400 to $900 per 1,000 bricks. Brick delivery costs $60 to $200.

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August 18, 2021

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Brick prices

Bricks cost $0.35 to $0.90 each for face, engineer, common, or red clay bricks. Antique and used brick prices are $0.25 to $2.00 each. The cost of 1,000 bricks is $350 to $900. A cube or pallet of bricks costs $140 to $470 for a pack of 500 bricks. Most bricks cost $2 to $6 per square foot.

Brick prices by project
Project Bricks needed Cost of bricks
10’x4’ wall 230 – 280 $80 – $250
50’x4’ wall 1,150 – 1,400 $400 – $1,250
10’x8’ wall 460 – 560 $160 – $500
50’x8’ wall 2,300 – 2,800 $800 – $2,500
Pond (50 SF; 4’ depth) 620 – 770 $220 – $700
Fire pit (3’ – 4’ diameter) 75 – 145 $25 – $130
Pizza oven 100 – 250 $35 – $225
Raised flower beds
(10’ – 20’ perimeter; 6” tall)
60 – 90 $20 – $80
Brick mailbox 150 – 200 $50 – $180
Thin brick house siding 4,000 – 12,000 $3,200 – $20,000

*Brick material prices only.

  • Brick installation costs $5 to $13 per square foot for materials and labor.
  • Alternatively, the cost of brick pavers is $2 to $5 per square foot for a brick patio, steps, driveway, or walkway.

Brick cost estimator

The following table shows the average cost of 1,000 bricks:

Average cost of bricks per 1,000
Average cost of bricks per 1,000

Average cost of bricks
National average cost $625
Minimum cost $250
Maximum cost $2,000
Average cost range $350 to $900

Cost data is based on research and project costs reported by HomeGuide members.

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  • Brick plants typically have order minimums of 1,000 bricks.
  • A pallet holds 400 to 525 bricks on average.
  • Prices depend on the brick size, type, durability, and delivery costs.
  • Standard bricks are 2”x8”x4”, with maximum sizes of up to 3.63”x11.63”x3.63”.

Bulk brick prices by volume

Bulk brick prices are $140 to $470 per pallet, while buying a load of 1,000 bricks costs $350 to $900 on average. Brick wholesale prices vary according to the type, amount, finish, size, and delivery distance.

Brick prices by volume - chart
Brick prices by volume - chart

Brick prices by volume
Number of bricks Typical cost
Single brick $0.35 – $0.90
1 square foot of bricks $2.00 – $6.25
Pallet (400 – 525 bricks) $140 – $470
1,000 bricks $350 – $900

*Material prices only. Brick delivery adds $60 to $200 per order on average.

One brick cost

One brick costs $0.35 to $0.90 on average, depending on the type, finish, and size. A new single red brick costs $0.40 to $0.90, while antique brick prices are $1 to $2 per brick.

Pallet of bricks cost

A pallet of bricks costs $140 to $470 for a pack of 500 bricks, depending on the brick type, size, pallet quantity, and region. A cube or pallet of bricks has 400 to 525 bricks, weighs 1,500 to 2,600 pounds, and covers 2,150 to 3,700 square feet on average.

Pallet of bricks price
Pallet size (number of bricks) Average price
400 $140 – $360
500 $175 – $450
525 $180 – $470

Pallet of red clay bricks in a stack of 500
Pallet of red clay bricks in a stack of 500

  • Brick delivery costs $60 to $200, depending on the quantity and delivery distance.
  • Refundable pallet deposits are $15 to $35 per pallet.
  • Most local brick suppliers deliver within a radius of 20 to 50 miles.
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Cost of bricks per 1,000

The average cost of 1,000 bricks is $350 to $900, with prices from $250 to $3,000 per thousand depending on the type, size, and purchasing quantity. Most manufacturers sell bricks by the thousand.

Average cost of brick per thousand
Brick type Average cost per thousand bricks
Red bricks $400 – $900
Face bricks $350 – $800
Engineering bricks $400 – $900

Brick prices per square foot

Most bricks cost $2.00 to $6.25 per square foot for materials only, depending on the brick type. Bricks cost $5 to $13 per square foot installed on average.

Brick cost per square foot - chart
Brick cost per square foot - chart

Brick cost per square foot
Brick type Cost per square foot
Red brick $2.25 – $6.25
Face brick $2.00 – $5.50
Engineer brick $2.25 – $6.25
Concrete brick $2.50 – $5.50
Thin brick veneer / siding $6.50 – $10.50

*Material prices only.

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Price of bricks by type

The average price per brick is $0.35 to $0.90 for common red or face bricks. Foundation brick prices are $0.40 to $0.90 each for engineering or cement bricks.

Cost of 1,000 bricks by type - chart
Cost of 1,000 bricks by type - chart

Price of bricks by type
Type Cost per brick Application / Pros & Cons
Common red bricks $0.40 – $0.90
  • Best for structures with a final plaster finish
  • Solid brick with rough surface
  • Not weatherproof
  • Lack uniform size & shape
  • Mostly red but also in other colors
Face bricks $0.35 – $0.80
  • Best for exposed brick structures & exterior walls
  • Solid brick
  • Uniform size & shape
  • Weatherproof
  • Wide choice of smooth- or patterned-surface finishes
Engineering / structural $0.40 – $0.90
  • Best for foundations & reinforced walls
  • Holes in the center for concrete filling
  • Resistant to water & heat damage
Thin bricks $0.80 – $1.65
  • Veneer wall coating
  • Weather-resistant
Fire bricks / refractory bricks $1.70 – $3.00
  • For fire pits, fireplaces, or furnace lining
  • Often made from ceramic
  • Highest fire-resistance rating
Cement brick $0.45 – $0.80
  • Used for retaining walls
  • Mostly solid concrete bricks
  • Often requires additional finishing or waterproofing
Glazed bricks $2.60 – $6.70
  • For decorative finishes
  • Resists graffiti, impacts, stains, & fire
  • Weatherproof
  • Long-lasting
  • Heavier than most bricks
  • More labor-intensive to install
Adobe bricks $1.50 – $4.00
  • For adobe homes with Mexican clay-tile roofing
  • Popular in Southwestern U.S.
  • Solid mud-based bricks
  • Often needs stucco coating
  • Not for climates with heavy annual rainfall
Bullnose $1.50 – $2.50
  • For steps, capping walls, windowsills, & corners
  • Single-rounded edge bricks
  • Variations with double-rounded edges called “cownose” bricks

*Material prices only.

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Red brick prices

Red bricks cost $400 to $900 per 1,000 bricks. The cost of one red brick is $0.40 to $0.90. Common clay house bricks are for interior walls, concealed brickwork constructions, outdoor projects, and repairs. These bricks are solid with uneven edges and rougher surfaces than face bricks.

Face brick cost

Face bricks cost $350 to $800 per 1,000 bricks or $0.35 to $0.80 per brick. Face brick prices depend on the size, color, glazing, and texture of the finish. All face bricks are solid bricks made with clay or a clay and concrete mixture.

Stack of 1,000 face bricks
Stack of 1,000 face bricks

Face brick benefits:

  • More weatherproof and better insulating than common bricks
  • Uniform colors and shapes
  • Free of impurities to create a smooth finish
  • Adds aesthetic value for outside-facing walls, fireplaces, entrances, and other exposed-brick projects

Engineering bricks cost

Engineering bricks cost $400 to $900 per 1,000 bricks on average or $0.40 to $0.90 per brick. Structural bricks bear more weight and absorb less water than standard bricks. The brick’s holes reduce weight and allow space for reinforcing with rebar and mortar filling.

Engineering brick applications:

  • Foundations
  • Garden walls
  • Retaining walls
  • Chimneys
  • Benches
  • Bridges
  • General home construction
Other names for engineering bricks are hollow, structural, cored, or building bricks.

Thin brick prices

Thin brick prices are $0.80 to $1.65 each or $40 to $80 per 50-piece box. Thin brick corners cost $2 to $3 per brick on average. Contractors adhere this lightweight brick veneer onto existing walls, giving the look of real brick siding without the full weight of standard bricks.

Cost of thin brick vs. real brick
Brick type Cost per brick Cost per 1,000 bricks
Thin brick $0.80 – $1.65 $800 – $1,650
Real brick $0.35 – $0.90 $350 – $900

*Material prices only.

Builders often combine brick veneer cladding with fiber cement or vinyl siding on home exteriors. Brick siding costs more than vinyl or fiber cement, but less than natural stone siding.

Concrete and cement bricks prices

Concrete or cement brick prices are $0.45 to $0.80 each for 2”x8”x4” solid bricks or $450 to $800 per 1,000 bricks. Cement bricks are typically for foundations or above-grade masonry walls. These bricks have high damage resistance with uniform shapes, colors, and textures.

Bigger 8”x8”x16” concrete blocks include:

Fire brick prices

Fire bricks cost $1.70 to $3.00 per brick or $1,700 to $3,000 per 1,000 bricks, depending on the size, material, hardness, and temperature rating. Refractory bricks withstand temperatures from 1,750°F to 3,300°F. Contractors use fire bricks for fire pits, ovens, furnace linings, fireplaces, pottery kilns, or stoves.

Brick fire pit constructed from refractory fire bricks
Brick fire pit constructed from refractory fire bricks

Natural clay bricks begin to crack at 1,200°F and are not ideal for fire pits or fireplaces. Fire bricks are fired at high temperatures.

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Used brick prices

The average cost of used bricks is $0.25 to $2.00 per brick or $125 to $1,000 per pallet, depending on the type, color, and condition. Rare stamped antique bricks are worth $10 to $30 per brick.

Used brick prices - chart
Used brick prices - chart

Used brick prices
Brick type Average price per brick
Old red bricks $0.25 – $1.75
Antique brick $1.00 – $2.00
Stamped historical bricks $10.00 – $30.00

Cost of old red bricks

The cost of old red bricks is $0.25 to $1.75 per brick or $250 to $1,750 per 1,000 bricks, depending on their quality, age, quantity, and brick-storage expenses. Old bricks are typically red clay bricks salvaged from demolition sites. The amount of old mortar removed from recycled bricks varies.

Reclaimed bricks have the lowest prices when they lack historical value or come from a construction-material recycler. Other sources for cheap bricks are plants with overstocked or mismatched batches of bricks.

Antique brick prices

Most antique brick prices are $1 to $2 per brick, depending on the quantity, condition, and firing method. Rare historical bricks cost $10 to $30 per brick if they are an unusual color or have a maker’s name stamp. The oldest bricks have the highest value.

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Cost of common house bricks by brand

The following chart shows common house brick prices by brand:

Cost of house bricks by brand
Brand Cost per 1,000 bricks
Acme bricks $350 – $750
General Shale thin bricks $900 – $1,650

Acme brick prices

Acme Brick prices are $350 to $750 per 1,000 bricks on average, depending on the type, size, and color. Since Acme Bricks is the biggest supplier of hard-fired clay bricks nationwide, they offer a wider brick selection at a larger price range than most companies.

General Shale thin brick prices

General Shale thin brick prices are $45 to $50 per 50-brick box, or $900 to $1,650 per 1,000 bricks. The total cost of General Shale thin bricks varies according to the type, size, and color selected. All their thin veneer bricks contain real clay.

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Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost to lay bricks?

The labor cost to lay bricks per 1,000 is $400 to $900 on average, depending on the brick type, application, and accessibility. Bricklayers charge $1.00 to $1.25 per brick for smaller projects, not including materials.

Other brick installation costs:

  • Brick walls cost $20 to $35 per square foot
  • The cost to brick a house exterior with veneer is $7 to $18 per square foot.
  • A brick fire pit installation costs $300 to $1,400 on average, depending on whether it’s wood or gas burning.
  • The cost of removing bricks from a house is $3 to $6 per square foot.

How many bricks come on a pallet?

There are 400 to 525 bricks in a cube or standard size pallet, depending on the manufacturer, brick size, and brick type.

How many bricks do I need?

A single-layer brick wall requires 6 to 7 bricks per square foot, depending on the brick size. Order 5% to 10% more bricks to allow for wastage.

Bricks needed calculator
Square feet Bricks needed Average cost
100 650 $230 – $580
200 1,300 $450 – $1,170
400 2,600 $900 – $2,340
600 3,900 $1,360 – $3,500

*Based on standard 8”x2.25” bricks, including mortar allowance.

To allow for a typical 3/8” mortar layer between bricks, many bricks come in sizes like 2.25” tall x 7.63” long x 3.63” wide.

Where can I buy bricks?

Pallets of bricks are for sale at brick manufacturers, building-material suppliers, landscaping companies, and home improvement stores like The Home Depot and Lowe’s. Most homeowners buy bricks through brick contractors who know where to get the best brick types at better prices.

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Hiring a masonry brick layer

When hiring a masonry contractor near you, use this checklist:

  • Choose masons with credentials from any of these groups:
  • Compare at least three estimates.
  • Avoid the cheapest estimates that often mean lower-quality work.
  • Read their reviews on HomeGuide, Google, and the Better Business Bureau (BBB).
  • Seek licensed companies with liability insurance and bond guarantees.
  • Get copies of the estimate, contract, and warranty before work begins.
  • Don’t pay in full upfront. Use a payment plan instead.

Questions to ask masonry contractors

  • Can I see proof of insurance, licenses, and bond guarantees?
  • How many brick projects like this have you done before?
  • Have you done brickwork with patterns?
  • Can I see photos of your past work and a list of references?
  • How long is the expected timeframe for this job?
  • What type of brick is best for my project?
  • Can I see brick samples before work begins?
  • How should I prepare for the crew?
  • Does your bid include all materials and labor fees? Should I expect extra fees?
  • Will you pull all required permits?
  • What’s your schedule for payments?
  • How should I contact the project manager?
  • Will you hire subcontractors, and if so, do you charge extra for managing them?
  • What does your warranty include?
  • Does your crew clean up afterward, and does that cost extra?
  • Can you match the bricks and the mortar finish to my existing property?
  • Will you show me a scaled project design before you begin?
  • How will you build the foundation?
  • Will I get a copy of the contract before you start?
  • How do you handle unexpected project delays?
  • What do you do if damages happen on the job?

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