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Tipping Hat Plumbing, Heating & Electric

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Here at Tipping Hat Plumbing, Heating & Electric our focus is Good Old Fashioned Service. Service that is done right, that will last and skillfully completed by one of our hard working, courteous technicians.

Whether it is an outlet or a toilet or even a water heater or furnace that isn’t working you can count on us your Denver Service Company. Maybe you need an upgraded service to handle your new appliances or modern electronics, you’ve found the right place, we can help!

So if you want a reliable, hardworking, skilled technician that will tip his hat to you in gratitude for choosing him look no further and call for Good Old Fashioned Service, Tipping Hat Plumbing, Heating & Electric.


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Denver, CO 80215

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  • Cindy Sparks

    They came right over and the gentleman who fixed my pipe was fast and good and he didnt even mind my questions.

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