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We stand on being and having Integrity, Honesty. I have a Very Good Track record on leaks, and cracks--20 years running, no leaks or re-cracking foundation cracks. I'm a contractor that goes behind other contractor's and fix their mistacks and I repair all kinds of projects the RIGHT WAY. I think like an Engineer and do things over kill, like an Engineer.

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Specialized Construction & Co.LLC


Doing projects the Right Way and using the best products available for THAT situation and condition--No matter what it cost. I understand people or clients, love that attitude because it will last under pressure.

Also I love teaching others how to do things right and if I don't know, I ask. Coming from a warranty back, you learn how to do things right and most of the time challenges come up and YOU just have to figure it out. Figuring it out is fun.


Hired 1 time
24 years in business
Serves Northglenn , CO

Payment methods

Credit Card, Cash, Check


Existing foundation damage

Cracked floor or foundation, Cracked or bowing walls and siding, Doors or windows not opening correctly, Customer needs a professional's help to identify what is wrong

Existing foundation type

Slab on grade, Crawl space, Full basement, Pile and grinder, I'm not sure - need contractor to help identify

Type of load-bearing walls

Traditional masonry or brick, Wood, I can work with customers who aren't sure and need professional help to identify

Property type

Residential, Commercial

Perimeter obstacles

I can work with customers who will need help clearing perimeter obstacles, I can work with customers who will have obstacles cleared prior to the foundation work, I can work with customers who have no perimeter obstacles, I can work with customers who aren't sure if they have perimeter obstacles

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    They do good work
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    June 01, 2021


    David H.

    Expertly does all remodeling, from the foundation, all the way to and including the roof!
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    June 01, 2021


    Scott S.

    We are new to the Denver area and bought a home that need some work. We found numerous recommendations for Dan and his work. He put us on his schedule, a couple of days before he called as a reminder, and then gave us a time of his arrival and was there on the dot. His work is fantastic! He prepped the area, created very little mess, and clean up took no time at all. He was very respectful to our home. The job he did makes it look as though the new wall and doorway was always there. Dan will be part of any future drywall work we do.
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    June 01, 2021


    Sarah S.

    We hired Dan to skim coat the walls of our two bedrooms and we are SO glad we did! The walls were really rough and almost looked like the exterior of a stucco house, they were so rough. He sent timelapse videos to us throughout the day which satisfied our excited curiosity about how they would look once they were smoothed out. He communicates quickly and efficiently (via text which we loved!) and took great care of our house as he worked. Payment is easy and while his bid did come in higher than others we had received, our lack of trust in contractors led us to follow our heart and go with the one we felt more confident in (Dan!). We are removing some walls in our kitchen and will then have him back to smooth out and repair the drywall in the rest of our old house. We cant wait for the rest of the house to look as good as our bedrooms now look! Thanks, Dan!
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    June 01, 2021


    DE H.

    You would be nuts not to hire Dan! We has a massive flood in our finished basement and had to flood cut most of the walls. I called around for a number of bids from both handyman services and drywall specific people. Dan was there within a week for a bid and started work within 2 weeks, his bid was lower than others and I felt much more comfortable with his knowledge and skill set. He completed work in a timely and professional manner and was great with communication. We are thrilled
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    June 01, 2021


    a c.

    Jim is knowledgeable, professional, and honest. Jim performs his work with intergrity. Will refer Jim to others. Look forward to working with Jim on future projects.
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    June 01, 2021

    Frequently asked questions

    Ask Important Questions--Key questions

    Bid it

    Then do it--The Best Way with the Best Products

    19year Experence with an Excellent Track Record Doing Things the Right Way.

    Learned how the Do things the right way by helping the major Builders in the area of Denver.

    I'm educated on doing things the right way, NOT the cheap way or a short cut--I'm a contractor that goes behind other contractors

    My Professional Rate is $45 hr. with Great Quality

    Working with all the major Builders in the Metro Area

    GC's Hiring me to do there hard work, tuff work, there own employees can't do--Structural beams, Epoxy Injections, Sisterwalls, Structural Framing, etc..

    All Kinds, Commercial to Res. to Fed. to .gov

    Epoxy Injections--successful when others aren't

    Ask them if they have a Safety Program in place

    Ask them if they have a good track record with the quality they put out

    Ask them if they have a warranty with the work they Produce and Perform

    Know what you want specifically fixed, HUGE--

    Know where your need is, don't guess, ie. know what a foundation is, don't assume what a foundation is--know what your talking about, so the contractor can have a fare shot on the issuse at hand.

    Services offered

    General Carpentry
    Home Waterproofing
    Framing Carpentry
    General Contracting
    Deck Or Porch Repair
    Construction Services
    Door Installation
    Door Repair
    Concrete Repair And Maintenance
    Foundation Repair
    Siding Repair
    Well Pump Installation