S.&.F Heating And Air Conditioner Inc.

S.&.F Heating And Air Conditioner Inc.

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We are a small family owned business with over 28 years of experience in the hvac industry we specialize in new construction and existing home as well.

We provide a wide range of products from goodman furnaces to air conditioning systems we carry a wide selection. Our company believes that people come first. As a family owned company we treat others as we would liked to be treated with respect and honesty.


Hired 1 time
8 employees
18 years in business
Serves San Diego , CA

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    Sal S.

    If you have heating and AC work you need done, look no further. Steve is reliable,and hard working.
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    July 10, 2021


    Chuck N.

    Ive used Stephe on several jobs and he always
    Showed up with a really cool shirt and an interesting story , great at troubleshooting the problems and fixing it right the first time
    If you believe in Aliens this is the HVAC guy for you,
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    July 10, 2021


    Joshua D.

    Steve is a Great guy and does Great Work!! He fixed my busted Hot Water Heater in no time and cleaned up and upgraded the plumbing to it!! I would recommend him to anyone who needs work done!
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    July 10, 2021


    Suzanne L.

    Thank you Steve for coming through in such short notice & rectifying the problem as swiftly & cost efficiently as possible!! You da man!! �
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    July 10, 2021


    Jamie H.

    Stephe installed my hot water heater! He did it very quickly and did a great job and is always friendly! I highly recommend S&F!
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    July 10, 2021


    Lorraine J.

    Stephen came out on short notice and remedied my radiator issues... he walked me through the inner workings of my heater so I now have a better understanding of my ancient behemoth. I appreciated the care and respect he showed towards the heat beast. He did a carbon monoxide test and explained how the machine worked to my daughter setting her mind at ease that we were in no danger of “low level CO poisoning”
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    July 10, 2021

    Frequently asked questions

    Introduce myself get to know them and finding out how I can better help them with there needs after all they are hard working people just like me. And explaining to them that we will do our best to take care of them and their home.

     certified for e.p.a license universal then when on to getting my contractors license 

    For a 3-3.5 ton system 16 seers bundle includes furnace coil,condenser, plus materials and labor with a 15 years warranty for only $9,500. Ducting not included 

    At 13 years old my father took me with him one day to show me how to work after the 2nd time I was hooked I new what I wanted to do so I started working as a helper for 2 years before I was able to get promoted to apprentice then 5 years I was finally able to be called an installer so for the next 2 years I worked my self up then decided I wanted more so i started practicing for my certified e.p.a license then after obtaining it I worked for another 3 years before I was able to become a journey men after another 2 years I discovered that I couldn't just sit still so I decided to obtain my c-20 license after that I opened my own business and today after all my hard work I feel great with where I'm at.

    I have worked with lots of different customers from lawyers to judges police officers and even movies stars or TV personnel so all types of people I have worked with 

    A customer called me late at night in a hot night asking me to please come and fix their a/C  stating that it was horrible to sleep in a really hot home so I decided to go and take a look and find out how I could help them as I arrived I noticed that the house had all windows open even the doors as I made my way there I notice heat coming out from every were and every body was in their night clothes sleeping next to the freezer opened so I ask why is it so hot and the owner replied I turned the a/c but nothing but hot air is coming out that's when I realize that the hole time they thought they turned on the a/c they had actually turned on the heater! I immediately spoke to the customer and ask if they new how to use the thermostat she replied no I just figured the fire insignia meant it was hot in the house so I turned it up all the way to cool it that's when I started to tell her what that meat she laughed so hard she started to cry saying I'm so srry I brought you all the way here I told her that's OK don't worry about it I explained how to use her thermostat after 25 minutes of showing her and the system running I decided to call it a night so I excuse myself and right befor I left she told me to wait for a min I told here no charge. So after 2 minutes she came down and said here I insist she gave me an envelope as I made my way to my car I decided to open it and in it was 500 dollars with a note saying thank you so much here is a little something for your trouble and honesty I was so surprised that I sad its going in my head record as one of my favorite experiences.

    Always ask questions no matter how dum you might think they are this allows pros to understand what you need and how we can better help you 

    Warranty that's the most crucial thing to ask never take less than 15 years of warranty and what type of service do they offer 

    Services offered

    Furnace And Heating System Installation Or Replacement
    Furnace And Heating System Repair Or Maintenance
    Plumbing Pipe Installation
    Duct And Vent Cleaning
    Duct And Vent Installation Or Removal
    Thermostat Installation
    Central Air Conditioning Repair
    Water Heater Installation
    Central Air Conditioning Installation