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Customers should hire Me as their dog groomer because of my exceptional skills and unwavering integrity. My dedication to providing the best care for their pets, combined with honesty and trustworthiness, sets Me apart. They can rely on Me not only for expert grooming but also for a genuine love and respect for animals, making Me their go-to choice for their furry companions' well-being.


2 employees
6 years in business
Serves Los Angeles , CA

Payment methods

Cash, Check, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Zelle


Length of sitting

Short visit (30 minutes), Standard visit (60 minutes), Overnight visit (10-12 hours)

Frequency of sitting

Once in total, A few times a week, Once a day, Two times a day, Three times a day, I can provide other frequencies

Type of pets

Dog, Cat, Fish, Bird, Reptile, Other indoor animal, Other outdoor animal

Number of pets

1 pet, 2 pets, 3 pets, 4 pets, 5 pets, 6 pets or more

Requested services

Giving food and water, Taking pet outside, Providing companionship, Changing litter or bedding, Providing exercise, Dispensing medication

Photos and videos

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    Frequently asked questions

    Finding out what works best for my pet parent and their special doggie friend 

    Grooming School , Salon Management and training future groomers ,Vets office grooming serious cases and ederly pets .10 years 

    and aggressive cases
    We just became mobile we are starting with just baths due to transition please don’t hesitate to ask about grooming as we have everyone on a list for grand. Opening Special please contact for more info and we are solar powered and Military Owned business and have specials to give back to our wonderful community coming We also have special senior and military discounts please ask
    Monique (Grooming Manager) It was a dream

    I started at a Very popular dog store as a Bather and became a groomer and Salon Manager .< Owner (CEO) Joseph Choosing Durty Doggo’s LA means choosing professionalism, dedication, and a love for pets that goes above and beyond. Experience the difference of a mobile dog grooming service led by a military veteran CEO, where your pet’s well-being is our top priority

    All types of customers 1. **Mobile Salon Clients**: These are pet owners who prefer the convenience of a mobile grooming service for their pets. 2. **Aggressive Pets' Owners**: You've interacted with owners who have pets with behavioral issues, requiring special care and handling. 3. **High-End (Famous) Clients**: You've had the privilege of serving high-profile or famous individuals who likely expect a high standard of care for their pets. 4. **Homeless Vets**: You've provided veterinary services to homeless veterans, showing compassion and support for those in challenging situations. 5. **Abused Pets' Owners**: You've assisted pet owners dealing with the aftermath of pet abuse, requiring both medical and emotional care

    That price quotes are a little hard to give without seeing your pet first  But my prices will be what anyone can afford we can work together and start a monthly or every six weeks grooming appt that u and ur fur baby would love pampering at its finest !

    Services offered

    Dog Grooming