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$17 - $30 /night

The average cost for a cat boarder is $25 per night. Hiring a cat boarder to take care of your pet, you will likely spend between $17 and $30. The price of cat boarding can vary greatly by region (and even by zip code). View our local cat boarders or get free estimates from pros near you.

How much does it cost to board a cat?

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While it might not feel right to be leaving your cat with a stranger, sometimes you have no other choice. If you decide that boarding your cat is your best option, it will cost you about $25 per night for pet boarding. The price you ultimately end up paying will depend on the location, how long of a stay, and a number of other factors.

Standard Nightly Rates

The national average cost of cat boarding is $25 per night, with most pet owners spending between $15 and $30 per night. Most companies charge per day and or night prices, with additional charges and fees for specific needs or special treatment. The age of the cat can make a big difference in price too.

Cat Boarding Cost
National Average Cost $25
Minimum Cost $15
Maximum Cost $45
Average Range $17 to $30
  • Pets Are Inn in Bucks County, PA, charges a rate of $45/day for cats younger than 18 months, and $40/day for cats older than 18 months.
  • Paws Inn Paradise Pet Resort in Pinellas Park, FL, charges only $17/day and $27/day for two cats.
  • Sparta Pet Palazzo in Plano, TX, charges a standard rate of $29/night for a cat of any age or size, and also offers daycare services starting at $18/day.

Cat Boarding

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Offers and Package Deals

Most cat owners need a place to board their pets for more than one night, and many owners own more than one cat. Thankfully, boarding companies will usually offer discounted rates for multiple nights or multiple cats.

Aristocats2 out in Dallas, TX, charges $20/day for one cat, with each additional cat sharing the same room costing an additional $5/day. Rio’s Pet Spa in Miami, FL, also offers a special rate for boarding more than one cat, whereas only pet boarding one cat costs $30-$35/day, depending on the size of the cat and whether or not it’s been neutered or spayed.

Boarding a Cat at Home

Local individuals are more likely to do in-home visits than pet boarding companies, but it is possible to find a cat boarding company that does in-home visits. This is a great alternative for cat owners who don’t feel comfortable leaving their cat in a strange place overnight—board your cat at home instead and hire someone to stop in to feed, play with, or cuddle your kitty.

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Additional Pet Boarding Costs

Most pet boarding business offer extra services on top of the regular pet care needed. Sometimes these services are complimentary and included in the price of boarding, but most of the time they will come at an additional cost.

For example, TLC Pet Boarding LLC in Fort Lauderdale, FL, offers a list of grooming services in addition to their standard nightly boarding rate of $30/day. Grooming extras range from just under $10 for nail trimmings to upward of $80 for the premium grooming package.

Austin Grooming Artist in Austin, TX, offers grooming services for $50/cat as well as training, if necessary; the cost of their training program is a flat rate of $350, which includes a 10-day stay with the trainer—a steal of a deal considering a cat behaviorist can cost about that much for a one-day session.

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Hospital Boarding Services

Many animal hospitals, infirmaries, and veterinarians will offer boarding services, although the price tends to be a little bit higher given the expense of running a pet clinic. Despite the extra cost, many cat owners feel more comfortable keeping their cat there because of the presence of trained staff on site—professionals who have been taking care of people’s sick pets for years with the experience and credentials to show for it.

The Animal Hospital of Boca Raton in Boca Raton, FL, for example, functions primarily as an animal hospital, but it also provides boarding and grooming services when necessary.

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The Right Pet Boarding Service

The right boarding service for your cat will mostly depend on your location and your personal preference. Many owners go with their gut instinct after seeing their cats with a particular facility’s caregivers, but an online search can often tell you far more about which businesses are good and offer plenty of the services you want your cat to get. Quality services and loving caregivers at an affordable price are key.

Cat Boarding
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