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Throne Builders focuses on custom home building and remodeling. Our attention to detail sets us apart from our competitors, and our knowledge of finishes and installation methods give us a unique edge when helping our clients build the home of their dreams. Adam Throne, owner of Throne Builders, is also a residential developer and licensed Real Estate Agent. He has completed several projects in San Francisco California and the surrounding Bay Area. The Throne Builders Inc. has now began to work on custom homes throughout Northern California, as well as land development, and multi unit development projects.

I love to walk into a new home knowing that I produced a great product for someone who will truly appreciate living in a home Throne Builders created. The space planning, interior design, and execution of work in an organized fashion sets our projects apart from other residential builders.


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Frequently asked questions

Depending on the project, a budget is typically the starting point.  When a client knows their budget, and has prepared for the project financially, we know a client is serious about getting the work done and has come to us looking for a great contractor to do the project.  Many customers just starting out may need assistance with plans, permits, and other aspects not typically included on a contractors estimate.  Throne Builders Inc. knows these cost because we build houses and develop properties.  The key to success with a project is knowing things up front, and with our company we give you the information you need to finish your project.  The worst situation we see, are clients moving ahead before they know what to expect.  Throne Builders is a company that partners with our clients, giving them an experienced source of information along with a well built finished product.

Adam Throne is a licensed General Contractor, Plumbing Contractor, and Real Estate Agent in California.  Adam also has extensive knowledge in the fields of Property Management and Residential Development in San Francisco.  Though Adam is not a licensed design professional, he has completed several projects where he led the design team and created floorplans, selected finishes, and coordinated the completion of the work.  Throne Builders currently does design and build construction projects in partnership with local licensed architects and engineers.

Every project we build is custom.  No two are similar enough to provide a standard price for work.  The typical process for determining price on a project we work on starts with what a client wants to spend.  A huge focus of ours is how to add value to a home by choosing the best finish materials, at great prices.  It is easy to pick items based on looks, but to build a package for a client that provides true value is much more difficult, and that is what we feel sets us apart from other builders.  To us, adding value is the focus with every project we do.  By creating this Kitchen or Bathroom we want to know how we can provide everything the owner wants, at a great price, while maximizing the features of the home to create the best return on investment possible for our clients.

Adam Throne, the owner of Throne Builders, is a licensed general contractor, plumbing contractor, and real estate agent.  Adam began learning about property management while attending CSU Sacramento.  His love for building eventually led Adam to refurbish and rebuild multi-unit apartments in the San Francisco area.  After acting as the Developer on a few projects, and working on the construction of these buildings with a local General Contractor, Adam got his license as a General Contractor.  Adam's Primary focus now relates to what can be done with a property, how to get approvals to build or subdivide, and eventually cordinating the build out phase of the project.  There is a lot of planning in Construction, and Adam has spent the past 10 years learning how to take a property and add value to that property.  Adam believes that the key to success is to never stop learning, and self development is a huge focus at Throne Builders.  We are here for a limited amount of time, and the goal in life should always be to give quality and value to others so that client can give Throne Builders another opportunity to provide jobs and training to the people that work for us.

We typically work with residential investors, developers, and homeowners looking to add value to their property.  Many of our projects are done for investment purposes where the buyer intends to sell the property and receive a good return on their investment.  We also build homes for those looking to stay in that home as a long term residence, and we know how to give a client a great product that is easy to maintain while providing all of the design features a client requests.

I recently built a home for a couple of retired doctors in San Francisco.  They were planning to live in the home and watch their grandkids grow up, but their daughter had to relocate for work.  This couple recently sold their home, and called me to be the listing agent because they were so appreciative of what we had built for them.  As a developer, contractor, or real estate agent, every client we work with is treated like family and our clients have shown the same appreciation time and time again by referring business to Adam Throne and Throne Builders.

Explore what makes that contractor, and that company great. Ask a lot of questions about what that contractor values.  If the focus is on quick work that is affordable, that contractor maybe great for your residential apartment work.  If you want someone who knows how to design and build a home that won't leak, and will be easy to maintain, and also has all the bells and whistles you could ever dream of then you would want a contractor who can guide you through the process of construction and partner with you on the job.  Typically a good builder will be very open about their costs, their profit, their overhead, ect.  Open book is the best way to build a house on budget, and goals will be much more achievable when you can see that your contractor has accounted for all the details.  It is easy to get lost in the numbers, and in very basic estimates that are essentially handshake agreements where you trust the builder.  This way of doing business is getting harder and harder to trust, and the best thing now is to have detailed plans, specs, and estimates that you can review and make sure the work you want is all included up front.

How much will this cost to build?  That is the best question anyone starting out should ask.  A competent designer should be able to provide you with budget numbers to use even before receiving any estimates for the work.  Without a budget there is no way to begin a project.  Once you know roughly what a project will cost to build, you are able to move forward with spending your hard earned money on plans, permits, ect.  Estimates from Contractors are a great backup to have, but they are often not accurate unless the budget and the design are complete and the Contractor knows exactly what you plan to build.  With a budget, you can work backwards and design a project to fit the budget, that also provides the key things you want.  I always work backwards on projects and start with the end product.  How much is this worth when finished, how much can I spend on the work, and what was my initial value of the project before the work began.  I then value engineer the project so that the client is adding value to what they have and also creating a great space to enjoy with their friends and family.  Some clients may not care if they make money or add value to a project, but that is always a great place to start from when considering a remodel or new home project.

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