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Hello it's a my pleasure to of service, there's many things I'm passionate about and work isn't at the top but one thing is for sure about maintenance men ink is we have to make a living and so we started our company several years back but took a break and landed a position with a paint and construction company as a project supervisor where I ran the rehab for multi family apartment home's exterior and interior I would have multiple project's going on at any giving time and found that the workmenship was poor,so to scale back to better share my capabilities for a more personable experience so please allow maintenance men ink become your personal maintenance man thank you and God bless.


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May 14, 2020

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Allow the customer ,to express there plans or dreams and find out as much as possible about the project or projects their looking to have completed.

I'd start out with ive never had training per say just tons of hands on from the age of 15 and my first real job as a residential drywall hanger.At 18 chose to go commercial as a drywaller and metal stud fabricator working on schools ,hospitals and high rise buildings. At the age of 26 had my first son so my wife and I decided to take a job as managers in the multi family community field within 15 years we relocated 6 times from SA to Austin back to SA down to New Orleans after Katrina devistated the area here over seen the daily operations of the condo conversions from start to finish it took ruffly 2 years to complete then we were moved back to SA we decided to stay and in doing so we took different jobs I became a project manager for a local paint an Construction company and all we did was remodel multi family communities. I then decided to start my own company providing maintenance giving home owners the option of having there own personal maintenance technicians on speed dial 24/7 it hasn't been easy but I don't give up.

The conception of my two boy's I was so blessed with .

Don't go into a project blind, educate your self with how the job is completed as well as pricing. Google will help you with all the info you need to dig up on the work you are wanting completed as well as the pricing my pricing is estimated from nation wide estimates in order to keep the prices fair for you the customer and the contractor . Lastly go in with an open mind only because as a contractor we've seen a lot and we might have some good ideas and ways to save you money.

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