Creative Flooring Solutions, Inc.

Creative Flooring Solutions, Inc.

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With outstanding customer service and our unmatched quality and affordability. We carry only quality products in today's hottest trends . We also offer free shop at home service.

Some people don't undedstand how much of a difference new floors can make. Ive been doing tbis for so long it comes to me naturally. So I really enjoy seeing my customers face when they go from having Some beat up linoleum in their kitchen. To beautiful porcelain tile.


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Serves Levittown, PA

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    Dwayne was so patiant with me. He made me comfortable. And took his time to make sure I knew what I was getting,
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    June 08, 2019

    Frequently asked questions

    First step is to figure out what type of flooring the customer is interested in acquiring. Second step is to set up a day and time that would be  good for myself to come and measure. While I'm measuring the customer can look through the samples, I'll awnser any questions after measuring. Once they made a selection I can give them a price. After a depositis collected the installation is typically the next week.

    19 years of installation experience

    Yes, each type of flooring as its own set prices.

    Carpet Installation $1.00 sqft

    Tile Installation $5.00 sqft

    Plank Installation $2.00 sqft

    Hardwood Installation $2.50 sqft

    Those are the prices for just the installation. There are other factors that come into play sometimes. But those are the basic bulding blocks.

    My father did it. And as soon as I was old enough to pick up a tool he brought me with him. I loved going to work with my Dad. Especially when I was little. As I got older I worked the summers. Then I decided that High School wasnt for me.(I later took my GED and scored 3750) He said if your not going to school your ass is going to work then.

    Every kind I would think. After 19 years I would like to think that atleast.

    Ive worked with nice ones, mean, anal, crazy and ignorant. And out of all my years. I have only walked off 2 jobs. Both were in west philly. And the funny thing was it wasnt the customer that made me leave. It was their neighbors! Some people make you wonder...

    Get multiple quotes. Ask to see pictures of previous jobs they've completed. Ask questions about the products they show you. The bigger the store. Bigger the bill.

    Services offered

    Carpet Removal
    Tile Removal
    Tile Repair
    Shower And Bathtub Installation
    Shower And Bathtub Repair
    Tile Installation
    Carpet Repair Or Partial Replacement
    Carpet Installation
    Flooring Installation
    Floor Repair