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Offers online services
Offers online services


Getting to assist and benefit in someone else's life is exciting enough!! The extra bonus is the self pride that any being can maintain as long as they have a passion and a quality based mindset. The best self gratification one could ask for comes from this lifestyle I believe.Being part of developments and communities is a feeling without words. Knowing I improved yours and your families life in anyway is more than a good feeling. And it's even better to know due to my prices that you were able to achieve past what you hoped for!!!!


Enjoying my occupation is most important for anyone I'm lucky enough to have in my life. Truth is if I could strictly do this just because I'm helping others and selfishly making me happy I totally would. But it turns out my family doesn't like to eat Raman noodles as much as me so I have to charge some. Just not as much as the others. Always guaranteed quality and pricing every time.


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22 years in business
Serves Columbus , MN
Offers online services

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    Andrea W.

    Joshua Schleis scammed me. He took my money without doing a single thing to my bathroom. He has been so unprofessional and had lied and given me the runaround about given me my money. Im not even sure if this guy is a real contractor I dont think he ever planned on really doing the job.
    I am very upset about the whole situation. Dont waste your time with this bogus business. Its a scam.
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    December 10, 2021
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    Krista H.

    Joshua was fantastic. Just when I and others in this world was wondering what happened to his generation he came in and picked up a seriously big project gone wrong and utilized his knowledge and experience and even worked with pricing because he felt unsettled how the other contractor left the job and price he charged. Be ready Josh because the way you interact with others is untouchable, and your creativity & skill along with that undeniable passion will go farther than you could imagine. When he says quality and pricing comes together he proves it. EVERYTIME.
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    October 19, 2021

    Eric s.

    It took him a while to finish my deck but it was worth it they did a damn good job
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    October 18, 2021

    Frequently asked questions

    To get to know the customer  is one of the key factors to this lifestyle. Second comes honesty and commitment. We thrive at FAIRWAY to achieve that YOU can, and will call us for every and we mean EVERY future service-solution and or design.  Building more than a bank account we always say. We work to assure  you and yours have the quality and fair pricing EVERYONE deserves, in hopes of a stronger community and a healthier and safer future. The only company that guarantees QUALITY AND PRICING everytime. Call us to schedule or call us to ask questions. Yes you are reading correctly.  You can call us for general questions or inquiries. We're always happy to chat. (612)449-8439 Just a small company in a small town trying to do the Right thing.

    20 plus years of failures and achievements, so I think most of the major kinks are out!!!! Self taught while learning everyday.  If FAIRWAY doesn't have the means or the knowledge to properly handle your task, we, free of charge connect you with a small handful of companies that we have formed more than just a business relationship. We trust each other with our #1s= our children,spouses and anything that holds a passion in one another's heart. So yup!!!! We recommend and introduce happly when Fairway is unable to help.





     The national average in 2021 pricing for  this industry is $60~$80 per hour. Not with FAIRWAY, we use common sense and the good old saying, how would you feel? and seriously? would I pay that??? Who is going to pay $80+ dollars per hr for sub-par quality when a person can pay less and receive a wonderful outcome that surpassed your expectations.

    Just what I have always wanted to succeed in. Sure I had and still have other dreams, but to actually help others in this industry and not only do such for self gain is a wonderful feeling. 

    Fortunately many different types. It boils down to RESPECT and a little common sense.  (Example walk in with dirty shoes or have boot covers or take them off? If a person finds themselves working with contractor or customer and can't satisfy for whatever reason it's OK to be kind!! 

     This happens almost everyday, turning a NEW disgruntled and timid customers feelings about quality and the pricing into a enjoyable and exciting project venture. That's why I succeed in this lifestyle.  Because when a customer isn't comfortable due to past contractors performances. I come along and remind them there are still people out in this world that want to see others happy and healthy. 



    GO WITH YOUR GUT.            AND

    ASK QUESTIONS!!!                AND


    RE: Andrea Washington. 

       This is what the world has come down to. Andrea washington received her full amount back. It was 2 days after (I) contacted her stating I was no longer able to provide her the service we planned on. Unfortunately you can't make everyone happy and that's how this one turned out. Here is really the reality if one would open there eyes and quit the I got scammed garbage. You received a full refund on a none refundable down payment. You read the paperwork because you signed it. If this company was a scam then please tell me how? By giving you your money back🤣🤣 or was it the honesty I gave you that threw you off?? Scammers DO NOT GIVE HONESTY OR REFUNDS.  We wish you and your family the best of luck on your venture in life including bathroom project.

      For review readers, this project was roughly $1,100 dollars. This price included a new bathrub/shower and surround.  Then to add a new vanity also. And when you think we were done? No no. This also included all new tub/shower and vanity fixtures.  This customer is upset because she realizes that with product and labor she was saving roughly $4,500 hundred dollars. She is now upset because LIFE happens and she no longer gets a $5,500 dollar bathroom for $1,100.

                Yes You are reading this properly. 

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    Swimming Pool Removal
    Commercial Carpet Cleaning
    Tree Planting
    Soil, Sand & Fill Dirt Delivery
    Siding Repair
    Epoxy Floor Coating
    Tree Removal
    Electrical And Wiring Repair
    Flooring Installation
    Stucco Repair
    Closet Addition
    Siding Installation
    Plumbing Drain Repair
    Oil, Fuel & Water Tank Installation
    Floor Repair
    Cabinet Painting
    Cabinet Installation
    Masonry Repair And Maintenance
    Masonry Construction Services
    Home Modification For Disabled Persons
    Sump Pump Installation Or Replacement
    Roof Repair Or Maintenance
    Drywall Installation And Hanging
    Fireplace And Chimney Installation
    Indoor Air Quality Testing
    Furnace And Heating System Repair Or Maintenance
    Furnace And Heating System Installation Or Replacement
    Packing And Unpacking
    Water Feature Installation
    Switch And Outlet Repair
    Drywall Repair And Texturing
    Mold Inspection And Removal
    Fireplace And Chimney Repair
    Plumbing Pipe Repair
    Tree Stump Removal
    Garage Cleaning
    Duct And Vent Installation Or Removal
    Generator Installation
    Solar Panel Cleaning Or Inspection
    Window Ac Maintenance
    Patio Cover Installation
    Boulder Placement
    Popcorn Texture Removal
    Landscaping Design
    General Carpentry
    Duct And Vent Cleaning
    Gazebo Installation
    Home Waterproofing
    Water Dock Services
    Patio Addition
    Window Treatment Installation Or Replacement
    Home Theater Construction
    Railing Installation Or Remodel
    Fan Installation
    Switch And Outlet Installation
    Stair Installation
    Shrub Removal
    Pesticide Application
    Exterior Painting
    Window Screen Installation Or Replacement
    Stucco Application
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    Framing Carpentry
    Demolition Services
    Concrete Installation
    Countertop Repair Or Maintenance
    Office Moving
    Storage Units
    3d Design & Modeling
    Thermostat Installation
    Pool Table Moving
    Hot Tub And Spa Installation
    Furniture Moving And Heavy Lifting
    Deck Or Porch Repair
    Wallpaper Installation
    Concrete Removal
    Cabinet Repair
    Above Ground Swimming Pool Installation
    Sink And Faucet Installation
    Countertop Installation
    Picture Hanging And Art Installation
    Carpet Removal
    Furniture Assembly
    Lighting Installation
    Fence Painting
    Tile Repair
    Appliance Installation
    Floor Cleaning
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    Shower And Bathtub Installation
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    Shower And Bathtub Repair
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    Roof Installation Or Replacement
    New Home Construction
    Garbage Disposal Installation
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    Generator Repair
    Finish Carpentry - Trim - Crown Molding
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    Door Repair
    Christmas Light Installation
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    Asphalt Repair And Maintenance
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    Concrete Repair And Maintenance
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    Hardwood Floor Refinishing
    Home Remodeling
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    Bed Bug Extermination
    Water Heater Repair Or Maintenance
    Land Leveling And Grading
    Fence Installation
    Long Distance Moving
    Toilet Repair
    Duct And Vent Issues
    Pet Sitting
    Carpet Installation
    House Cleaning
    Junk Removal
    Window Cleaning
    Foundation Repair
    House Sitting
    Snow Removal
    Window Repair
    Kitchen Remodel
    Lawn Mower Repair
    Bathroom Remodel
    Gutter Cleaning
    Interior Design
    Tv Mounting
    Garage Door Repair
    Home Inspection
    Property Management
    Appliance Repair
    Wiring Installation
    Hot Tub Moving
    Sand, Gravel & Rock Delivery