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D's Landscape And Construction Contractors

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Knowledge and experience.

Always looking to give customers good service

Willing to educate and give sound advice.


Hired 8 times
5 employees
16 years in business
Serves Naperville , IL

Payment methods

Cash, Check


Building height

One story, Two stories, Three stories

Water source available

Location with an outdoor water source, Location without an outdoor water source

Property type

Home, Business


Driveway or garage, Building siding, Deck, patio, or porch, Sidewalk, Roof

Washing reason

Routine cleaning, Prepare for painting or staining, Remove grime, Remove oil or grease, Remove mold or moss

Building size

Less than 1,000 sq ft, 1,000 – 2,000 sq ft, 2,000 – 3,000 sq ft, 3,000 – 4,000 sq ft, 4,000 – 5,000 sq ft

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    Diane S.

    Very communicative about process and scheduling. Always cleaned up every day.
    Listened to my ideas as the project went along and were willing to incorporate them at a reasonable cost.
    Will contact them again for sure.
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    December 18, 2022


    Pat W.

    Very professional and knowledgeable
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    December 17, 2022


    Krystal F.

    Very personable. Reasonable prices. Efficient use of time. Did a great job.
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    December 14, 2022


    Lloyd B.

    Im always looking for a small contractor that can wow me. One that not only meets my expectation but can go beyond it; to provide outstanding service for an outstanding price, which compels me to want to do more business with them. My wife works with an organization that even helps minority and women run businesses get loans to expand. So Im always looking for an opportunity to help where I can.
    Unfortunately, D Landscape and Construction fails on so many accounts, I cant help but warn others away. While Bruce (contractor) and Heather (admin) are pleasant enough, their inability to schedule, their inability to communicate, and their constant cancellations disrupted the life of my wife and me to such an extent, we were not just dissatisfied, we were angry.
    * The frequent cancellations from week to week, often the day of in the morning, through a text from Heather, caused us to scramble on multiple occasions. Rearranging child care and work meetings isnt easy, and Bruce and Heather forced us to do this several times. And as much as Bruce initially talked about his guys and skilled laborers, it always seemed that if Bruce was unable to make it, his team was unable to make it. Im flabbergasted, as the smallest of contractors weve worked with in the past always had someone show up for a scheduled job, even if they had to swap people around.
    * Heather repeatedly ignored my requests to give me Bruces number. I never had to ask multiple times for the number of the site supervisor. I sleuthed it down anyway, and when Bruce and I talked, he told me there was no reason Heather shouldnt have give me his number.
    * Bruce was ok with me working with my own wood supplier, though he ominously noted in the beginning he had high standards and talked about another supplier with whom he had a relationship. Apparently, the same product with this supplier was 3x higher.
    * I was going to have the supplier deliver the wood same day, so bruce to install and paint. He wanted to paint at his shop first. But when Heather and Bruce couldnt guarantee a pick up date from my house, and I wasnt going to store indefinitely waiting for them, I asked if it would be simpler for him to pick it up. Of course, they said, and I was happy to pay them 75% of the delivery fee I would have paid. Oh boy, what a mistake.
    * Seems I was in for a treat with just how high Bruces standards were, First, it took him nearly three weeks to pick up the wood after I bought it.
    * When Bruce and Heather they finally picked up the material, Heather complained to me personally by text (not Bruce, not by phone) that Bruce discovered 2/3 of the material was warped *after when he got back to his shop with it*. (Im still in shock to this day they didnt do their due diligence.) But wait, theres more.
    * Heather and Bruce returned 2/3 of the material to exchange it. They encountered such hardships finding good material they said they told the supplier to just keep the material, reimburse me, and they left, without the remaining material.
    * I get a text (again, no call) a day later (not on the day theyre experiencing issues, but one day later) with their excuses and that Im on the hook for their travel expenses, and the ball is in my court. Wow. Just wow. When I call the wood supplier, the guy says, Look, theyre really picky. Out of 43 pieces, they couldnt find 10 to their liking. So 80%+ of the material was bad, according to Bruce and Heather. Wow.
    * When I responded forcefully to Heathers text, which told me I needed to pay them service fees for their travel back and forth to the wood supplier, and that the ball was in my court, I told them to do their jobs or the deal was off, they decided to end the deal, telling me they would return my first half payment, less their fees. Needless to say, I declined their generous offer, and the credit card seemed to agree with me.
    * They still havent returned the 5 remaining good pieces to the wood supplier.
    Please be cautious with these two. They arent malicious, they are just not ready or prepared to deliver quality work.
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    September 03, 2022
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    Vernon G.

    The overall experience was good however, we did experience some bumps along the way but we regrouped with their staff and crew members. They made the necessary changes at an additional cost of course. Nevertheless, all worked out and the job was done and done well. The time it took was longer than anticipated but well worth it.
    The company and their staff are great and we have referred them to others in our family.
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    October 21, 2018


    Jennifer S.

    Reasonably priced, work completed on time, love the results!
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    September 22, 2018

    Frequently asked questions


    We make contact and introduce ourselves to them and find out all of their needs and concerns. Once that is disclosed. We then give them solutions to the need or concerns they have.

    We like to have people with experience in multiple aspects of our industry.

    There is no standard pricing system. We price on the job or the task at hand.

    We started out by seeing the need for quality service providers. Providers who can do multiple services. Consumers typically like working with one provider if they can help it.

    We  provide services to Commercial, Residential and Industrial  customers.

    Completing a project on time and ahead of schedule.

    Make sure you explain in detail what you want.Also all project come with unexpected issues so prepare yourself.

    The amount  they have for the budget. What expectations do they have and if those expectations for the budget.

    Services offered

    Home Modification For Disabled Persons
    Furnace And Heating System Repair Or Maintenance
    Roof Repair Or Maintenance
    Drywall Installation And Hanging
    Drywall Repair And Texturing
    Switch And Outlet Repair
    Circuit Breaker Panel Or Fuse Box Repair
    Popcorn Texture Removal
    Landscaping Design
    General Carpentry
    Home Waterproofing
    Circuit Breaker Panel Or Fuse Box Installation
    Switch And Outlet Installation
    Exterior Painting
    Shrub Removal
    Stair Installation
    Demolition Services
    Framing Carpentry
    Concrete Installation
    Countertop Repair Or Maintenance
    Artificial Turf Installation
    Wallpaper Installation
    General Contracting
    Paint Removal
    Deck Or Porch Repair
    Construction Services
    Concrete Removal
    Countertop Installation
    Lighting Installation
    Sink And Faucet Installation
    Carpet Removal
    Fence Painting
    Tile Repair
    Shower And Bathtub Installation
    Sink And Faucet Repair
    Finish Carpentry - Trim - Crown Molding
    Toilet Installation
    Roof Installation Or Replacement
    Roof Inspection
    Door Installation
    Door Repair
    Christmas Light Installation
    Basement Finishing
    Faux Finishing Or Painting
    Floor Painting Or Coating
    Tile Installation
    Deck Or Porch Addition
    Concrete Repair And Maintenance
    Fence Repair
    Water Heater Installation
    Tile And Grout Cleaning
    Water Damage Cleanup And Restoration
    Central Air Conditioning Installation
    Interior Painting
    Wallpaper Removal
    Pressure Washing
    Hardwood Floor Refinishing
    Home Remodeling
    Land Leveling And Grading
    Fence Installation
    Toilet Repair
    Foundation Repair
    Window Cleaning
    Junk Removal
    Snow Removal
    Kitchen Remodel
    Bathroom Remodel
    Tree Planting
    Flooring Installation
    Floor Repair
    Siding Installation
    Siding Repair
    Plumbing Drain Repair
    Cabinet Installation
    Sand, Gravel & Rock Delivery
    Cabinet Painting
    Soil, Sand & Fill Dirt Delivery