Conte Property Service LLC

Conte Property Service LLC

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We are excellent in our skill level and we are affiliated with great referral partners from many other trades. All of our referral partners have excellent ratings in the community they serve and they don't hesitate to refer us.

We work very hard to take care of our client and look beyond the final cost to give great service. We are always looking for a long term relationship and that only comes from trust and great service.

We make a difference in peoples every day life.

Our service of maintaining your biggest investment of time and money is critical. Critical to your income, your view by others and to your well being. We provide excellent service and,as important, we provide referrals to other quality businesses when it falls outside our purview.

Our facility service is an important factor in reducing potential liability claims against.

Our cleaning service is important in reducing sick time to staff as well as providing a great first impression to your customers and overall sense of good feeling to your staff.


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18 years in business
Serves Dunedin , FL


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Pamela C.

They were prompt in responding to my request for service. They were able to provide support within 24 hours. Veronica was excellent and I will use this service on a regular basis. I received excellent service. I recommend this company to anyone who needs cleaning for their home or business.
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August 12, 2018
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Frequently asked questions

After initial contact with the potential client we set up a face to face meeting. We want to know what problem they need remedied and what concerns they may have about the process. After all the notes are taken the information is sent to the office where it is written up and emailed back to the client in a proposal. The client then has time to read and reply with their written consent, all online. 

We will set up a date and time for the work to proceed, we will have the team in place and get the job done according to the agreed upon contract.

We were certified by IEHA for cleaning and cleaning management.

Our experience in facilities and handyman comes from 30 years in the business.

We have an hourle rate of $57.50 for facilities/ handyman and $42.50/ hour for cleaning, commercial or residential. These are base numbers and guidelines. With contracted customers the numbers are adjusted to coordinate with desired service as well as discounted for scheduled service.

We are looking for long term relationships and the price will reflect our desire to those ends.

We started in NYC as a cleaning company but recognized that many of our clients required some form of repair to make it new again. We began with minor repairs and eventually worked our way up to interior remodeling. We learned thatour maintenance/ repair service works well with our cleaning service to provide greater coverage for one company or family.

We have worked with residential and commercial clients from every religious, social, economic, political and ethnic background. 

People want and need good service for a fair price and thats what we offer and provide. 

We have a long term customer, elderly, who calls us for minor repairs all the time. Its more, I believe, a reason to chat and have company than an actual need. I respond to the call and chat with her for a bit, then make an appointment to see "the job" and spend some time with her. More often than not I make the repair on the spot and take "payment" with the coffee and cake she gave me when we talked. She is a wonderful lady who has actually referred us several times to very profitable jobs and trusts us to make her look good.

Our business can be challenging. Many people in our business look, solely, at the bottom line and don't understand that we are tackling a project that, even in a business setting, has a personal imprint for the client. 

We work hard to satisfy the customer and give them what they want. Sometimes the customer doesn't quite know what they want or sometimes it's not feasible either way our job is to help them with the direction before implementation. Then we give them what they want. 

It's important customers ask about proper licenses and insurance as well as experince. We provide solutions for the client when it is beyond our scope or purview because we work closely with many other trades i.e. HVAC, roofing, general contracting, window manufacturers/ installers, etc. 

Services offered

Drywall Repair And Texturing
General Carpentry
Demolition Services
Framing Carpentry
Garage Cleaning
Picture Hanging And Art Installation
Carpet Removal
Floor Cleaning
Floor Polishing
Door Repair
Commercial Cleaning
Fence Repair
Pressure Washing
Window Cleaning
House Sitting
Pet Sitting
Carpet Installation
House Cleaning
Junk Removal
Gutter Cleaning
Property Management
Carpet Cleaning
Commercial Carpet Cleaning
Floor Repair