How much does window repair cost?
Ashburn, VA

How much does window repair cost?

Ashburn, VA

How much does window repair cost?

$175 – $600Average repair cost per window
$400 – $2,000Full replacement (if beyond repair)

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$175 – $600 Average repair cost per window

$400 – $2,000 Full replacement (if beyond repair)

Get free estimates for your project or view our cost guide below:
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Average cost to fix a window

Window repair costs $175 to $600 on average, depending on the damage, window size, frame material, number of panes, and accessibility. If the window is beyond repair, replacement costs $400 to $2,000 depending on the size and number of panes.

Average window repair costs
Type of repair Average cost
Balance or spring repair $50 – $100
Broken seal $75 – $210
Cracked pane $70 – $175
Flashing repair $270 – $570
Frame repair $150 – $600
Glass replacement $150 – $500
Hardware or latch repair $75 – $200
Sash or track repair $200 – $500

Cost data is from research and project costs reported by HomeGuide members.

A cracked or broken window is repaired with epoxy or by replacing the glass panes. A leaking window is fixed by replacing the thermal seal and argon gas or replacing the entire insulated glass unit (IGU).

Window thermal seal repair cost

Fixing a broken window thermal seal costs $75 to $210, depending on the repair required. A broken seal allows condensation or fogging between the glass panes. If not repaired quickly, the window will leak and cause damage to the frame or windowsill, leading to more costly repairs.

A common fix for a damaged seal is to replace the broken seal and the lost argon gas filler. Another option is to replace the entire insulated glass unit (IGU), which costs around $200. If the window is old, warped, or has damaged hardware, a full window replacement may be needed.

Broken or cracked window repair cost

Repairing a broken or cracked window pane costs $70 to $175, depending on the severity of the damage. A cracked window doesn't always require glass replacement. Small cracks can be repaired using epoxy, and when done properly, the repairs will be invisible.

Window glass replacement

Replacing a window glass pane costs $50 to $200 for a single pane or $200 to $600 for a double-pane window. Replace broken window panes promptly to avoid water intrusion and security issues. Replace single panes with double panes to improve insulation and lower electric bills.

Window frame repair

Repairing a window frame costs $150 to $600, depending on the window's condition and material. Most older homes are built with wooden window frames that are damaged by moisture and pests. Simple repairs include patching holes or filling small cracks, while rotted window frames are typically replaced rather than repaired.

A repair technician fixing a casement window in a home.
A repair technician fixing a casement window in a home.

Window balance or spring repair cost

Fixing a window spring or sash balance costs $50 to $100. Springs allow the sash to open and stay in place when opened. Springs get damaged, misaligned, or out of balance with repeated use and usually require a simple readjustment.

Window sash or track repair cost

A window sash or track repair costs $200 to $500 to replace the sash or track with a new part. If the sash is simply loose, you can tighten the screws that hold it in place. If the sash or tracks are damaged, they likely need to be replaced.

Window screen repair cost

You can spend anywhere from $10 to $120 to repair a window screen. Minor holes are fixed with a DIY repair kit available at most home improvement stores. Large holes or severe damage usually require a window screen replacement costing $100 to $350 per window, including labor and materials.

A worker replacing a window screen in a home.
A worker replacing a window screen in a home.
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Single-pane vs. double-pane window repair cost

Single-pane windows cost $80 to $200 to repair. Double-pane, triple-pane, and bow windows with four or more panes require more labor to repair, increasing costs.

Single-pane vs. double-pane window repair costs
Number of panes Average repair cost
Single-pane $80 – $200
Double-pane $180 – $400
Triple-pane / bay window $500 – $1,000
Four+ panes / bow window $1,200 – $3,200

A double-pane or triple-pane window that has lost its insulation can be repaired by resealing the edges and replacing any gas that has leaked out.

  • Replacing the lost argon gas filler costs $100 to $150,

  • A full glass replacement costs $200 to $600 per double-pane window if the glass is broken.

  • A replacement double-pane window costs $400 to $2,000 per window installed if the window is beyond repair.

  • Replacing a triple-pane window costs $450 to $3,000 per window.

Cost to repair a window by type

The cost to repair a window will vary depending on the type of window, the extent of the damage, and the cost of labor in your area. Small transom and fixed picture windows are the cheapest to repair, while egress, garden, and bay or bow windows are more costly.

Window repair costs by type
Window type Average repair cost
Arched $200 – $600
Awning $150 – $600
Bay or bow window cost $250 – $700
Casement $150 – $600
Double-hung $150 – $600
Egress $200 – $725
Garden window cost $300 – $1,300
Glass block window cost $80 – $475
Picture window cost $130 – $500
Single-hung $125 – $550
Skylight repair cost $200 – $600
Sliding $135 – $575
Storm / hurricane window cost $100 – $500
Transom $75 – $275

Window repair cost factors

There are a number of factors that can affect the cost of window repair, including:

  • Window size and style – Larger windows and those with more glass panes are more costly to repair.

  • Window frame material – Wood, aluminum, and vinyl window frames are cheaper to repair than fiberglass and composite window materials.

  • Number of panes – Single-pane windows are cheaper to repair than double-pane or triple-pane windows.

  • Damage – Excessive damage leads to higher repair costs, and if the damage is beyond repair a full window replacement may be necessary.

  • Accessibility – Higher windows that require scaffolding to access are more costly to repair.

  • Emergency repairs –Repairs outside of regular hours may result in higher labor costs.

  • Window cleaning – Professional residential window cleaning costs $10 to $15 per window.

DIY vs. professional window repair service

A window repair service charges from $45 to $90 per hour for labor, while a handyman costs $50 to $80 per hour. Since professional labor makes up much of the price of window repairs, doing simple repairs yourself can save you money. Some easy DIY repairs include:

  • Caulking around windows to fix a leak

  • Replacing torn window screens

  • Lubricating window hardware

  • Patching a small crack with epoxy

Window repair vs. window replacement cost

Most window repairs cost $175 to $600, which is much less than the average window replacement cost of $500 to $2,000. If your windows are 15 to 20 years old, it is better to replace the aging windows with new, energy-efficient windows that reduce your heating and cooling bills.

Get free estimates from window repair companies near you.
A contractor installing a new residential window.
A contractor installing a new residential window.

Window repair FAQs

Is it better to repair or replace windows?

A general rule is to replace rather than repair a window that is more than 15 years old, is in poor condition, or if the cost of repairs is more than half the cost of a new window.

Is window repair worth the cost?

Window repair is almost always worth the cost unless the damage is severe. Minor repairs will always save you money over a replacement, but extensive repairs such as replacing a damaged window frame may not be worth the cost.

How long does it take to repair a window?

Window repairs take anywhere from 30 minutes for simple repairs like replacing a screen, caulking around the window, or lubricating window hardware. More complex repairs like fixing a broken window can take several hours on the ground floor, or longer for second-story windows.

How can I save money on window repairs?

One of the most obvious ways to save money on window repairs is to do simple repairs yourself. Repairs like caulking around a window or replacing a screen are easy DIY projects. If you need professional help, shop around for the best price and ask for available discounts to save money.

What happens if you don't fix a cracked window?

Ignoring a cracked window ultimately leads to more damage and expensive repairs. You also put yourself at risk for more expensive electricity bills, potential harm to children and pets, and decreased property values.

Getting estimates from window repair companies near you

Follow these suggestions when choosing from window repair services near you:

  • Select from only licensed, bonded, and insured window repair services.

  • Compare several estimates and avoid the lowest estimates that may indicate poor workmanship.

  • Read window company reviews from previous customers on HomeGuide and Google.

  • Request everything in writing including the estimate, contract, and warranty details before the project begins.

  • Negotiate a payment plan with a reasonable upfront deposit and a final payment due upon completion.

Questions to ask

To help you choose the best installer for your window repair project, don't forget to ask these important questions:

  • How many years have you been repairing windows?

  • What type of repair does my window need, and how much will it cost?

  • Is it worth repairing the window, or should I replace it instead?

  • Will you repair my window onsite?

  • How long will the repair take?

  • Do you protect the surrounding surfaces from damage during the repair?

  • What are your payment terms?

  • Is there a warranty, and what does it include?