How much does a solar shingle roof cost?
Ashburn, VA

How much does a solar shingle roof cost?

Ashburn, VA

How much does a solar shingle roof cost?

$21 – $40average cost per square foot installed
$42,000 – $80,000average cost installed (before tax credit)
$29,400 – $56,000average cost installed (after tax credit)

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$21 – $40 average cost per square foot installed

$42,000 – $80,000 average cost installed (before tax credit)

$29,400 – $56,000 average cost installed (after tax credit)

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Solar roof cost

Solar roof shingles cost $42,000 to $80,000 on average before tax credits. The cost of solar roofing tiles is $21 to $40 per square foot installed or $4 to $14 per watt, depending on the brand, style, roof size and complexity, and kW needed. Solar shingles typically cost more than solar panels.

Solar roof shingles cost
Roof size (square feet) Average cost installed*
1,000 $21,000 – $40,000
1,500 $31,500 – $60,000
2,000 $42,000 – $80,000
2,500 $52,500 – $100,000
3,000 $63,000 – $120,000
3,500 $73,500 – $140,000

*Includes roof replacement. Before tax credits and incentives.

Solar roof cost per square foot

Solar roof cost - shingles vs. panels - chart
Solar roof cost - shingles vs. panels - chart
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Solar shingles cost breakdown

Average solar shingles cost
Factor Average cost
Solar shingles $35,000 – $62,000
Power storage batteries $7,000 – $18,000
Federal Tax Credit* - $12,600 – $24,000
Estimated total cost to install $29,400 – $56,000

*Based on a 30% Federal Tax Credit if installed by December 31, 2032.

Solar panel roof system cost

Solar panel installation costs $10,000 to $30,000 on average before tax credits or incentives. Traditional solar panels cost less than solar shingles but are more efficient and produce more wattage.

Solar panel roof system cost
Roof size (square feet) Solar panels (installed cost)*
1,500 $11,600 – $16,400
2,000 $15,500 – $21,900
2,500 $19,400 – $27,400
3,000 $23,300 – $32,900

*Including asphalt shingle roof replacement.

Solar roof installation cost factors

The following factors affect the cost of a solar roof installation:

  • Roof size – Larger roofs require more shingles and labor, increasing costs.

  • Roof complexity – Installation costs depend on the roof’s pitch, number of planes, and number of obstructions like chimneys, skylights, or vents. The cost may exceed $10 per watt for complex roof designs.

  • Design / appearance – Solar roof systems mimic the look of shingles, slate, or Spanish barrel tile. Solar shingles or tiles designed to blend into the rest of the roof typically cost more than systems that lay on top of the existing shingles.

  • Power requirements – Larger homes with greater electricity usage require a larger kW system, increasing costs.

  • Efficiency – Solar shingles have efficiency ratings of 14% to 22%, depending on the brand. Efficiency is a measurement of how much of the incoming solar energy the shingles convert into usable electricity.

  • Active vs. inactive solar shingles – Installation includes more active photovoltaic shingles for homes with higher power requirements.

  • Solar inverter – Most installers include an inverter with installation. A solar roof requires a string inverter, the least efficient inverter type as the energy output of every shingle drops to match the level of the weakest shingle.

  • Power storage – A solar roof system is most effective when paired with a home battery to store the excess energy. Tesla’s Solar Roof comes with a Powerwall, while other manufacturers pair their solar roofs with batteries from Generac, Enphase, LG Chem, or Sonnen.

  • Roof replacement – Some solar roof systems replace the current roof material, while others lay on top of the existing roof. Avoid installing a solar roof on top of shingles more than 3 years old as the system must be removed before the roof can be repaired or replaced.

  • Old roof removal – Removing the existing roof costs $1 to $3 per square foot on average, depending on the size, material, and number of stories.

  • Tax credits – Federal and local tax incentives reduce the installation cost by 30% or more, depending on location.

  • Permits – A solar roof installation requires building and electrical permits. Fees vary by location.

  • Permission to Operate (PTO) – Connecting a solar roof system to the grid requires permission from the utility company. Most installers will assist homeowners in submitting the necessary documentation for approval.

  • Homeowners insurance – Some insurance companies will not insure solar shingles, while others charge higher premiums or cover only a portion of the replacement cost. Confirm the coverage details with your insurance company.

Get free estimates from solar panel installers near you.
Solar shingle roof installation
Solar shingle roof installation

Solar shingle roof companies & manufacturers

Solar roof companies and prices
Brand Cost per watt Efficiency Type
Tesla Solar Roof $6.50 – $14.00 17.0% – 20.0% Complete roof replacement
Luma Solar shingles $4.50 22.1% Complete roof replacement
CertainTeed Apollo II Shingles $6.40 – $8.20 17.2% Lays on top of existing roof
CertainTeed Apollo Tile II $7.70 – $10.00 17.8% Integrates with existing tile roof
SunTegra shingles $4.70 – $7.20 15.9% – 17.2% Lays on top of existing roof
SunTegra tiles $6.20 – $7.80 13.9% – 15.1% Integrates with existing tile roof
GAF Timberline Solar $4.00 – $7.00 22.0% Lays on new asphalt shingle roof

Tesla Solar Roof cost

A Tesla Solar Roof costs $60,000 to $150,000 on average before tax credits. Tesla’s Solar Roof estimate includes old roof removal, solar roof tiles, and Powerwalls. The Solar Roof includes both photovoltaic shingles and inactive shingles that look the same, providing a uniform appearance across the roof.

A Tesla Powerwall costs $11,500 installed on its own. Tesla’s Solar Roof must be integrated with at least one Powerwall and can connect to up to ten units. The Powerwall is a home battery that stores energy produced by the solar shingles.

Luma Solar shingles prices

Luma Solar’s shingles cost $28 per square foot installed for the roof plus $4.50 per watt for the solar system. Luma Solar offers a complete roof replacement that includes active photovoltaic and inactive tiles to give the roof a sleeker, seamless design and more uniform appearance than other brands.

Luma Solar’s award-winning system was the first fully-integrated solar roof in North America. The shingles have a Class A fire rating and a wind resistance rating of 200+ mph—the highest available. The system is backed by a 25-year power warranty and a limited lifetime metal shingle warranty.

CertainTeed solar shingles and tiles cost

CertainTeed offers low-profile solar shingles and tiles with a maximum wind resistance of 194 mph, meeting High-Velocity Hurricane Zone requirements. CertainTeed was founded in 1904 and is one of the leading manufacturers of asphalt shingles, siding, and insulation in North America.

  • Apollo II solar shingles cost $6.40 to $8.20 per watt and must be installed on top of an asphalt shingle roof. Apollo II shingles are larger than standard shingles but smaller than solar panels.

  • Apollo Tile II solar roofing system costs $7.70 to $10.00 per watt and is designed to integrate with a new or existing concrete tile roof.

SunTegra solar roofs price

SunTegra offers solar shingles and tiles with a Class A fire rating and 130 mph wind resistance:

  • SunTegra’s solar shingles cost $4.70 to $7.20 per watt. The low-profile solar shingles are slightly larger than standard shingles and must be installed on top of an existing asphalt shingle roof.

  • SunTegra’s solar tiles cost $6.20 to $7.80 per watt and integrate with an existing concrete tile roof rather than laying on top.

GAF Timberline Solar shingles prices

GAF Timberline Solar shingles cost $4 to $7 per watt and can be nailed down like standard asphalt shingles, making them easier to install than most other brands. Timberline Solar shingles resist winds of up to 130 mph and have a Class A fire rating, the highest available.

GAF’s solar shingles are only available as part of a complete roof replacement. GAF is one of the largest manufacturers of asphalt shingles in the U.S. and created the original architectural shingle style.

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Pros and cons of solar shingles

Pros and cons of solar shingles
Pros Cons
  • Sleeker and more attractive than solar panels
  • Suitable for roofs that can’t handle the weight of standard solar panels Increases home value
  • Generates green energy
  • Eligible for Federal Tax Credit
  • Wind- and weather-resistant
  • Expensive
  • Less efficient and less wattage than solar panels
  • Can’t be adjusted to capture maximum sunlight like solar panels
  • Limited to using a string inverter
  • Limited style and color options available
  • New technology means the projected lifespan is not yet confirmed
  • May increase property taxes

What is a solar roof?

A solar roof features photovoltaic tiles designed to look like traditional roofing materials while producing electricity. Each solar shingle acts as a mini solar panel, collecting energy from sunlight and sending it to an indoor inverter that turns it into usable electricity.

Solar shingles are durable, wind- and weather-resistant, and typically considered more attractive than traditional solar panels. Though most solar roofs are as strong or stronger than traditional shingles, installers recommend against walking on them as the surface may be slippery.

Are solar roof shingles worth it?

Solar roof shingles are typically not worth the high cost and may not pay for themselves in their lifetime. However, a solar roof reduces electric bills, is usually considered more aesthetically appealing than solar panels, and is more likely to receive HOA approval in some communities.

Does a solar roof increase home value?

A solar roof increases home value by 4% to 10%, depending on the system size and geographic location. The return on investment (ROI) is highest in areas with high utility costs like California, Massachusetts, and Hawaii.

How long do solar roofs last?

A solar roof lasts 25 to 30 years. Solar roof systems have not been around long enough to determine if the lifespan predicted by manufacturers is accurate, but most manufacturers offer 25-year limited power warranties.

How much power does solar roof generate?

A solar roof generates 4 kW to 23 kW or more of electricity, depending on the roof and system size, sun exposure, and weather. Each active solar shingle or tile has a maximum power output of 45 to 80 watts.

Getting estimates and hiring solar roof installers

Hire an experienced solar roof installer near you to ensure your system is eligible for tax credits and rebates. Before signing a contract, be sure to:

  • Get at least three in-person estimates to compare.

  • Select companies with experience installing and maintaining solar roofs.

  • Look for installers who are members of the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) and certified by the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP).

  • Browse their reviews on HomeGuide and Google.

  • Choose a company that is licensed, insured, bonded, and has been in business at least five years.

  • Discuss your electricity usage and power requirements with the installer to ensure your system is sized correctly.

  • Get a detailed estimate, contract, and warranty in writing before the work begins.

Questions to ask

  • Are you a member of the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) or any other solar industry associations?

  • How long have you been in business?

  • What size solar roof system do I need?

  • How many kW will the system produce?

  • Does the system come with a home battery? If yes, what brand and model is it?

  • How much of my roof will feature solar tiles versus inactive tiles?

  • How soon after I place my order will the installation take place?

  • How long will the installation take?

  • Do I need to be home during the installation?

  • Will you install the solar roof on top of my existing shingles or add new shingles instead?

  • Is the system eligible for any tax credits or rebates?

  • Will you submit the final application to my utility company to receive Permission to Operate (PTO)?

  • How long is the warranty, and what does it cover?

  • Who honors the warranty if the manufacturer goes out of business?