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How Much Does A Garage Door Cost To Install Or Replace?

$771 – $1,420

The average cost to install a new garage door is $1,020 with most homeowners spending between $771 and $1,420, depending on the style, size, and quality you choose. Installing a single car garage door costs as little as $500 to $800. This price includes doors, labor, tracks, and materials. Get free estimates from garage door companies near you.

Garage Door Installation Cost

The average cost to install a new single car garage door is $500 to $800, while a standard two-car garage door costs between $771 and $1,420. A new garage door costs between $250 and $1,500 without installation depending on the material.

Garage Door Installation Cost Chart

Garage door installation takes a professional roughly five to seven hours and includes a new door, connectors, fasteners, adhesives, and new tracks for the door to move along. The service provider will also dispose of your old door and clean up the area.

Garage Door Cost
National Average Cost $1,020
Minimum Cost $330
Maximum Cost $2,332
Average Range $771 to $1,420
A good garage door adds value to your home, and many homeowners have seen a 91% return on this excellent investment.

Table Of Contents

  1. Garage Door Installation Cost
  2. Installation Cost Factors
  3. Garage Doors Prices
  4. Garage Door Opener Installation Cost
  5. Types of Garage Doors
  6. Insulated Garage Door Prices
  7. Garage Door Screen Cost
  8. Garage Door Customization Options
  9. Garage Door Repair Cost
  10. Frequently Asked Questions
  11. Choosing Your New Garage Door
  12. Garage Door Installation Near Me

Garage Door Installation Cost Factors

While it’s possible to install a garage door yourself, the new doors are heavy, hard to hang, and it may void your warranty. Hiring an experienced garage door installer only costs about $280 for labor.

In addition to the cost of the door and general installation labor, you may have to pay extra for:

  1. Removal and disposal of old door
  2. Style of your door
  3. The material it’s made of
  4. The heavier the door, the more service providers are needed.
  5. Electrical service and wiring for opener and lights
  6. Replacement parts

Garage Door Replacement Cost

The average cost for garage door replacement is $324 to $630 for the doors, and the labor costs about $280 to install it. If you‘re installing the same type of door and all the supporting parts are working correctly for your existing garage, then you’ll only need to pay for the new garage door.

Garage Door Replacement Cost Chart

Garage Door Replacement Cost
Garage Item Average Cost
Garage Doors $400
Installation Labor $280
Garage Door Opener $240
Additional $100
Total $1,020

Garage Doors Prices

A new garage door costs from $324 for a single 96” wide door, to $734 for 192” wide double doors. Cost factors affecting the price are door size, door style, door material, how it will open, the opener, the light, and if it will be insulated. Most people will pay $1,020 for materials and installation for their new garage door.

New Garage Door Cost By Type Chart

New Garage Door Cost
Type Average Cost
Steel Doors $258 – $3,170
Wooden Garage Doors $500 – $1,230
Wood Composite Doors $800 – $2,000
Faux Wood $800 – $2,000
Aluminum Doors $510 – $1,400
Fiberglass Doors $870 – $1,500
Vinyl Doors $850 – $2,000

Sectional Aluminum Garage Door Installation Blue Door Matching Blue Home

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Garage Door Opener Installation Cost

On average, a new garage door opener installation costs between $127 and $200 depending on the brand, model, power, and type of garage door you have. There are three main types of garage door openers. Electrical openers are the most popular, and some will work with a smart app so you can control the door from your phone.

Others offer LED lighting, battery backup, parking assist, beam photo-eye, and auto-locking. If your current opener works with the new door, it won't have to be replaced. However, the new garage door may be too heavy, and the opener won't be able to handle the extra weight.

  • Belt driven – A belt-driven garage door opener works on a steel-reinforced, rubber belt that lowers or raises the garage door. Its benefits include fewer moving parts, which mean less maintenance and quieter operation. $168–$268
  • Chain driven – The chain-driven garage door opener is noisy, with the chain rattling every time the door is raised or lowered. It is a more economical solution, so if there are no living quarters near your garage, it's a good choice. It also works well with aluminum doors. $128–$158
  • Direct drive – The direct-drive system has one moving part—the motor. In this situation, the motor travels up and down the mechanism to raise or lower the garage door. It’s quiet and efficient. $295–$438

Opener Lift Power

  • Max Lift Power - Equivalent to 1 1/4 HPS. Ideal for: Areas with extreme weather conditions. Heavier or one-piece doors.
  • Plus Lift Power - Equivalent to 3/4 HPS. Ideal for: Heavily used garages. Homes with multiple drivers. Preventing wear and tear.
  • Med Lift Power - Equivalent to 1/2 HPS. Ideal for: Sectional aluminum doors, Standard durability.

Garage Door Opener Cost By Brand

Based on prices from HomeDepot and

Garage Door Opener Brands
Brand Average Cost
Chamberlain $128 – $439
Liftmaster $333 – $1,950
Genie $128 – $373
Craftsman $100 – $250

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Garage Door Types

The type of garage door you select, and any additional customizations such as screens or insulation will affect your total cost to have it professionally installed. Let's go over your options:

Garage Door Prices By Materials

Garage doors are available in steel, aluminum, vinyl, wood, and fiberglass. Prices below are from a variety of hardware stores.

  • Steel Doors – made from two layers of steel. They can be painted to match your house exterior, and they are strong. Steel doors can be hollow, insulated with vinyl backs, insulated with sandwich doors, or non-insulated. Steel doors don’t warp and don’t usually dent. The lower the gauge/thickness number, ranging from 23-28, the stronger the door. $258–$3,170
  • Wood Garage Doors – often made from layers of wood rather than solid wood. An attractive style with built-in layers to resist warping. Windows are often added, and the wood can be stained to match your home or painted to match. Solid wood doors are more likely to be custom made. $500–$1,230
  • Wood Composite Doors – a wood frame covered with fiberboard. Higher-priced doors are covered with a high-density fiberboard and are crafted to simulate real wood, including details such as grooves and panels. $800–$2,000
  • Faux Wood – Made of polymer material overlaying steel. Better and much longer-lasting than wood because they won’t rot or crack. Some have reinforced steel in the panels. $800–$2,000
  • Aluminum Doors – lighter weight than the steel doors, but they dent easily. Lightweight and stylish, they provide a modern look. Rust-proof. Usually not insulated, and they can’t block heat transfer. $510–$1,400
  • Fiberglass Doors – made from two layers of fiberglass attached to a steel frame and filled with insulation which looks like wood from far away. They are lightweight and don’t rust or dent, but they can break if hit. Some have reinforced steel in the panels. $870–$1,500
  • Vinyl Doors – the vinyl door is also built on a steel frame and filled with insulation. They do not dent and are difficult to break. They are very sturdy. Older vinyl doors tended to warp in extreme climates, but the newer ones are mostly maintenance free because of the polymers used. They’re popular in coastal regions because of their resistance to salt air. $850–$2,000

Modern Solid Wood Garage Doors Install With Windows and French Style

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Garage Door Styles

When we buy our house, we don’t usually think about the style of the garage door. But if you’re in the position to replace it, why not get one that matches or enhances the style of your home? Below are a few styles, with prices from

Garage Door Prices By Style
Style Single Door 96” wide Double Door 192” wide
White panel, insulated $324 $734
Carriage house style $630 $1,712
French door style $2,301–$3,288 $4,603–$5,260
  • Garage door panels – probably the most popular style, these are usually reasonably priced between $324–$734. The door is constructed in panels that allow the door to open with minimum clearance. A common option is to have one panel or row in windows.
  • Carriage garage doors – designed to look like historical carriage house doors, this garage door is higher priced but adds a great deal of charm. This price is a bit higher at between $630–$1,712.
  • French door style – these garage doors are exquisite with plenty of window panes, and they open in or out like regular doors. The best looking doors are also the highest priced at an average cost of $2,300–$5,260.

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Garage Door Sizes

Garage doors typically come in single-door and two-door sizes—to fit either one or two cars. You can also order a custom-made garage door to fit your particular opening.

Garage Door Sizes
Single Door Double Door
8 x 7 12 x 7
9 x 7 14 x 7
10 x 7 16 x 7

Garage Door Opening Types

There are four different garage door styles available for opening the door.

  • Sectional or Roll Up – Also known as overhead garage doors, this is the most common way of opening and easily used with a new garage door opener. The panels of the garage door are mounted on tracks which will then roll along a center guide.
  • Up and Over – this is used when the garage door is one large piece. These doors are not typically used anymore but are found on older homes.
  • Swing Out – not typically used anymore; it operates like the front door to your home—literally swinging out to open. They are used mostly on carriage types of garage doors.
  • Sliding – the door(s) slide along a track attached to the top of the garage door opening.

Classic Aluminum Double Garage Door Install Door Matching Color of Home

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Insulated Garage Door Prices

Insulating your garage doors increases energy efficiency, lowers your bills, and protects internal items from harsh weather. If you’d like to keep the temperatures in your garage from fluctuating too high or too low, and you’d rather keep moisture out, then you’ll want the highest-rated insulation you can get.

You’ll want to insulate your garage door if the rest of your garage is insulated. Insulated doors are also more durable and aren’t as noisy when opening and closing.

Average Cost of Insulated Garage Doors

Insulated Garage Doors Cost
Garage Type Average Cost
Single tilt-up $400 to $700
Single roll-up (sectional) $800 to $1,000
Roll-up garage doors $1,200 to $2,000
Solid wood custom $2,500 to $3,000

Insulation comes in 1 to 3 layers. For example, Clopay’s Classic™ collection has insulation options that “include 2" or 1-3/8" Intellicore® polyurethane, 2" or 1-3/8" polystyrene or 1-5/16" vinyl backed polystyrene insulation available. Insulated door R-values from 6.3 to 18.4.”

Wind load

“In the USA, states like California, Kansas, Missouri, Nevada, and Utah have wind-load reinforcement requirements for garage doors. These requirements follow the International Building Code (IBC) and the Florida Building Code (FBC) and the ANSI/DASMA standards. If you live in a high-wind region, make sure that your garage door is ‘wind-load’ certified” — House Energy

Garage Door Seal Cost

To keep your garage door airtight, seal your seams properly with weather stripping seal ($3–$5/ft.) or PVC molds ($1–$3/ft.). Sealing will prevent moisture and bugs from taking up residence in your garage. It’s best to seal all four sides of your garage opening.

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Garage Door Screen Cost

The average cost to install garage door screens is between $123 and $1,154, with the average homeowner spending around $400. The price depends on the width of the opening and type of screen. There are many styles of screen doors to choose from, and they can be easily installed as a DIY project. In the case of motorized screens, an electrician may be needed.

Retractable Garage Door Screen Prices

A retractable screen door opens in the middle, and stores in a small space attached to the edges of the garage opening. This style of garage screen door has been shown to add resale value to your home and comes at an average cost of $449 to $1,154.

Motorized Screens

Motorized screens cost between $1,196 and $1,891 and come in sizes of 96” to 228”. An electrician can add a switch so you can easily lower and raise the screen.


A regular-size door space, for people to walk through rather than opening and closing the entire garage screen door. This option adds about $100 to the price.

Screen Door Panel Prices

This needs to be determined by a professional garage screen installer or a business owner. Typically, replacement panels are not sold over the counter, but you can purchase them for $300 to $600. If your garage door screen becomes damaged, you need to see about its repair right away to prevent more damage.

Lifestyle Garage Door Screens

Lifestyle is one of the leading brands of garage screen doors. They are available in a wide variety of widths and heights, and three different color screens and frames. They come with a walk-through door, with the option for a lock. Prices typically range from $1,200–$1,600 which includes the following –

  • Polyester mesh screen
  • Choice of color - brownstone, sandstone, or white
  • 2" architectural-grade aluminum frame
  • Spring-loaded track system
  • Center sliding door
  • Door height of 7’ (Add $100 for 8’ or higher.)
  • Limited lifetime manufacturer's warranty

Other Top Brands

Prices from Lowes:

  • Fresh Air: $123–$165
  • Larson: $375–$412
  • Comfort Bilt: $157–$198

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Garage Door Customization Options

Garage doors can be customized to fit the look of your home and can be a significant design element in your curb appeal. It’s not uncommon to add windows, panels, new hardware, and lights.

There are different opening styles. You can have a motorized opening or a manual opening. There are thousands of colors your garage door can be painted, and you are not limited to one color per door. Mix it up! Use the existing paint colors on your home to create a masterpiece of a garage door.

Some options include paint or stain, type of wood, stone accents, columns, and pillars. Add a surround which frames your garage door opening, making it pop. Prices for customization are from one end of the spectrum to the other, limited only by your imagination.

Basic Door

The basic door will be made of one layer of steel with no decorative windows or panels. But it will be functional. It will open and close properly and protect the contents of your garage. If your garage opens into an alley, this may be a real choice for you. If your garage door is on the front of your home, you may want something more indicative of your personal style. But the basic door will do the job. A 16’ door will run from $750–$950. Keep in mind that steel can be customized to mimic the look of real wood.

Partially Customized Door

You can add one or two customized details to a basic garage door. Most garage door stores will have a list of custom elements that can be added to each style of door. Picking a few of them is a cost-effective way of getting a ‘custom’ garage door.

Garage Door Windows

The price will vary based on the type and number of windows. Start with a cost of $25–$55 per window. For the lower price, think regular, clear glass, and privacy glass. Double-pane insulated windows will come in at a higher price.

Sectional Garage Door Installation With Windows

Windows would allow more natural light into your garage, as well as ventilation if you chose functional windows. If you’re concerned about a loss of heat, choose insulated windows to keep your garage energy efficient. A few ideas:

  • An arched opening – the door will still be square, but the opening will be arched for the design detail.
  • Glass doors – can be single glass windows with simulated dividing lines or actual glass tiles with real metal or wood division. It can be a row of windows, or the entire door can be glass—a smart looking choice on a modern home.
  • Panels – raised or flat is normal. Another option is tongue and groove. The placement of the tongue and groove can be vital to a custom design. The V-notched lines of the tongue and groove provide design lines in any number of configurations—vertical, horizontal, herringbone.
  • Trim boards – these are flat boards placed in specific designs: an X, a V, or cross rails. If you’ve chosen panels and had room for three panels, the outside two panels can have an X design while the middle panel has a V design. Try out different designs on paper.

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Garage Door Repair Cost

How do you know when your garage door needs to be replaced rather than just repaired? Some things that can be fixed (Cost is for part and labor):

Garage Door Repair Cost
Repair Type Average Cost
Pulleys $102 – $150
Springs: Torsion $95 – $165
Springs: Extension $50 – $95
Panel replacement $646 – $1,078
Garage door opener $50 – $461

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does It Take To Install A Garage Door?

On average, it takes a professional five to seven hours to install new garage doors.

How much does it cost to install a 2-car garage door?

It depends on the style of garage door you’ve chosen to put on your house. For labor only, you can expect to spend around $279 for garage door installation, and about $1,020 for both a new garage door and a professional install.

  • A steel roll-up style door: $279
  • Raised panel steel door: $279
  • Bonded steel garage door: $216
  • 2-layer steel door: $279

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Choosing Your New Garage Door

Since you will be investing a nice chunk of change into this project, the first consideration will be the door. Which one will last longest? Most likely, a 2 or 3-layer steel garage door would be your best bet. It can be insulated and customized with windows, panels, and excellent hardware by the garage door company.

Another good choice is the wood door. Options of stain and paint are nearly limitless. What about a carved panel? Think big and create a one-of-a-kind garage door for your home.

Take into account the style of your home and choose a garage door that accents it rather than screams “I’m a brand-new, custom-made door!” The design of your home and your garage door should mesh with the overall look and feel of your home’s exterior, with neither one taking center stage.

Ask the advice of the garage door installer who works for the company you choose. They have the knowledge and experience to guide you in the correct decision for your home and lifestyle.

When hiring a professiona, be sure the cost to remove the old garage door is included in the quote.

Get free estimates on HomeGuide from trusted garage door services:

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[1] Craftsman Estimator 2018






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