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How Much Does Professional Christmas Light Installation Cost?

$2 – $5 Per Foot
$241 – $645 Average Total

Christmas lighting installation for a 1,500 square foot 1-story home costs $250 to $460, whereas a 2,000 sqft. 2-story home runs $500 to $800. Pricing includes the holiday lights and professional labor. By using your own lights, you'll save $100 to $200 on average. Get free quotes from Christmas light installers near you.

Christmas Light Installation Pricing

The average cost for professional installation of holiday lighting is $241 to $645, or between $2.81 and $4.81 per foot for both the lights and the labor. Christmas light strands range from $40 to $260, while labor and installation cost $150 to $400 with an extra 20% for difficult roofs.

Christmas Light Installation Cost Chart

Pricing depends on the number of stories in the house, the quality of the lights, if landscaping or tree lights are installed, and if there are any additional Christmas decorations. Extension cords, stakes, and timers are needed for a handyman or lighting service to install your light displays properly.

Christmas Light Installation Cost
National Average Cost $443
Minimum Cost $151
Maximum Cost $1,508
Average Range $241 to $645

For a grand Christmas display of beautiful, twinkling lights during the holiday season, it’ll be faster and more professional looking to hire a Christmas light installer. It is an arduous job from start to finish to plan a Christmas display, set it up, then tear it down. Of course, you want time to pack it away properly too, so that it is ready for an easy setup next year. Hiring a decorator can allow you to relax and let a pro take care of all of that.

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  1. Christmas Light Installation Pricing
  2. Professional Holiday Lighting Install Costs
  3. Christmas Light Rental and Installation Cost
  4. Christmas Lights Price List
  5. Frequently Asked Questions
  6. Hiring A Christmas Light Hanging Service
  7. Christmas Lights Installation Near Me

Holiday Lighting Installation Costs

Professional holiday lighting installations cost $150 to $420 for labor when you supply your own lights. If the company includes lights, packages range from $230 to $1,150 for a complete installation with takedown. Many lighting services are landscaping companies which have a minimum charge of $150 to $200, or about $75 per hour.

Holiday Lighting Installation Costs Chart

Holiday Lighting Installed Cost
Number of Stories Labor Only Lights + Labor
One-story $150 – $420 $230 – $630
Two-story $240 – $750 $350 – $940
Three-story $290 – $940 $430 – $1,150
Home, Trees & Landscape $400 – $1,000 $550 – $1,200

The average cost to install Christmas lighting is $2 to $5 per foot depending on if you have your own lights. For installation labor only, costs range from $1.50 to $3.50 per foot, and lights add about $1.25 a foot to your final cost. Adding landscaping lighting costs around $1 per foot.

Christmas Light Installation Prices Per Foot Chart

Cost To Hang Christmas Lights By Home Size

Companies usually set their pricelists based on the linear footage of your roofline. Pricing includes design and layout planning, cost to rent lights and safety equipment, and labor. Package deals usually offer maintenance if the lights burn out or there is an electrical issue.

If they use lights you provide, they should pack them away in storage for next season, as teardown is included in their pricing. Below is the pricing by home size for lights plus installation.

Christmas Light Rental and Installation Prices Chart

Christmas Light Rental and Installation Prices
Square Footage 1-Story 2-Story 3-Story
1,000 $227 – $389 $350 – $533 $430 – $623
1,500 $266 – $456 $431 – $649 $543 – $775
2,000 $303 – $519 $507 – $757 $643 – $910
2,400 $328 – $562 $559 – $832 $707 – $998
3,200 $354 – $606 $612 – $907 $784 – $1,100
4,200 $365 – $625 $635 – $940 $815 – $1,142

Cost of Holiday Lighting Installed on High Roofs

Hanging Christmas lights on a high and difficult roof costs $3.50 to $6.00 per linear foot, or an extra 20% to 25%. Additional safety measures. extended ladders, and special equipment will be required which increases your overall cost. If your roof has a lot of nooks and crannies you may end up paying more, because more lights might be required.

Cost To Wrap A Tree In Lights

The average cost is $10 to $20 to wrap trees depending on the tree’s height. A palm tree with no lights on the fronds would cost $75 for up to a 20-foot-tall trunk, and a Ligustrum hedge costs $150 – $200. Large trees around 50’ can take a whole day to wrap, and a lift is required, so costs start at $1,500 just for this tree.

Red Christmas Lights Installation With Reef and Wrapped Trees

If you would like a beautiful spiral design that leaves some spacing between the lines, then you’re less likely to need very many strands. However, if you want the spacing tighter, so there are hardly any dark areas between the lines, then expect to pay more.

Wiring Cost to Put Up Christmas Lights

In some cases, you'll need to install new electrical wiring or outlets to power the lights. Hiring an electrician to install an outdoor outlet with a cover costs between $200 and $275. Depending on the size of your home, and types of lights being used, you may need more than one outlet installed. The professional you choose will then connect the setup to the exterior outlets using extension cords and stakes to secure the lights.

  • Timer – Once set up, you’ll be able to turn the lights on and off with just a few main switches. However, it can be much more energy efficient to ask your light installer to connect it all to a timer, so they all come on and switch off at the same time. Timers cost between $9 and $50 each.
  • Battery Powered – If you’d rather not hook your lights up to your electrical supply because you hate the thought of leaving cables outside, consider installing battery operated lights.

Average Christmas Light Rental and Installation Cost

Renting Christmas lights only costs $100 to $200 more than a basic labor-only package that uses your own lights. Packages that include lights, set-up, and takedown costs between $230 and $600 depending on the size of your home.

Plus, you won't have to deal with the takedown or storage process, or your lights no longer working after some years. The two main types of light strands are:

  • Incandescent Lights are $350 per 150 linear feet of lighting installed.
  • LED lighting is $500 per 150 linear feet of lighting installed.

Basic Christmas Lighting Rental Package With LED Lights and Wrapped Tree

Install & Rental Cost Factors

Here are the factors that go into pricing your installation.

  • Linear feet of roofline(s) – The length in feet of where the lights will be hung, as well as any landscaping lighting or tree wrapping.
  • Number of stories on the house – more equipment required and more safety measure set in place to install your outdoor lighting.
  • Labor costs in your area – The average labor cost is $250 or $75/hour, with the more prominent installation companies charging about $100/hour. You’ll pay about 11% of your one-story home’s square footage just for installing on the roofline or 105% of the cost of the lights.
  • Type of lights – LED or incandescent, white or colored. The type of lights professional lighting services use are usually high-quality LED that you can't find in a store. They’ll have a variety of colors to choose from to give your home the right look for the holiday season.
  • Number of lights – Wrapped tightly around trees or far apart. If you want your trees not to have any dark areas, then the lights will have to be wrapped closer together.
  • Package pricing - Whether you are renting the lights from a professional or have your own set to use, many companies offer packages that make it affordable either way. Most include at least 150’ of lighting installed, bulb replacement when requested, and removal after the holidays are over.
  • Discounts – Christmas light installers will often offer 10% – 20% off the package cost if you have your lights installed before their busiest season starts—after Thanksgiving.

Front Yard Holiday Decorations and Landscape Lighting For Christmas

Extra Holiday Decorations

  • Landscape lighting – $1 per linear foot
  • Staked lawn perimeter lighting – $3.25 – $4.25 per linear foot
  • Per lawn ornament or wreath – $35
  • Balcony wrapping – $60 – $75/8 feet
  • Anything requiring a lift – $300 – $500 just for the rental per day

Christmas Light Removal Cost

Christmas light removal costs about half of the installation price, so if you paid $400, removal is $200. The cost of light removal is typically included if you chose package pricing. For installers who do not include it, or if you want them to take down the lights another company put up, the rate is typically $0.50 to $0.60 per linear foot.

During the initial consultation, a professional will work with your schedule to plan a removal date ahead of time. Whether the lights are yours or from the company, the cost of teardown will be the same, as they have to organize everything either way for next year’s setup.

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Christmas Lights Price List

LED lighting will be the lighting of choice by most professionals. They’re bright, last longer than most other types of lighting, and most are made waterproof to be in the snow and rain.

Most companies offer many colors so you will be able to choose the colors that match your home and other holiday decorations. On average, a strand of lighting has 150 bulbs, and it takes 15 strands to cover homes that are at least 1,500 square feet.

Christmas Lights Price List
Type of Lights Average Price Per Strand
Incandescent Lighting $4 – $20
LED Lights $9 – $60
Dome Lighting $100 per 6-lights
C6 Bulbs $8 – $50
C7 Bulbs $21 – $40
C9 Bulbs $7 – $50
Commercial-Grade Lighting $29 – $197

Hanging Snowflake Christmas Lights on Two-Story Home

Incandescent Lighting

Incandescent lights cost $4 to $20, and can be used for trees and bushes. LED is superior to them, so they are not typically used. An often-overlooked fact, Thomas Edison invented the incandescent light and used to string them up around his lab in Menlo Park, New Jersey. An executive at Edison’s lighting company, Edward H. Johnson, was the first to use the lights on Christmas trees. He became known as the “Father of the Electric Christmas Tree.”

Price of LED Christmas Lights

Nowadays, LED is the king of Christmas lights, costing $9 to $60. They last 100,000 hours and use 95% less energy than their predecessor—the mini incandescent light, which was popular from the 1970s to the 1990s.

Unlike the mini lights, if one LED light goes out, the whole strand keeps working, and the light can be replaced, whereas if one of the mini lights went out, the entire strand was toast and there was no replacing the busted light. LED lights are also recyclable once their life cycle is done.

Dome Lighting Costs

Dome lights are great for accents, and they usually go around trees and bushes. They cost about $100 for a six-light string. They give a soft glow that spreads out, making them look like big, fluffy snowflakes from afar. They are great for brightening up large, empty spaces. That’s why you usually see them wrapped around trees—so the ground around them is lit up.

C9 Light Bulbs for Christmas

The most common types of lighting for roofs are C7 and C9 bulbs, costing $7 to $50. The numbers refer to the size of the socket on the cord. C7 lights are slightly smaller and a great alternative to mini lights. C9 bulbs are larger and add a nice outlining effect for the home. They are commonly used along the edge of roofs or windows. Since the bulb is bigger than most, expect fewer lights.

Commercial-Grade Christmas Lights

Heavy duty LED lights are used by most professionals, with a price to match at $29 to $197. They provide greater design options that make homes look truly unique. Commercial-grade lights come in a variety of colors and sizes, from C9 to 5mm. They are customizable as they can be trimmed if there is excess. These lights are exceptional for wet- and cold-weather conditions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can I Find Cheap Christmas Light Installation Companies?

During the offseason of February to September is the best time to hire an installation team. Business is usually slow during this time, so special rates may be available.

How Do I Get The Best Pricing For Christmas Lights?

Do the research it takes to find the right professional. Find out how much they charge per linear foot or hour, and ask about package deals. Most will be able to give these prices up front.

How Much Are Permanent Christmas Lights?

The cost to install permanent Christmas lights cost $3,500, but the maintenance for when a light goes out will cost a small fee. Most LED lights last 100,000 hours, which is an average of 5 years of usage.

How Many Holiday Lights Do I Need for My Home?

The exterior of a home uses 15 strands, on average. To line the roof, plan on using 100 lights. An average of 15 extra lights are usually needed for each awning. For trees and bushes, it will take around seven strands each.

How Much Does It Cost for Someone to Decorate Your House for Christmas?

On average, homeowners spend $400 to have someone professionally decorate and install Christmas lights. For homes higher than one story, the cost can go up to $1,130.

Can I Hire an Installer to Hang Holiday Lights Out of Season?

Yes, you can hire an installer between February and September to get lower, out-of-season rates for your holiday lighting.

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Hiring A Christmas Light Hanging Service

Hiring a light hanging service to set up Christmas lights will free you up to plan for other festive activities. Professionals will also suggest great holiday decorating designs before setting up and offer package deals that include labor and supplies. They will have the right safety equipment for reaching high places, and they include removal after the holidays.

Tips to Save Money on Holiday Light Installation

  • Off-season – Some decorating services are available year round to stay ahead of the curve. The earlier you can schedule them, preferably during the off-season of February to September, the cheaper.
  • DIY – A DIY installation will save money, but hiring a professional does account for significant benefits. Cutting corners can make a job look thrown together, but also pose wiring hazards, and you have to take them all down yourself.
  • Cheaper lights – Not necessarily a great idea if they keep breaking.
  • Stick to the visible areas – Most homeowners only decorate the front of their homes.
  • Timer – Time the lights to have them only come on when it’s dark and even then, go off by midnight.
  • Plan Ahead – Decide in advance how you want your display to look. Think about how many lights you will need and where they will go. Measure the length of your house and around trees to see where you can cut corners.

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