How much does a black chain-link fence cost?
Ashburn, VA

How much does a black chain-link fence cost?

Ashburn, VA

How much does a black chain-link fence cost?

$10 – $34average cost per linear foot
$1,500 – $4,800Average 150' fence cost installed

Get free estimates for your project or view our cost guide below:

$10 – $34 average cost per linear foot

$1,500 – $4,800 Average 150' fence cost installed

Get free estimates for your project or view our cost guide below:
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Black chain-link fence costs

A 4-, 5-, or 6-foot black vinyl chain-link fence costs $10 to $29 per foot installed. Installing a 150' long black chain-link fence costs $1,500 to $4,800 on average, depending on height. A black vinyl chain-link fence costs $5 to $19 per foot for materials, plus $5 to $15 per foot for labor.

An 8- to 10-foot black chain link fence costs $13 to $34 per square foot installed.

Black chain-link fence cost - chart
Black chain-link fence cost - chart
Chain-link fence cost
Linear feet 4 foot tall 6 foot tall 8 foot tall
50 $500 – $1,350 $600 – $1,450 $650 – $1,600
100 $1,000 – $2,700 $1,200 – $2,900 $1,300 – $3,200
150 $1,500 – $4,000 $1,800 – $4,400 $1,950 – $4,800
200 $2,000 – $5,400 $2,400 – $5,800 $2,600 – $6,400
300 $3,000 – $8,100 $3,600 – $8,700 $3,900 – $9,600
400 $4,000 – $10,800 $4,800 – $11,600 $5,200 – $12,800

  • Chain-link fences are low-maintenance and last 15 to 20 years.

  • The vinyl-coating protects against rust, corrosion, moisture, fading and lasts longer than galvanized types.

  • Available in black, brown, white, green, grey, beige, and redwood colors.

Black chain-link fence cost calculator

Enter the linear feet of your fence below to estimate the cost.

For a more accurate cost estimate, get free quotes from chain link fence companies near you.

Get free estimates from chain link fence installers near you.

A 4-, 5-, or 6-foot black chain-link fence costs $10 to $29 per foot, while an 8- to 10-foot fence costs $13 to $34 per foot installed. Black chain-link fence sections 4' high by 8' wide cost $80 to $200 each installed.

Vinyl-coated chain-link fence material costs $5 to $19 per linear foot, and labor costs $5 to $15 per linear foot.

Black chain-link fence cost per foot - chart
Black chain-link fence cost per foot - chart
Black chain-link fence cost per foot
Height Material cost per foot Total cost per foot
4’ $5 – $12 $10 – $27
5’ $6 – $13 $11 – $28
6’ $7 – $14 $12 – $29
8’ $8 – $17 $13 – $32
10’ $9 – $19 $14 – $34

*Prices include mesh fabric, posts, and all hardware. Gates not included.

Average cost of black chain-link fence installed

Black vinyl chain-link fence installation cost breakdown - chart
Black vinyl chain-link fence installation cost breakdown - chart
Cost of black chain link fence per foot installed
Factor Average cost per foot
Mesh fabric $2 – $8
Posts and hardware $3 – $9
Labor $5 – $15
Total cost installed $10 – $32

*Prices for average fences 4 – 8 ft. high. Gates not included.

Cost factors for installing a black chain-link fence:

  • Fence height and length

  • Number of gates

  • Quality and gauge (size) of the wire mesh

  • Size of diamonds or mesh holes

  • Job complexity and terrain difficulty

  • Permits and inspection fees of $40 to $150

Residential wire mesh is typically 9 to 12 gauge in a 2" diamond. Smaller diamonds and gauges cost more.

8 foot tall black chain-link fence in residential yard
8 foot tall black chain-link fence in residential yard

Black powder-coated chain-link fence material prices

Powder- or vinyl-coated chain-link materials cost $5 to $19 per linear foot or 50% of the total cost. Fence posts, frameworks, and other fittings only come in a colored powder coating. Chain-link fabric mesh comes in either vinyl coatings or galvanizing treatments.

Black chain-link fence material prices
Part Average material price
Wire mesh $2 – $8 per linear foot
Terminal post $20 – $35 each
Line post $15 – $25 each
Single gate $100 – $300 each
Double gate $150 – $800 each
Additional hardware* $1 – $3 per linear foot

*Includes rails, caps, bolts, ties, tension bars, and tension bands.

Vinyl-coated chain-link fence mesh - up close
Vinyl-coated chain-link fence mesh - up close

Black chain-link fence gate pricing

A residential black chain-link fence gate costs $130 to $1,000 installed, depending on the size and opening design. Vinyl-coated commercial rolling gates cost $1,400 to $3,000 installed.

Black chain-link fence gate cost - chart
Black chain-link fence gate cost - chart
Black chain-link fence gate cost
Type Average cost Features
Single walk-through $130 – $450
  • 3' – 6' tall
  • 3' – 6' wide
  • Hinges on one side
Double drive-through $200 – $1,000
  • 3' – 6' tall
  • 8' – 12' wide
  • 2 gates opening from the middle
Rolling gate $1,400 – $3,000
  • 6' – 8' tall
  • 8' – 30' wide
  • Rolls open on rails

*Total installation cost. Labor alone costs $30 to $120 per gate, depending on the size and type.

6 foot tall black vinyl-coated chain-link fence with gate
6 foot tall black vinyl-coated chain-link fence with gate

Vinyl-coated chain-link fence cost

Vinyl-coated chain-link fence costs $1,000 to $3,400 per 100 linear feet installed, depending on the height, coating type, and color. Prices increase for removing old fencing or debris disposal.

Vinyl-coated chain-link fence cost
Height Cost per foot Cost per 100 linear feet
4’ $10 – $27 $1,000 – $2,700
6’ $12 – $29 $1,200 – $2,900
8’ $13 – $32 $1,300 – $3,200
10’ $14 – $34 $1,400 – $3,400

*Total installation cost.

Types of vinyl-coated chain-link fence

Vinyl-coatings are either extruded, extruded and bonded, or thermally bonded. The gauge or wire size may be calculated on the underlying core wire or with the coating thickness included.

Vinyl-coated chain-link fence types
Type Features
Class 1 – Extruded
  • Residential application
  • Thin coating pulled over the wire
  • Tears or peels easily
Class 2A – Extruded and bonded
  • Commercial or residential application
  • Coating bonded to wire with glue
  • Longer lasting
Class 2B – Thermally bonded
  • Commercial and industrial applications
  • PVC chemically fused to steel wire
  • Strongest powder coating
  • High cracking and peeling resistance
  • Permanently bonded color coating

Vinyl-coated black chain-link fence installed in backyard
Vinyl-coated black chain-link fence installed in backyard

Brown, white, and green chain-link fence prices

Black, white, brown, or green chain-link fences cost $2 to $8 per linear foot for the materials or $10 to $34 per foot installed.

  • Less-common colors include shades of gray, beige, and redwood.

  • Customized colors cost more, take longer to make, and have a minimum order requirement.

Black chain-link fence prices at Home Depot and Lowe's

Vinyl-coated chain-link fences from Home Depot or Lowe's cost $2.50 to $3.20 per linear foot or $128 to $160 per 50-foot-long roll.

  • These rolls are mainly 4' high with a 9-gauge thick wire in black, green, or white.

  • Fence posts, slats, gates, and hardware sell separately.

Pros and cons of vinyl chain-link fences

Chain-link fences have either galvanized, aluminized, or vinyl coatings. All chain-link fence types last 15 to 20 years and are low-maintenance.

Get free estimates from chain link fence installers near you.
PVC-coated chain-link fence cost vs. other materials
Type Material cost per foot Pros and cons
Vinyl-coated / PVC / Plastic $2 – $8
  • More aesthetically pleasing
  • Various colors
  • Better rust protection
  • More durable
  • Less maintenance
Galvanized $1 – $8
  • Cheapest
  • Most common
  • Only in silver-grey
  • Rusts over time
Aluminized $4 – $13
  • High durability
  • High corrosion-resistance
  • Highly salvageable metal
  • Only in silver-grey
Aluminum $9 – $40
  • Expensive
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Lightweight
  • Pleasing appearance
  • Minimum maintenance

*Material mesh prices based on fencing 4' to 8' high.

Black chain-link fence FAQs

How long does a black chain-link fence last?

A black chain-link fence lasts 15 to 20 years on average. The vinyl coating makes the galvanized wire more rust and corrosion-resistant. Thicker 6- to 9-gauge wire lasts the longest. Wet, humid, and salty coastal areas decrease the lifespan of chain-link fences.

How long does it take to install a chain fence?

Installing a chain-link fence takes 2 to 5 days on average. Most contractors install 80 to 150 feet of fencing a day. Setting the posts in-ground with cement takes one day. Installers let the cement cure for 1 to 4 days, depending on the cement type.

Does a black chain-link fence fade?

Black vinyl chain-link fencing has a 10- to 15-year manufacturer warranty against fading, chipping, and peeling. Many homeowners renew their chain-link fence by painting it black.

How can I get a cheap black chain-link fence?

The cheapest black chain-link fence material costs $2 to $3 per linear foot for fencing 3' to 4' tall. Thinner 11- to 12.5-gauge wire is the cheapest and the least durable. Budget black chain-link fences typically have a Class 1 Extruded vinyl coating, which wears quickly.

Tips to save:

  • Buy in bulk for discounts.

  • Get multiple project quotes to compare.

  • Combine projects for a lower total price.

Is black chain-link fencing galvanized?

Black chain-link fencing uses galvanized steel wire underneath the vinyl coating. Galvanization prevents rust if the vinyl coating chips off.

What is black cyclone fencing?

Black cyclone or hurricane fencing is the same as a black, vinyl-coated chain-link fence. Cyclone fencing is popular in coastal and storm-prone areas as wind and water pass through it.

Other names for hurricane or cyclone chain-link fences include “wire netting,” “wire mesh,” “diamond-mesh fence,” and “chain-wire fence.”

How do vinyl-coated chain-link fences compare to other vinyl fences?

Vinyl-coated chain-link fences cost $10 to $34 per foot, while vinyl fences cost $30 to $60 per foot installed. Both types are durable and low maintenance.

Vinyl chain-link fence vs. vinyl fences
Type Pros Cons
Vinyl chain-link fence
  • Lasts 15 – 20+ years
  • Affordable
  • Withstand high winds in storm-prone areas
  • Resists rust
  • Waterproof
  • Low maintenance
  • Eventually rusts if vinyl-coating chips off
  • No privacy
  • Easy to climb
Vinyl panel fence
  • Color doesn’t wear off
  • Lasts 10 – 20+ years
  • Immune to rust, pests, & water damage
  • Provides privacy with solid slats
  • Maintenance-free
  • More difficult for intruders to climb
  • Boosts curb appeal for faster home resale
  • More expensive
  • Cracks in extreme temperatures
  • Lightweight material doesn’t endure high winds well

DIY black chain-link fence prices

DIY black chain-link fence installation takes 2 to 5 days on average for two people. Installing requires construction experience, equipment rental, and hard physical labor.

Hiring a fence installer instead costs $20 to $60 per linear foot for professional labor and includes a warranty.

Get free estimates from chain link fence installers near you.

Black chain-link fence kit cost

Black vinyl chain-link fence kits cost $1,500 to $5,800 or $10 per foot for fences 4' to 6' high and 150 to 500 feet long. Kits include the fabric-mesh, posts, gates, and parts. Kits don’t include tools or concrete for post setting. Online fence stores and some hardware stores sell kits.

Hiring a vinyl-coated chain-link fencing contractor

Before hiring a fence installer near you, be sure to:

  • Compare three or more in-person estimates.

  • Check references from their past clients.

  • Examine their reviews on HomeGuide and Google.

  • Verify their fencing contractor license (or C-13 license in California), American Fence Association certification, or OSHA endorsements.

  • Ask for proof of insurance and bond guarantees.

  • Select contractors with several years of experience.

  • Avoid companies with the cheapest quotes that may reflect low-quality work.

  • Get a detailed estimate, contract, and warranty in writing before making payments.

  • Do not pay in full before work begins. Follow a payment plan.

Questions to ask

  • How many chain-link fences have you installed?

  • Do you know local fence-building codes and post-hole size requirements?

  • Which color choices do you offer, and do costs vary?

  • Can I choose a custom color to match my home?

  • Do you offer different vinyl-coating thicknesses?

  • Will you help mark public utility lines before work begins?

  • What additional costs can I expect that aren’t in this estimate?

  • Can you give me a discount if I wait until winter or your slowest season?

  • How long will this project take?

  • Do you charge for debris clean up after installation?

  • Are permits required? Will you pull them?

  • Can you place the fence on the property line, or should it stay within it?

  • What is your payment schedule?

  • How long is the warranty on your work?

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