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With 18 years of no-treat training and positive reinforcement behaviorism experience, the owner (Kari) of got woof? works with private clients in their homes, as well as area rescue groups, to ensure that every client gets their deserved happily-ever after. Our basic fee includes the initial 2-3 hour session, unlimited availability to your trainer for 2 weeks, and a review session, if needed (dogs with severe behavioral issues will require more time; call to discuss). We do not want repeat business; we want our clients to succeed!

Regarding in-home sitting and pet play, Kari previously owned a doggie daycare and attended boarding facility, and understands the importance of play, breed fulfillment and attention that each individual needs. References are available on request.

With training and behaviorism, the transformation of a dog through positive reinforcement is a beautiful thing of which to be a part.

In the petsitting/play arena, it is truly amazing to spend one-one time with a dog or pack, getting to know them as individuals and being a part of what makes their days special!


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Frequently asked questions

Regarding training/behavior clients, a phone interview is done to determine what the client needs and allow them to decide if they would like to move forward with us.  If so, we then schedule a 3-hour in-home initial session and proceed as necessary thereafter.

As to sitting/walking clients, a no-cost meet and greet is scheduled so that clients get the opportunity to see how we will interact with their furry family member, and what the pet's reaction is to us.  This also provides an opportunity for a relaxed q&a.  We also sit for cats and have cared for fish, reptiles, and rodents for traveling clients.

Kari, the owner, has 18 years of experience in training and behaviorism, working with both private clients and area rescuses to rehabilite otherwise unadoptable dogs. Further, she owned and operated a doggie daycare and boarding facility, which then morphed into the in-home service. 

Because we offer so many services, and levels of service, there are set prices for each, but not one set price for everything.  Pricing varies by need, packaging, and other factors and is available via email or on our website on the Services Menu page.

Besides having spent my entire life with both domesitc and wild animals, I had 2 Shi Tzus who became mine after no one claimed them, and were a bonded pair.  After a year of normalcy, one suddenly began to attack the other, and I wanted to know why.  So I set out to learn, and after obtaining an Animal Sciences degree, set to work!  Eventually, I also had the opportunity to purchase a doggie daycare facility and thus began the lighter side of working with dogs.

I have worked with clients who want simply command training, such as sit, stay, come, those who wanted advanced trick training and have rehabilitated dogs with all manner of psychological issues.  In addition to private clients, I also work with area rescue groups to rehabilitate otherwise unadoptable dogs,  I then personally find them their forever homes and provide no-cost training and behavior support to their forever families for the duration of each dogs' lives.

As to sitting/walking clients, my staff and I sit for all types of pets, and provide walking/play/dog park services for dogs as small as Chihuahuas and as a large as Danes and St. Bernards.

Recently, while doing basic training with a client, it was discovered that the dogs no longer go to the dogpark because her dog once jumped another in an aggressive manner (no injuries) and the human did not have the confidence to try again.  We did training at the park, showing the human what to look for and deconstructing the body language and activities occuring.  The dog now goes to the dog park at least once per week, and it is extrememly gratifying to be able to be a part of making someone's life better - in this case, both the human and the dog.

For training, be aware of what your needs really are, and the differences between a trainer and a behaviorist.  While a good trainer will incorporate behaviorism, if you're dog's primary issues are more than failing to follow commands, please find a behaviorist and do your due diligence.  Colorado does not have regulation over trainers and behaviorists, so be sure to ask questions, ask for references, and above all else, go with your gut feeling about the persons you are hiring!

For sitters and walkers, be sure you know exactly what comes with the service you are requesting.  Can your sitter dispense medication if needed?  Are they pet CPR certified?  What does a walk really entail?  A good provider will take the time to answer your questions and will also give you an rundown of how the service went after each occurance.

For both training/behaviorism and sitting/walking, experience is key.  Methods, procedures, policies are improtant bits of information.  And while no one is going to provide references from anyone who won't say wonderful things, it's nice to know that reference are available.

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