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At Dogs Colorado our mission is to keep your dog walking, hiking and running in the outdoors day after day. Our dog walking services are designed to make your dog happier, healthier and sleep harder after we fill their days with attention, exercise, and adventure.

Nervous dog? Elderly dog? Puppy!? We want to help! No matter what your dog's abilities, our goal is to create an environment where every day any dog can get the attention and exercise they deserve.

Dogs Colorado offers compassionate and positive reinforcement focused individual or pack walks, hikes, running and fully customizable in-home pet sitting and care.


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18 employees
8 years in business
Serves Lakewood , CO

Payment methods

Credit Card, Cash

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Length of sitting

Short visit (30 minutes), Standard visit (60 minutes), Overnight visit (10-12 hours)

Frequency of sitting

Once in total, A few times a week, Once a day, Two times a day, Three times a day, I can provide other frequencies

Type of pets

Dog, Cat

Number of pets

1 pet, 2 pets, 3 pets, 4 pets

Requested services

Giving food and water, Taking pet outside, Providing companionship, Changing litter or bedding, Providing exercise, Dispensing medication

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    Kimberly B.

    I highly recommend the Dogs Colorado team! Professional, skilled, prompt, and fun! As a dog trainer, I frequently witness dogs and families in need of the services that Dogs Colorado offers. All dogs more exercise and socialization! I only refer to Jeff and his Dogs Colorado team. Your dog will love you (even more).
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    March 11, 2019


    Cristi E.

    Jeff helped us out when I was out of town a lot by taking Sunny on long walks with other dogs. She loves being social and the exercise keeps her from getting into mischief at home. He even taught her how to walk like a civilized dog on a leash! He would do a separate, slower paced walk with our blind dog FredE. My dogs get so much more from his visits than they do a doggie day care.
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    March 06, 2019


    Stephanie G.

    I have the peace of mind knowing that my dog is well cared for, exercised and given a lot of love during the day while I’m at work. The staff at Dogs Colorado are amazing and recommend them for your loved pet
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    March 06, 2019


    Steven Z.

    Having serious hip problems, I cannot walk Bella right now. Shes a 7 y.o Labrador who lives for walks. Her favorite new person is Jeff Fullmer of Dogs Colorado - mine too, by the way. Jeff first took her individually for a few walks. In the summer, she gets pretty tired after a few blocks and I was concerned about her getting walked with several other dogs. Jeffs philosophy (we go at the pace of the slowest dog) was very reassuring. Shes getting out, meeting other dogs, and exploring new walking places, parks, etc. I trust Jeff to look out for her best interests while out and about. Its been a true blessing for Bella and myself. I feel certain you will agree!
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    March 05, 2019

    Frequently asked questions

    Everything starts with an in-person Meet and Greet scheduled at your convenience. It is important for us to get to know your personal training philosophies and to make a positive and lasting impression on your dog. 

    Dogs Colorado is fully bonded and insured. That means that all of our services provide extra protection for both your dog and for your home.  

    Additionally, every Dogs Colorado Puptender is fully certified in Canine and Feline CPR and first aid.  

    Our services come as cheap as $20 for weekly subscription pack hikes and runs.  

    Individual services, or customized services, come for $25 per 1/2 hour. 

    Overnight pet sitting or multiple visit customized petcare is $59 per night. 

    By Millennial standards I worked for the Federal government for a small eternity. Inspirations waxed and waned over the years but it was my colleagues and their dedication to a mission larger than themselves, to a greater good, that stuck with me the most. Their dedication showed me that I could never feel satisfied unless I found my own idea of a greater good.

    I was extraordinarily lucky to travel in my youth. Later, in search of the aforementioned good, I was able to travel some more. I found an awful lot out there, and along the way, I heard a few things I had heard before... and I heard them a bit louder this time.

    • I love dogs, no two ways around it. They always bring out the best in me
    • I love to run, play, push hard, and to be outside… even more so with my dogs
    • I belong out on the trail with a companion… I know a dog’s heart feels the same

    I started Dogs Colorado because when I wander outside my mind becomes calm. It is as if sunlight and the promise of the unknown work together to clear away old worries, sharpen my instincts, and fuel new ideas. I like to think that I see an analogous effect in my dogs. That we somehow share this bit of clarity in our adventures. Certainly, I rarely see them happier. It is as if they spend their days at home loyal to my life story, but when we go outside, they get to be a part of their own.

    Dogs Colorado is my own way to participate in the lives of as many fantastic dogs as possible, and the best way I have found to participate in my own.

    Jeff F. | Founder Dogs CO

    One of the great joys of my profession is that we get to work with people from all walks of life.

    Services offered

    Dog Walking
    Pet Sitting
    Dog Training