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You're perplexed about the challenges of the change you're craving. You've tried designing your home on your own and found yourself overwhelmed. You might even be afraid of what a design consultant will impose on you. We're your shortcut to your personal paradise! Furnishing a beautifully functioning home perfectly suited to you is indeed daunting. We help you laugh your way through the challenges change brings, release you from the impact of myriad choices, and create meaningful interior environments that look stunning, function properly, and feel just like You. Contact us and let's start a conversation about making a plan.

We've been designing remarkable and deeply personal interiors for 25 years now. Keith Miller, ASID is an NCIDQ certified interior designer whose humor and empathy leads our team with enthusiasm for conquering with you your harshest obstacles. His expertise in historic housing styles and regional design genres makes him the perfect fit for any tasteful project and style in Seattle, in Washington, in the U.S. and beyond.

Who doesn't love a good story? Yours is no doubt fascinating and unique. We'd love to hear it, and know exactly how to tell it with finesse through your personal surroundings to anyone who visits you at home. They usually exclaim, "This place is SO YOU!".

We greatly value introductions to you and your friends and colleagues, and would be honored to hear from you. Find out more here, and give us a call!

Nothing lifts our spirits more than finding yours lifted by the lasting creative solutions we meticulously craft for your personal surroundings. It is exhilarating to uncover your truest self and bring it to fullest life in environments perfectly suited to your taste and requirements. Engaging with all walks of life, cheering on the many talented makers, and pulling together a team of exquisite artisans and craftsman to create an astonishing expression of creativity and vitality springs us to our feet every day to serve you with time-tested integrity, powerful creativity, and industrious design solutions.


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Very creative
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December 10, 2017

Cindy T.

Keith has incredible creativity. The thing I love the most is that he takes the time to know you and know what your real style is. What you will love for long term based on your personality type. Its helped me when I choose things for myself to understand what Im really drawn to and why! He does not disappoint! And who wouldnt love his infectious energy and zest for life that he brings to the table!
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December 08, 2017

Nicki L.

Miller Interior Design are professionals that know how to transform a space like no other. Keiths attention to detail and his vision are beyond my imagination. I love their work and have been extremely satisfied with all theyve done for us.
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December 08, 2017

Anna P.

Besides the fact that Keith is an absolute joy to work with he has excellent taste, great intuition, and is sensitive the the clients’ wishes and needs.
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December 07, 2017

Frequently asked questions

We love hearing your story.  Whatever is happening to bring on your courage and delight to have us create exceptional personal surroundings for you, we want to know about it!  We spend an hour or two (on us!) to deeply listen to you, your dreams and your goals.  We craft entertaining assessments to uncover your truest self and discover together how you want to tell the tale of your unique identity and purpose in your very own inspiring environments.  

Next we revisit all you've reported to us and compile a comprehensive working agreement to help guide you through the 3 P's:  Planning, Procurement, and Project Execution, including how we'll communicate with you and what you can anticipate investing in this remarkable journey.  

Once we're all on the same page, we dive in!  Researching you, your habits and hobbies, needs and desires, we set your life to the measure (ask us about our "Life in Boxes" technique!), take notes and create a concept you'll love to call home. You respond, we adjust it, then help you cross the threshhold to acquiring all that's necessary to make your space radiate with your own brand of goodness.  Engaging with financial planners, architects, contractors, vendors and makers of every loving thing on earth, we save you time and energy seeing to it everything you choose is set in place until it's picture perfect and ready for living! 

Keith received his Bachelor of Arts in Housing and Interior Design from a 4-yr CIDA-Accredited interior design program at the University of Kentucky.  Lexington, KY is a varitable museam of historic American architecture from the log cabin to today.  UK boasts PhD level professors and stellar guest lecturers from among the world's leading design innovators.  The creative environment Keith experienced there invigorated his drive to design the most imaginative, usable and intimately personal spaces crafted as artfully as his clients let him assemble for them.  

For your Planning Phase, we'll usually assess a fixed fee or appropriate monthly stipend to achieve the concept for a winning presentation that blows your socks off.  When we've resolved the plan, we manage the Procurement and Project Execution Phases by the hour on a sliding scale based on the role required to achieve the tasks at hand.  We'll find just the right furnishings, finishes and equipment or make them from scratch.  Customization is Keith's specialty.  If we don't find what we need, he'll design it, collect his makers, and get it installed effectively.  

Keith's older sister insisted he pursue this career.  Having been made aware of his propensity to wander into friends' closets to assess storage techniques or stare for hours at beauty of any kind, cheer on the world for being alive or just make tasteful recommendations to anyone who might listen, Keith discovered his passion for helping people live their fullest life could be realized through the unique vessel of interior design.  People enter the idea of this level of change either by the horrors of life's hardship, or in sheer delight from its rewards, and probably both.  Keith is perfectly suited to step right into those personal surroundings with his disarming whit and joy for life's possibilities to pour out his gifts for the betterment of anyone who seeks his expertise.  

Keith is an impresario.  He's more interested in what's interesting to others than his own personal affections. That approach awards his team a widely diverse set of clientele who each in their own unique way greatly benefit from his solutions and care.  

The clients he serves who receive the greatest reward from engaging with Keith and his team have a passion for art and the means and will to invest in living life to the fullest.  They're looking to set up their forever home or that jewel box they enjoy visiting by means of commissioning Miller Interior Design much the way they'd arrange an installation artist to prepare an expressive space to inspire awe.  But it's an installation masterpiece that actually works for everyday living, tailored to your taste!  

"I want this space to allow for tea with friends," she started with a glint in her eye.  "It should hold my personal library, and allow means for an overnight guest," she continued.  "Finally, We need to keep access to the bathroom through here and the attic up there, and most importantly, the floor should be cleanable because I bring my champion pups into the world in this room". 

"But it's only 49 square feet," Keith stated flatly.  Unfettered, she proceeded, "I visit Indonesia and Prague regularly, and look forward to seeing how we'll incorporate those beautiful cultures into my room here.  And mind the window with the view.  We'll want to enjoy that seated here," she finished. 

What an exhilarating challenge to conceive of such peculiarly stunning beauty to this magnitude with the most impossible requirements in the smallest space Keith has ever designed ... and to actually PULL IT OFF!!  Light weight Bohemian antiques slide gracefully out of the room, while wainscot paneling opens to reveal a hideaway twin day-bed and nightstand.  A rolling ladder allows vertical access to the book collection over a beautifully painted pine floor sealed tight to anticipate new puppies each year.  Bath and attic, tea and views are accessible at the turn of the wrist as a wandering eye discovers the encircling of uncharted lands in art and literature from around the world.    

Trust your design team to accomplish your goals.  Every facet of the plan effects every other facet when harnessing the vast array of design's elements and principles.  Be prepared to invest at least 3 times what you or your advisors initially conceive*, and prepare to engage from concept to completion through all three phases with your creative advisors so that what is prepared in concept is achieved successfully in reality.

*nobody likes hearing that part, but be prepared to laugh your way through the challenges of the change you're craving by watching a ca. 1948 Cary Grant classic:  "Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House".  Pay close attention to the prices you'll see quoted (over 70 years ago) for design and construction services in this film.  They look similar to what Keith has often experienced people anticipate investing for the same work needing accomplished today.  However, we're living in the latter part of a century past the filming of this movie, and prices have changed drastically over the decades.  Swallow hard and embrace openly that if you take the investment amounts they quote throughout the film and multiply it times 10 (yep, 10), you're closer to what you need to plan for on your journey to your dreams experienced in real time in the place where your legacy lives on.

Who is making the decisions?  Just you?  Or is a creative contractor or opinionated relative or trusted friend an influencer?  Anyone who inspires decision needs to particpate in the process of change.

Why are you doing this now?  

Is it important for status?

If you had to choose, which goes first: the budget or the result?

How will you communicate concerns and aid in resolving conflicts that arise throughout this journey?

Is this your forever home or another stop along the way?

Are you willing and able to invest your time, energy and funding to this endeavor?

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