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Blue Pacific Painting & Remodel

Offers online services
Offers online services


We strive to deliver the best product for our clients. If that means we are at the latest trade shows learning of the latest innovation in a specific area. Or studying a new technique or application of a product, watching several new video tutorials and then practicing those techniques to achieve the proficiency required to deliver a top quality product or service to our clients. We go the extra mile to ensure our clients receive the best quality service with the best products available on the market today.

I personally get a real joy from building and creating. There is just something about working with your hands, and when a project is all said and done. Being able to take a step back and know all the little things that you may never see that went in to that particular project. Beingg able to say i/we did that is very satisfying and rewarding.


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Offers online services

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    Frequently asked questions

    Most often we schedule a consultaion appointment so that we can meet with the client, asses the project first hand and speak with the client in more detail about exactly what they have invisioned and the options they have for turning that vision to reality. 

    I have spent my entire working life, minus a couple odd jobs in the begining, in the construction field. I also spent quite a few of those years all over the U.S. while i explored our country I planted roots in nine states and visited around 35 in total. All the while studying and learning the suttle differences and techniques of the various reagion I was in at the time. Which has given me a unique skillset that allows me to overcome most any renovation scenario or complication that may arise. As well as affording me a different pespective than others tend to have. 

    Every project is so diffrent from any before it that it is quite difficult to have a set general pricing for projects. As such we cunsult with our cliets and asses the scope of each project on an individual basis. 

    I had been kicking around the idea of doing my own thing for a couple years at this point, but never quite had the propper incentive to hang my neck out there whith all the risks that come with buisness owenership. Then COVID came crashing down on us, and after I found myself like so many others. without employment and in serious jepordy of being forced to live in alternitive housing (something like a box). That just so happened to be the propper incentive for me to take that leap.

     Here we are almost two years later, still working away at providing the higest quality products and service to our clients, and helping to bring our clients dreams to reality one home at a time. 

    In my line of work, every client is diffrent. I have yet to run across two clients that look at their home in the same way and come to the same idea of what they would like to turn any area of their home in to, thatis like any previous clients before them. That is one of the most enjoyable aspects of this profesion.  will never do the same thing day in and day out, or from project to project. Where others are not comfortable with widly varried diffrences in expectaionds and demands from day to day. We love seeing what we will come across next, and love the edge that facing these challenges head gives us. And is one of the most enjoyabe aspects of the profesion we have chosen for ourselves.

    A life long friend wanted a hallway built between his studio (which I insulated, sheetrocked and painted a couple years ago) and his workshop. I was tthrilled to add this addition to his home. Mostly because this was not to be just an ordinary roof over head and walls to keep the rain and cold off him while he traveled between spaces. He wanted a transition space that he could display various things in his collections to reflect the room one is leaving. as well as the one that they are heading in to.

     So we gave him a fully custom "hallway" that is complete with built in wood perch shelves, a antique stain glass window incorpirated in to the wall and my favorite, a one of a kind wood inlay ceiling. That in my opinion is the best overhead area that I have ever put in. It was quite a bit of work and I had my concernes when the initial plans were adjusted to a "not so plain" ceiling.  . After a couple minor delays due to material deliveries and mother nature. We got it finished, and I must say it came out better than I could have ever hoped. My friend was over the moon, and to this day tells me every time I see him, about the latest person to see it. And their friendly jelousy over him having in his home. There is no dout when you walk trough there that you are in an artists space. And at the end of the day, thats what we strive for. To have people see and feel our clients personality and style when they see one of our projects.

    Have a good idea of what materials you would like to have used.  But ask the contractor which ones they recomend for your particular project. Not all materials work well together or at all.  Have a firm grasp on your over all or top end budget. Some will try and upsell you all the way until you are handing them a final payment. Have a contract, if the contractor doesn't have one already. Print one yourself. It doesn't have to be complicated. Just somethimg that says they will be held to industry standards or higher and that you will be held to the obligation of payment for services rendered upon completion and inspection. Kust to keep it in the forefront of everyones mind what exactly is expected and when. 

    I would say try and be at least pretty sure what your over all end idea is. Things can change slightly at various times throughout a project. Such as the Stone for the floors is on back order and will taked 6 weeks to deliver. You don't want to wait and youy liked this other pattern as well when you initialy were deciding. But that will not change the over all outcome. When a client does not have a clear idea of what end result is desired. It can turn in to a hazey vision with a blurred timeline and can easily go way over budget if one is not carefull.  

    Services offered

    Home Modification For Disabled Persons
    Masonry Construction Services
    Masonry Repair And Maintenance
    Play Equipment Construction
    Roof Repair Or Maintenance
    Drywall Installation And Hanging
    Home Security And Alarm Repair And Modification
    Water Feature Installation
    Drywall Repair And Texturing
    Switch And Outlet Repair
    Fitness Equipment Assembly
    Home Theater System Repair Or Service
    Popcorn Texture Removal
    Landscaping Design
    Gazebo Installation
    Patio Cover Installation
    General Carpentry
    Water Dock Services
    Home Waterproofing
    Patio Addition
    Switch And Outlet Installation
    Home Theater Construction
    Exterior Painting
    Window Screen Installation Or Replacement
    Railing Installation Or Remodel
    Fan Installation
    Shrub Removal
    Stair Installation
    Demolition Services
    Framing Carpentry
    Countertop Repair Or Maintenance
    Generator Installation
    Artificial Turf Installation
    Hot Tub And Spa Installation
    Wallpaper Installation
    General Contracting
    Paint Removal
    Deck Or Porch Repair
    Construction Services
    Cabinet Repair
    Concrete Removal
    Countertop Installation
    Furniture Assembly
    Lighting Installation
    Sink And Faucet Installation
    Above Ground Swimming Pool Installation
    Carpet Removal
    Fence Painting
    Tile Repair
    Appliance Installation
    Shower And Bathtub Installation
    Sink And Faucet Repair
    Swimming Pool Repair
    Sod Installation
    Finish Carpentry - Trim - Crown Molding
    Shower And Bathtub Repair
    Toilet Installation
    New Home Construction
    Floor Polishing
    Residential Window Tinting
    Door Repair
    Christmas Light Installation
    Basement Finishing
    Roof Cleaning
    Floor Painting Or Coating
    Tile Installation
    Sound Proofing
    Deck Or Porch Addition
    Concrete Repair And Maintenance
    Fence Repair
    Water Heater Installation
    Tile And Grout Cleaning
    Furniture Refinishing
    Interior Painting
    Gutter Repair
    Wallpaper Removal
    Pressure Washing
    Hardwood Floor Refinishing
    Home Remodeling
    Fence Installation
    Toilet Repair
    Furniture Repair
    Duct And Vent Issues
    Gutter Cleaning
    Kitchen Remodel
    Tv Mounting
    Bathroom Remodel
    Garage Door Repair
    Tree Planting
    Tree Removal
    Flooring Installation
    Epoxy Floor Coating
    Floor Repair
    Siding Installation
    Siding Repair
    Stucco Repair
    Wiring Installation
    Closet Addition
    Garage Addition
    Swimming Pool Removal
    Cabinet Installation
    Cabinet Painting