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Robin Daly Color & Design is a client-focused interior design studio that serves the Seattle to Bellingham corridor. We offer a variety of interior design services ranging from design consultations to full-service design, including; new window treatments, color consulting, furnishings, accesories, all the way to kitchen and bath renovation.

With 30+ years industry experience, I believe your home is an expression of who you are, and through thoughful planning and design, we work together to highlight the best of your personality with ease and style.

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It's very exciting to create change, and I love making that experience happen with a sense of anticipation and ease.

It can be stressful and tiring to live through a remodel (or even a repaint!), and when we work together to make smart decisions it removes a layer of stress and makes the whole process better.


Serves Bellingham , WA

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    Frequently asked questions

    The best way for us to begin is to start with a Color & Design Consultation:

    This time is all about you, with focused and customized ideas specific to what you want to address. This fun, immersive consultation lasts up to 2 hours, and may include:

    • Paint color selection, including specifications

    • Window treatments and shade concepts

    • Surfaces and fixtures; lighting, flooring, tile and trims

    • Furniture and re-upholstery

    • Remodeling and refurbishing

    • Help with defining a comfortable budget

    • Styling tips and art placement

    At the end of our consultation you'll receive a copy of our meeting notes which can include color specifications, sketches and ideas you can implement right away.

    This is a great first step to determine the scope of a new project.

    I completed my interior design training in college, but the greatest experience I've gained was by owning my family's paint & decorating business (which included operating a manufacturing plant, too).

    Through my work, I've helped over 5,000 people with everything from paint colors to flooring, siding, upholstery, window treatments, remodeling.... the list goes on.

    This real-world experience has given me an advantage as an interior designer - not only can I help you with the pretty things, but we can evaulate your home from a very practical and functional perspective. My goal is to merge the two and help you create the space you've always dreamed of.

    You could say interior design is in my DNA. My grandfather was a designer (before we called them that) all the way back to before the great depression. You can even see a photos of him on my website helping a client from the 1930's.

    I focused on interior design in college, working for Nordstrom as a corporate space planner after my studies, and then found my way back to residential design.

    I launched the design department at the family business, evolved into owning the company, and am continuing with interior design as an independent design studio.

    When I think about the kinds of people I help, there is such variety - it can range from busy young families all the way to active retirees - but the unifying factor is there is a need for someone to tailor solutions to very specific problems that benfit from a personalized process. 

    Sometimes it's not a matter of "thinking through" questions - sometimes homeowners don't even know what to ask - we just know it's not working right, or doesn't feel right.

    A professional designer can help you define where to start, or how to prioritize things when you start to feel overwhelmed.

    The best thing you can do is begin by having a conversation with your potential designer to see how you connect. If you feel good about this first conversation, then the next step is to hire them for an initial consultation. This allows you to see how you work together in person, as well as gaining clarity on your project with ideas on how to move forward.

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