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CPR and basic first certified in pet care. I started my business after the passing of my best friend, my dog. In his memory I run my business. Too pass on some of the love he gave to me. So I take it very seriously, personal and with a warm heart and gentle hands. When boarding with me I provide the food, homemade nutritional snacks, a bath, nail trim and ear cleaning as part of their care (no additional cost). Except no bath for cats, I learned that the hard way. We care for dogs, cats and caged animals (example: rabbit). We look forward to hearing from you soon. 210-788-2121/Jakki

Everything, at the end of the day I have no stress.


1 employee
9 years in business
Serves San Antonio , TX

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    Frequently asked questions

    Usually we talk on the phone, going over dates, prices and info about the pet. Book the appointment. I then fax or email paperwork. Customer returns the paperwork by email or bring it the day of drop off along with a copy of pets shot records.

    certified in CPR and basic first aide in pet care

    Daycare Dogs $20. Boarding $40

    second dog for boarding $35

    Daycare cats $15   Boarding $25

    second cat $20

    caged amimals (same as cat pricing)


    in 2015 I lost my best friend, my dog. I wanted to honor him in a big way, passing on some of the love that he gave me would do that. My business is very meaningful to me.

    i have worked with some amazing people that clearly love their

    babies. It was an honor to me that they chose me to care for those pets.

    Better laws against animal abuse are happening everyday. Finally the voiceless are being heard

    Ask: what would you do in case of an emergency and my vet is closed?

    personally I worked it out to have an on call vet 24/7. So your babies are always cared for should an emergency occur.

    pros emergency plans 

    how much personal attention will my pet really get.

    i don’t let my pet on the furniture at home, will you honor that?

    my pet has allergies, how will you know? 

    My pet doesn’t like other pets, how do you handle that

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    Pet Boarding
    Pet Sitting