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419 77 Solar. As a seasoned independent consultant in the solar industry since 2015, my commitment is to guarantee utmost client satisfaction. I consistently prioritize promptness, provide competitive rates, and maintain an approachable working style. My fulfillment stems from assisting individuals in alleviating high energy costs, emphasizing that I'm not just selling products but delivering tailored solutions.


Hired 4 times
5000 employees
9 years in business
Serves Houston , TX


Solar panel services

Install new solar panel system, Consultation, Other services

Number of panels

As recommended by professional

Building height

Single-level building, Two-story building, Three-story building

Solar materials provided

I can work with customers who would like a pro to buy the solar panel(s), I can work with customers who would like to discuss with a professional

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    billy L.

    From meeting Gary to finalizing my project.
    I am very Satisfied. Gary delivered. I recommend Gary. He is definitely on my list for future projects. Great Job!!
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    January 30, 2024


    Tray S.

    30 year “worry free” warranty, 20 year 0.99 % APR & a tax credit? Couldn’t be happier!
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    January 25, 2021


    Julie G.

    I’m saving so much money every month; my average bill was $345 & now I’m paying $199 with the LG battery back up. Not to mention the federal & state tax credit.
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    January 25, 2021


    Nicole V.

    A quick professional install
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    January 25, 2021

    Frequently asked questions

    I begin by arranging a complimentary consultation to educate clients about the advantages of transitioning to solar energy. Following that, I craft a comprehensive proposal at no cost, outlining the specific benefits solar energy can offer them.
    I've been working as a solar consultant since 2015, accumulating valuable on-the-job experience in the field.
    Our pricing is tailored to individual energy consumption, ensuring competitive rates while maintaining high-quality service.
    I noticed a shift in the industry and recognized the potential of this amazing product, prompting me to share it with clients.
    I primarily collaborate with homeowners or properties classified as residential by utility companies.
    I recently attended a renewable energy conference where experts discussed advancements in solar technology. It was inspiring to see the passion and innovation driving the industry towards a sustainable future.
    Look for a professional with a reputable background and prioritize someone who prioritizes providing the necessary education.
    Consider these important questions before consulting with professionals about your needs: 1. Can solar energy costs be lower than my current utility expenses? 2. What strategies can I employ to reduce energy consumption before determining my solar system size? 3. Which government programs & financial incentives are available to support my solar goals?

    Services offered

    Roof Installation Or Replacement
    Solar Panel Installation
    Wiring Installation