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Granite Depot, Inc.

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We do solid surface countertops (with granite or quartz) as an art-work, not as a construction work. It deserves precision and beauty.

Listening to homeowners carefully, identifying their needs fully and providing the most cost effective solutions using our vast experience.


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23 years in business
Serves Houston , TX

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Solar panel services

Install new solar panel system, Consultation, Repair existing solar panel system, Modify existing solar panel system, Other services

Number of panels

1 – 5, 6 – 10, 11 – 15, 16 – 20, 20+ panels, As recommended by professional

Building height

Single-level building, Two-story building, Three-story building, High-rise building

Solar materials provided

I can work with customers who already purchased the solar panel(s), I can work with customers who would like a pro to buy the solar panel(s), I can work with customers who would like to discuss with a professional

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    “Beautiful Job! Great workmanship- Installers worked hard to insure the best results. Thank you very much”
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    April 05, 2021



    “The granite process from the day we walked into the store was easy & professional. Along the way, I was never disappointed, but rather delighted with the beauty of the stone and the care Baal and Jose took to enhance the natural beauty, to match the swirling pattern of my selection and to ensure my
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    April 05, 2021



    “Thanks for everything. All work turned out excellent. We appreciate your time and patience”
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    April 05, 2021


    Norris L.

    “Everything looks great. Thank you for making this remodel a hassle free (almost) experience. Norris and I appreciate your professional attitude. We will recommend you to others in the future”
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    April 05, 2021



    “The guys did a beautiful job installing the counters. They were very professional and paid close attention to detail”
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    April 05, 2021


    Dea H.

    Great recommendations for selection of materials, work done quickly from order to install.
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    March 30, 2021

    Frequently asked questions

    1. Call or email customers to obtain project details

    2. Visit homeowners, measure the job, and asnwer homeowners' question free of costs

    3. Invite homeowners (HO) to visit out slab yard and select materials, again no cost to HO.

    4. Give a detailed price quote, and if accepted, execute 'no non-sense' contract.

    5. Schedule for detailed template measurements.

    6. Based on template measurements, fabricate and install countertops within 10 working days after template measurements.

    7.  We also offer HO to come to our fabrication shops and offer input on how veins and patterns should flow through to thier liking.

    Mnaged by a registered professional engineer who has adopted high ethical standards as the way of doing honorable and profitable business.

    A countertop project is very site specific.  It involves many variables.  To be fair to HO, it is highly impractical to develop a standard pricing.

    As an importer and a wholesaler of imported granite/ natural stones from counteries like Brazil, India, and China. 

    Single family Homeowners, custom/spec home builders, multi-family condo facilities and other commercial property owners such a movie theatre facilities.

    A HO bought 4 sinks for bathroom vanities without consulting us.  After we did the measurements of thier cabinets, those sinks were too big to fit them in the existing cabinet profile.  We ended up helping the HO by explaining to the online seller  for thier failure to explain/specify fully thier productlines to innocent buyers like this HO.  

    Inexpensive prices, such as 'X' Dollars per square foot, do not always spell out what 'devil' lives in the details.

    Look for experience.  Make sure the pro is committed to do your countertops as an art work.  An experienced pro shall not wade away from a HO's desire simply because it may cut into the pro's profit margin.

    Services offered

    Countertop Installation
    Solar Panel Installation
    Kitchen Remodel