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I’m a full service firm, I’m hands-on and handle every detail for my clients so they can focus on other things. I make projects fun and easy for clients. I’m completely passionate about Design and put my heart into every project! My #1 objective is to bring joy into my clients’ home!

Design is actually a second career for me and I believe it is my calling. I love the creative process and imagining a beautiful space into existence. I love to see the excitement on my clients’ faces when they see their new spaces. Happy tears are encouraged!


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Shika S.

I sent Alane pictures of all the in-scope areas (full house) and a decorating wish list and told her verbally on the phone on that our budget was $10,000. She told me that this was not realistic and that it could not be accomplished (i appreciated that honesty and assessment). I then asked her what she thinks my budget should be and she created a tracker which she came up with a rough estimate of $40,000. I emailed her back letting her know that the budget she suggested was too high but also realizing that I need to increase my initial budget of $10,000. Thats how we agreed upon $20,000 and Alane raised no concerns or issues. She came to our house for a full house tour and expectations were clear. We trusted her experience and she kept saying I know my budget, I never go over budget. Since we had an understanding, she was hired and we signed the contract.
First set of vision boards she sent were already off track and way over budget. At this rate, there was no way she would be able to cover all of the in-scope areas. I had to remind her constantly and intervene and tell her that we still have other areas to cover and that i didnt want to spend $4000 in one room.
I told her many times to stay on track and that id like to see a full view of the project plan. She never did that. Every designer should know how to do basic project management which includes a project plan with budget, timelines, resources, approach, and planning of all in-scope areas.
Late in the process, she came to the realization that this project is challenging to complete within the budget. We expected her to make this assessment in the beginning of the project before it was awarded. She quit on the project and told us that she wasnt the designer for us. She clearly didnt think so in the beginning of the project!
She is not giving back my money back for all this time she wasted. She is also not giving my table back that was purchased by her. The project is not complete and ive reported this with the BBB and if it doesnt get resolved, I will be taking this matter to small claims court.
Horrible horrible experience and all she wants is your business by telling you yes it can be done, and then she will tell you later that it cant, quit, and then screw you over.
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March 30, 2021
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Picture Hanging And Art Installation
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