Meet new customers and grow your business.

Whether you’re scaling your business, filling the gaps in your schedule, or just starting out, HomeGuide will help you find the right customers.

How does it work?

We send you customer requests

Create a free account and complete a profile so we know what types of requests to send you.

We then send you customer requests for free. Each customer is required to answer specific questions about their needs to ensure we send our pros high quality requests.

step 1

You contact the customer directly.

When a customer request is a good fit for you, reply directly to that customer with your quote. Your quote is essentially an introduction; a personalized message with your rates, your contact information, your website...etc.

step 2

Creating and sending your quote.

After you receive a request you create your quote and send it. You pay to send quotes using HomeGuide credits. If you need credits the website will prompt you to purchase credits to complete the sending process. Learn more about credits

step 3

Get hired and keep what you earn.

When a customer decides to hire you for your services, you work out the details directly with them and you keep 100% of what you earn. A customer can receive up to 5 quotes from different pros.

step 4

How do I get hired?

Send a professional quote

Your quote is your first impression. HomeGuide customers are looking to hire the best professional for their projects. Treat your quote as a professional introduction to a potential new customer. Greet them by name, address their needs or concerns, and ask them questions.

Share your rates

Customers are more likely to hire when they know the cost. If they are going to hire you for their project price will be important. Explain your rates in details. Tell the customer exactly what to expect for that rate. Why you charge what you do and how that rate is a price to pay for your services.

Create an awesome profile.

Your profile is automatically sent to customers you send a quote to. Make sure your profile advertises you well. Make sure your profile image is inviting; a company logo or picture of you is best. We make it easy to list your years of experience and credentials too so be sure to add them.


The number one selling point for service based business is reviews. You can get past and current customer to post reviews on your profile so that when you send a quote to a new customer they can read about all the customer that enjoy working with you.

Use up your credits.

You won't get hired every time you send a quote. On average you will get hired 1 or 2 times out of 10 quotes, so keep quoting. Not all customers will reply, that is OK. Just keep sending quotes and you will make a nice return on your investment.