Hi! My name is Daniel. I hope all is well. Thank you for taking the time to consider me as your trainer. A reason you should hire me is because I can provide services for anything you might be having problems with. From puppy training and basic obedience to aggression and behavior modification, I have worked with dogs with a myriad of issues, in a multitude of conditions and situations. You can feel confident that you are investing your time, energy, money, & trust in someone who is not only very experienced with dogs but is also professionally certified as a Canine Behavior Specialist (CBCC-KA) and Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA). By the gold standard in the dog training industry, the Citification Council of Professional Dog Trainers (CCPDT) The other reason I believe you should hire me is because you would be working with a passionate, educated, and experienced canine professional that uses positive reinforcement techniques to work with pups. As well, I am open-minded, honest, and patient with dogs and humans alike. I hope for the opportunity to help you and pup (or pups) in anyway possible! Thank you again for taking the time. Sincerely, Daniel


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We would start off with a free phone consultation to go over things in order to best able to decide what is needed for you and your pup. If you decide to allow me to work with you and your dog, you would head over to my website, where you will be able sign up, schedule your first session, pay, and answer all relevant questions. All in less than 10 minutes. After that I will meet you either in person or online at the time that you have chosen that works best for you! And start training. *For small issues and basic obedience no evaluation is needed (if it is a pup who has not had training previously) For behavior modification, it will vary depending on the issue being addressed, as some I can deal with remotely, some I can't like aggression as that always needs to be addressed in person. Even if I can't provide modification, I can offer advice, short term management, and help you find a trainer in your area that can help. If in my region, I will do a personal evaluation and determine from there how many estimated sessions are needed

CBCC-KA Certified Behavior Consultant Canine Knowledge Assessed (342 Worldwide)

CPDT-KA Certified Professional Dog Trainer Knowledge Assessed (4,500 Worldwide) Certified Therapy Dog Trainer American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen Trainer & Evaluator American Red Cross Certified Canine First Aid 11 Years Overall Experience Working With Dogs Dog Behavior Expert 9700+ Recorded Training Hours 9700+ Hours Divided Into: shelter training & behavior modification, veterinary training & behavior modification, basic obedience group and private sessions (all levels). In-home services, doggie daycare and retail settings. Extensive canine evaluation experience Behavior Modification -- All issues from aggression to separation anxiety All ages; All issues Canine Behaviorist & Lead Trainer Valley Veterinary Hospital - 3 years Canine Behavior & Enrichment Coordinator ACCT Philly - Philadelphia Animal Shelter 2 years Group Training Experience Camp K9 - 2 years Valley Veterinary Hospital - 3 years PetSmart - 5 years Non - Resume Relevant Experience Deeply passionate about dogs, their behavior, and how to help them · Read hundreds of dog related books & thousands of realted articles · Studied countless hours of dog to dog interactions in person & video · Fostered dogs · Adopted dogs · Rescued dogs· Volunteered with dogs · Seen the worst people can do to dogs · Have seen the miracles that can come with working with dogs · Have watched humans & dogs adapt, overcome, and grow separately & together · Know through and through that this is what I was born to do · And have dedicated everything to helping these amazing gifts to our lives and society.

My pricing ranges per progam, please see my website for program options and prices. 

This is a very long and awesome story. If you would like to read this. I ask that you please go to my website and find it in the about the trainer section, under My Journey. (Sorry, but I am unable to put a link to this section) It's all about one dog. My boy Magellan!

Anyone that could potentially have a dog is a potential customer. So in that sense the question is very strait forward. For me, this question rings different as I would say that anyone's dog is a customer as well, even more so in a lot a ways. The type of customers I have worked with when looked at from this point of are aggressive, fearful, anxious, hyper, loving, stubborn, confused, homeless, rescued, fostered, in shelters, at the vet, and much much more. And no I am not speaking about the humans ;) Speaking about humans, as customers I work with anyone who needs help with their dog. And as customers I see it has my obligation to to give as much proper knowledge about dogs as possible while being honest about the situation and what changes needed to be made. With dog training and behavior work customers who understand that they get what they put into it, are always more likely to have more successful outcomes.

Describe a recent project you are fond of. How long did it take?

I have many great stories of pups who I have been fortunate enough help and stories I am very fond of, since the word recent was used, I will speak about a pup named Logan, whose story is one I am very fond of and happened very recently. As things never work this way in the animal rescue world in terms of fast we were able to help with everything just working smoothly. Especially, during a pandemic when people are returning many dogs, adopted not so long ago. Logan is a very cute and smart 1.5 year old sheltie mix. Who was the pup of a woman, who owned a store where people who come into everyday. After a while the stress got to him and she brought me into help. Which is did for a while but because of certain circumstances it was hard for his mom to keep up with things. Which regrettably, meant the stress came back and he started to have behavior issues.

Before things got worse, his mom, in an amazing, mature, and completely unselfish manner knew she had to find him a new home that would suit his needs. Love was never a problem, mom had it in spades, it was just not the right fit. She called me to see if I could help in finding him a new home.

I just happen to know an amazing friend who is the main foster for a rescue and has many dogs at her house at any given time. She happen to have space and the rescue was able to take him on. In less, than three days, the rescue had found him a new home and upon hearing, that I had worked with him before, the new parents brought me on to help him adjust to his new home. Which includes no stores and many clients that's for sure. But more importantly he has two parents who are committed to him and love him dearly. Along with a brother, who he loves and plays with all day long, and cuddles with at night. As well, when his former mom is ready, we are going to find her the right dog for her lifestyle, that will adore being loved on and fussed over all day.

From his mom's awareness and love, to space at a rescue, to advertising, to finding the right people (first application received), his transition to a new home done in less than a week, with not one hiccup. That never happens! And I can personal guarantee that he is with great people, in a perfect home for what he needs.

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