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Alpha Beta K-9 and its founder, Master Trainer and Behaviorist Ryan Stagliano understand your ultimate goal is to have a happy, well behaved dog so your whole family can enjoy true canine companionship. This means you will learn to understand your dog, work with your dog and ultimately means your dog will be listening to you above and beyond all else.

How does this happen? Ultimately our goal will be to create a “pack structure” within your household. This will be a Leader / Follower relationship with the Human becoming the Leader and the dog falling into a natural follower state of mind. During our initial consultation we will discuss your training goals, any concerning behavioral issues (Jumping, Pulling on Leash, Mouthing, Rushing the Door, Counter Surfing, etc...)...And/Or, discuss in detail any serious behavioral issues (Severe Insecurity, Fear Aggression, Dog/Human Aggression, etc...). After documenting and discussing these issues, we will begin working hands on with you and your dog.

My training methods are based on the principal that dogs are most balanced when they are following a consistent, confident pack leader. Part of my job is to give you the tools and knowledge to turn you into that type of pack leader. By consistently giving your dog rules, boundaries, structure, discipline and love you will maintain a position of leadership in your “pack”. In turn your dog will listen to you and respect you at home, at the park, while visiting friends, etc. When the human leader sets the rules and boundaries, confusion and anxiety do not exist in a dog’s world. Often, what we see as "bad behaviors" are caused by such confusion. A content, happy, well balanced dog can simply relax and enjoy being a dog while being able to listen for what his human pack leader(s) want or need them to do – sit, down, come, play, relax, etc... They have no need to express anxiety, confusion or frustration by making mischief.

Training does not take a lot of time out of your already busy schedule once becoming comfortable with the process. However it does take Commitment and Consistency, the more you put into training, the more positive results you will see. I will help you learn to work little training moments into your life so they don’t feel like a chore, just a part of your daily routines. In the meantime, you will enjoy better communication and a new found bond built on mutual respect and love shared between both you and your dog.

“My personal goal is to provide you with the best training options available to help create a relationship with your dog just like I have with mine. Please ask as many questions as you like and feel free to contact me whenever the need might arise.”


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