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Joanne In Home Pet Care

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I take care of your pets right in your home so they do not have to be stressed going to a kennel for grooming or training.I have a portable grooming table. I bring towels any mess I clean it up. I also walk dogs an feed ...I train an work with aggressive dogs...This is my passion so every dog can be a member of the family...I was a kennel manager 6 years in a top show kennel...I have alot of experience with all different breeds of dogs. I learned to groom by a top show dog groomer..This is not my job it is my passion...I walk dogs while you work or away..I take care of cats as well an litter box cleaning , feeding any shots the animals need i can take care of or any special pills or diet...Im good at what I do an I love doing it ..Positive reinforcement is the key to a behaved an loved pet an reputition is the main key. A Calm person can always help your pet regroup.

I enjoy the dogs it's gives me a inner peace being around animals an helping them feel better by good care ..I enjoy a challange so a dog that behaves poorly it makes me feel good to help them become members of a family....


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Valerie V M.

She had goođ communication skills and was really good with both my cat and dog. It was nice to have her come to the house. Her dremel broke so she hand clipped them took time to come my dogs nails. Because of this she trimmed my cats nails free of charge.
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April 13, 2019
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Frequently asked questions

I like to sit an talk to them so there dog or cat can be there an get to no me as well ..Let the dog or cat smell my bag an my clothes an they usually know then im ok .The I tell the owners how I will groom an to show me the bathroom so the dog or cats usually follow which is good an then I tell them I will Take the dog an start right away at least talk to them for 10 min to get to know the dog an his or her behaviors ...

I worked for a vet for 3 years I trained her young horses .the past 6 years I was a kennel manager at a show kennel where a handler taught me how to handle puppy's an train them for the show ring . I groomed all her kennel dogs about 80 plus schnauzers were there....My mother had her own grooming business an I helped out with show dogs she would groom for her customers....Cats I just taught myself how to do the stuff I do with them....

Well I try to figure out how much it would be a hour an I was told by a top groomer never make under 35 a hour so I figure I go with 20$ a hour an deshedding takes a hour at least I use my own products to I figure that in an how far I drive so I try to figure it all together  on each job I do ..I give discounts for senior pets not people if your pet is a senior I will give a 15 percent discount an if customer is senior a 10 percent discount I want everyone to be happy an I am thankful that customers are giving me a chance to prove myself Thank you.

My mother had a dog grooming business an I always loved going there an watching her groom...she has recently died she was still grooming at age 90..

Most of my customers are very nice some can be demanding I just do what they want the customer is always right...

Deshedding my elderly horse she was a  mess.the opportunity to help animals an make them feel better .

Go with your animals instict if they bark at them an act funny they don't like the person ...example I had a ferrier come to do my horses feet he walked in she put her butt to him he said get they thing .(thing) I thought she is my baby . I bring her out cross tie her she was being so bad rearing up kicking out ...out of no where he took a hammer an started striking her stomach I threw him out if the barn with one shoe on an one off she tried to tell me numerous times an I didnt read the signs she did not trust him I should have asked him to leave when she put her butt at him...what's the dogs if they shy away an cower just be careful ....

How do you treat an unruley animal that's my first question when I was hiring dog handlers for the kennel if they have a attitude or chip on there shoulder they need to work in a factory not with animals...we are the animals advocates they need to trust us..

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