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We are a General contractor, home builder, and home remodeling company. We do everything in between, whether its architectural services, engineering, finding deals for clients, real estate investor friendly services, and for home owners, we do it all.

Our Owner, James Crossley, is a combat disabled veteran, injured in Iraq in 2003. We are a veteran owned small business.

Drawing from his Army service, leading Soldiers in battle as a Sargeant, he instilled a great work ethic, character and honor in our company.

We build, and remodel homes. We will not be satisfied until you are. We offer different discounts to Vets, seniors, and others.

Life liberty builders LLC, we were designed to bring your vision to life, we are your humble servants in creating your vision.

Thank you

The people, making people happy.


Hired 2 times
12 employees
11 years in business
Serves Philadelphia , PA

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lori R.

My husband Got a great job in Philadelphia, so we had to find a home. But everything was so expensive. So we looked for a handyman special property. Doing that from Massachusetts was difficult, or so we thought. James of life liberty builders, we contacted he actually looked at multiple properties for us, sent feedback at no cost. Eventually we found a great home that needed allot of work. Including an addition that would be my hubbys office. Lifelibertybuilders did the remodel and addition in 2 weeks under his quoted finish date. And it was perfect. THEN because of how easy he made it we actually out of nowhere decided to try and do some fix and flips. We loved the TV shows abt flipping and allways dreamed of doing it. He made us feel like we could. Now we are 2/3 through our first investment property and we will actually rent it out! Not 1 cent over budget thus far, besides an unforseen roof repair but James actually did the repair at cost. 5 stars all day. As much as we want James all to ourselves lol, definitely hire him if you need anything done that has to do with remodeling or new construction. We saw some of his new homes when we met him, unbelievable.
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April 28, 2023

Frequently asked questions

When a client decides to accept a proposal from LLB,

1.we will get the clients scope of work, all ideas, finishes they like, etc. 

2. We will look at the project in person,  or via emailed photos and video if possible,  or look at the clients plans,  or draw plans for them 

3. We will provide a detailed,  and transparent proposal to the client 

4. If we are hired,, Depending on the project,  pull the necessary permits,  be it for a new home, additions,  or rehab. 

5. We will begin your project.  With a staff of friendly project managers,  one specifically dedicated to you, and a manager to go over selections helping you choose the finishes you have envisioned. 

6. When complete,  we get a final inspection,  then obtain city, or township CO  or paperwork saying we passed the final. 

7. We will call the job complete,  when all our promises are kept,  and the client is happy.  

United States Army Corps of Engineers (SAPPER) IRAQ, combat veteran, service Disabled veteran (veteran owned business) also should relate to our (honestly, integrity, and honor) I was a leader of Soldiers through battle. .. OSHA CERTIFIED 30 our course in construction saftey. And (Project management)

For new construction, a project will cost about $100 per sq ft, depending mostly on Finnish chosen by owner/client. For additions/rehabs etc.. Construction work and home remodeling there are many variables, and the best bet is to have us look at it. Normally the same day we can have a quote to our clients.

After I was Honorably Discharged from the Army, I was looking for a leadership position within a construction company. That is exactly what I aquired. Because of my Army leadership experience, I was hired as a Project Manager for what was at the time, a new and small scale Builder. I quickly took it on and loved it, became the best at it to the point my owners learned from me on many things. I grew to a point I could no longer grow in the company and left to start on my own, but not after helping to make them one of the biggest Builders in Philadelphia. I have built many new homes/rehabs. My greatest challenge was building at the same time 13 multifamily homes all over Philadelphia. I learned a great work ethic through the experience.

Investors, home owners, new home owners/buyers, real estate companies, architects, engineers, and have even been hired as an expert witness in a court case.

Have a connection, and similar philosophy as him/her. Makes it much easier to have a transparent project that comes out as you hoped or better.

What are their main goals for the project, what does the future hold, and how will it be affected by the project.

Services offered

Home Modification For Disabled Persons
Drywall Installation And Hanging
Patio Addition
Railing Installation Or Remodel
Stair Installation
Architectural Services
Demolition Services
General Contracting
Deck Or Porch Repair
Construction Services
Countertop Installation
New Home Construction
Basement Finishing
Deck Or Porch Addition
Home Remodeling
Foundation Repair
Kitchen Remodel
Bathroom Remodel
Engineering And Technical Design
Garage Addition
Structural Engineering