The Stein Team Of Keller Williams

The Stein Team Of Keller Williams



The Stein Team Vision is to build a real estate empire in Chester County, that produces the highest levels of customer satisfaction, career achievement, and philanthropy.

The Stein Team Mission is creating meaningful, authentic and life-long connections with people through the art of buying and selling residential real estate.

The Stein Team Values Include:

Gratitude - We are thankful and grateful in all situations. We seek to come from a place of contribution in all that we do. Our authenticity shines through. We start every morning with a team meeting of gratitude!

Innovation - We are learning based and always seeking to raise the bar. We get things done. We are committed to creating success stories!

Family - We are individuals with a family-focused team. When you work with us you become our family. We care about people and treat everyone we meet with respect and dignity. We are your advocate in all situations and are going the extra mile for you.

Trust - Trust starts with honesty and loyalty. Our clients’ needs come first. We aren’t going to tell you what you want to hear, we are going to tell you what you need to hear. We care about people and always do the right thing with one another, the clients we serve and the people we associate with. Our thoughts, words, and deeds match up. We value open communications. We seek first to understand and hold ourselves accountable to our word with one another and our clients.


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  1. Do you work as a full-time Realtor?      
  2. How long have you been selling real estate?
  3. How many homes do you sell in a year?
  4. Do you have a list of references that we may call?
  5. How many full/part-time assistants do you have? What are their roles? 
  6. What are your average days on market?  How does that compare to the MLS?
  7. How does your average list to sell ratio compared to the MLS?
  8. Where do you rank in your office?  Top sales?Top lister? For how many years?
  9. Where do you rank in your company?
  10. How many qualified buyers are you working with?  Do you utilize buyer’s agents?
  11. What lead generation systems do you utilize to develop buyer leads?
  12. How many listings do you currently have?
  13. What is the market trend now?
  14. How strong is your name recognition in the community?
  15. Do you have a written marketing plan specifically designed to sell my home?
  16. Where and how often will you advertise our home?  Do we get professionally designed brochures for our home?  What internet marketing do you provide?
  17. In what ways do you encourage other Realtors to sell my home?
  18. If you get to list my home what are you going to do in the 1st week to sell my home?
  19. How will you let me know what you are doing to sell my home?
  20. What written reports will we receive showing Realtor and prospective buyer comments?

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