The Balanced K-9 - Dog Training And Behavior Modification

The Balanced K-9 - Dog Training And Behavior Modification



The majority of my clients came to me because their dog required some amount of behavior modification. Whether the dogs never mastered the foundational skills (i.e. walking calmly at the owners side, relaxing in place without being anxious or needing to greet every guest, etc), failed to learn as a puppy that interactions with humans (no jumping, barking or mouthing) are different from fellow dogs or developed unwanted behaviors (ie guarding food, people, growling, lunging, etc) we have fixed it all.


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    Typically I prefer to start the process with an on line questionnaire to get a complete picture of the dogs environment and its interactions with its owners. Once I have met the animal I work with the owner to develop a program to address the dog's issues in a way that will promote real and lasting change.

    Like any profession dog training requires not only active study but lots of hands on time. I participate in multiple professional seminars annually, exchange ideas with fellow professionals frequently and try to never stop learning. I work with over 100 dogs per year across all breeds and sizes so no issue, behavior or breed is new to me. I also consult with a local animal Animal Rescue that handles more challenging cases at our local Municipal Shelter. Working with and understanding the added stress a shelter situation places on an animal helps me better assist owners who have elected to adopt rather than buy. Recent examples of my annual continuing education include: One-week seminar on Body Language & Behavior Problem Solving Skills taught by David Muriello, CPDT-KA of Catch Canine Trainers Academy Two day seminar on Aggression in Dogs – Defensive Handling and Training Workshop With Michael Shikashio, CDBC – President of IAABC and Trish Loehr, CPDT-KA,

    Behavior Modification $1990.00 This 2 week program is designed to address minor behavior issues (i.e. jumping, mouthing and counter surfing, etc.) as well as teaching foundational commands. recall sit/down heel place It is NOT for dogs with aggression issues or extreme levels of anxiety or fear. Depending on the intensity of the dog's issues additional weeks may be required (at $650 per wk). This recommendation will be made based on the initial consultation or shortly after the beginning of training.

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    Some years ago I was sharing an apartment with a roommate who adopted a Bull Terrier puppy named Astor. She knew nothing about raising a young dog and, as you can image, Astor had all the typical puppy behaviors. He was not house trained, he chewed anything he could get his mouth on and he had every bad behavior a young (or untrained) dog can have: pulling on the leash, jumping, barking, begging for food, counter surfing, mouthing and nipping. I grew up with dogs (a Belgian Shepard, a Dalmatian, and a hound mix) and knew that Astor just needed some guidance to be a wonderful pet. Like many first time owners my roommate lacked the knowledge to help Astor and was mistakenly hoping maturity would magically "fix" him. Since he was not getting any training from my roommate and the situation needed to be addressed, I started to train Astor. Helping Astor was a natural instinct for someone who grew up with dogs and understood their potential. Becoming a trainer was not part of my carrier plan at that time but sometimes your passion finds you. No matter the breed, the age, or the sex all dogs simply need some clear guidance to become cherished members of a family

    Our clients range from a familytaht has adopted a new puppy and is struggling with basic house training and obedience all teh way up to dogs with aggression issues and multiple bite histories

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