Eddie...the"Dog Guy" Simon III

Eddie...the"Dog Guy" Simon III

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Often seen walking my pack of dogs, sometimes 6 to 10 at a clip. I Love the Niche I'm in, whether it's working at a veterinary hospital with their problem dogs, with a groomer helping them with their problem animals to stay still? Or my own personal in-home consultations and boot camps with seriously problematic dogs. Being there for someone with an answer, especially when they can't find one, I think that's the trick to receive that satisfaction desired. Plus my Public Facebook page under ,K-9 Behavior shaping with Eddie the dog guy is available for anybody looking for some more info😁

To be able to offer a solution when a solution is not thought to be available... Makes me float😁


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    May G.

    Thank you Eddie! you are a professional dog trainer. You can eliminate his fear in the short time, and also, build up his confidence to new place, prefect! Today, Frankie has cut down more scared time, and also, he can control his legs for upstairs and downstairs. Thanks again! If my friends need a dog trainer I will recommend you.
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    May 18, 2019

    Frequently asked questions

    Typically, simply put, the process consists of some Q&A with a new client, find out what it is exactly they need or what they are looking for, then in turn coming up with the best plan of attack to efficiently and quickly get them the results Harmony and happiness they're looking for.

    There aren't many essays or books on dog behavior and training that I haven't read, my belief is it's not how many letters are after you name, but how efficiently you provide proper results. With me, it's been a passion since I was getting in trouble at school for masking animal books text books. Coming up on 40 years of age oh, a lifetime of experience working with the best teachers on our planet it's what I can offer, the best teachers on the planet being the "four-legged teachers " themselves..

    Unfortunately there is no standard pricing due to the fact that there is no standard solution. Again, after a question-and-answer with a client, recognizing what's wanted, then devising a specific approach or plan of attack will delegate the pricing.

    Because I've been involved in it since I was a young child, the person on the street that everybody called when their dog was sick or they had a baby bird that fell out of the nest. And after a decade and a half of being in construction and working with my other love, aside from animals, the other true love is music so of course play music for others was what I did until the realization of how badly dog owners needed help Beyond Simple obedience training to resolve behavioral issues that Sit Stay come or heel did nothing to help... I advocate what I call Behavior shaping as opposed to straight "training".

    Don't really like to label individuals as individuals who can be labeled😯😎 but all kidding aside through working with wildlife control, Construction, music... and then about 20 years now working specifically with dogs oh, let's just say there's not too many "types" of people and I haven't worked with all ready, yet every individual always teaches me something or surprises me somehow😁

    On average almost once a day one way or another we end up saving the life of a dog, and turn bettering n fulfilling the life of at least one human

    Listen to the voice that's talking to you, unless of course the voice it's coming from the fiery Underground ;-) all kidding aside listen to the voice of intuition you hear, always ask around and research your professional as far as possible... Most importantly always always always trust your gut, act on your gut feeling, and believing it! Cuz it's damn near always right ;-)

    "What is it EXACTLY that I want when I relationship with my dog"??

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