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I help you get the calm, respectful, behaved dog you dreamed of having.

“It’s not what he does, it’s how he does it.”

—Pam H. DOuGTrainer client

Patience is the rule. In two hours, you get the relationship you want with your dog, using no treats, no clickers, and no e-collars or prong collars.

I'm teaching Nature's energy, and Nature's rules. It's a powerful program. Once you know the program and the method, everything starts falling into place.


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    Doug’s RDL model is brilliant. Unconventional, yet natural. I knew Doug was the right choice for me when my dogs responded within 10 minutes of our first session. They are 10 years old, so it is taking time for them to respond to nature, the essence of Doug’s model. Even so, every week, visitors notice that they are calmer. It takes dedication to practice, but is it ever worth it! Doug’s training affects many levels not directly related to training – it’s fascinating! He’s a delight to work with, patiently explaining a certain concept as many times as I need to hear it. Since I’m in California, we use live Google Duo video. At first, I was hesitant to train via video, but training has exceeded my wildest expectations.
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    June 21, 2019

    Frequently asked questions

    The initial phone consultation assesses the dog's issues. 

    The DOuGTrainer's model, Reflective Dog Leadership, RDL is shared. 

    The issues get discussed in terms of RDL. 

    Expectations get set. Timelines and training issues are discussed. 

    Appointments get set, and training happens. Training gets recorded on video. 

    Clients are reminded to read online reviews. 

    Nine years of training and videos showing the results of the training, plus reviews of clients are The DOuGTrainer's proof of effectiveness. 

    The standard model is in place. It gets discussed, and if modifications are needed, that gets discussed as well. Payment can be any method desired, and payments are available. 

    The DOuGTrainer's training is his passion. It started from a desire to do and share something that comes naturally. 

    The DOuGTrainer works with all dogs, and all clients. 

    Andrew goes from nipping to submitting in one week:

    Any trainer who puts a time limit on their training is not worthy of your time nor your money. Dog training is a race where the last one crossing the finish line is the winner, and that always has to be your dog. 

    Also, "patience is the rule."

    As the dog's owner, how much am I the problem here?

    The DOuGTrainer's most successful clients are the ones who say, "We know we're the ones who need to get trained."

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