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At Hypnotic Dog Training, Love, & Care (TLC) we offer obedience training, pet sitting/boarding in our home & in the clients, dog walking, doggie daycare & pet check ins. We take pride in being able to handle the more 'difficult' dogs, although we truly believe there are no bad dogs, just misunderstood dogs, in all of the services we offer. Below there is detailed information about each of the services we provide & why we believe we offer an experience your pet will love to come back to!

When we board a pet they stay in the sitters home with the family & are allowed to do whatever makes them most comfortable, so long as it is safe of course. They will not be left home alone for their entire stay & live as member of the family. Guest dogs in our homes do not interact with the resident pets unless their owner gives permission. We even have separate yard space, fully fenced, for the guest dog to potty to prevent any cross contamination. We know being away from home & their families is stressful for pets so we even have a zen guest room the pet can use if they are feeling overwhelmed in this new place. Guest dogs are walked twice daily, from 20 minutes per walk up to one hour depending on the dogs desire & physical abilities. Guest pets are always fed in accordance to what their owners instruct & are only given treats previously approved by their owner. We do everything possible to make the guest pet feel safe, secure, & hopefully have fun too while staying with Hypnotic Dog TLC. We will also go to the pets home & stay with the pet in their home if the owner prefers which is often easier on the pet.

Dog walking clients are treated with just as much love, patience, & security as our guest dogs. Walks are scheduled per the owners request & can last up to one hour & can be scheduled more than once per day. During a walk dogs are kept secure on leash at all times & are not permitted to meet dogs or people on the walk. Walk locations are discussed & approved with the dogs owner prior to the walk. We prefer to map out the route we take the dogs so their family knows exactly where they are. Dogs are walked one at a time although exceptions are sometimes made for dogs in the same home whose owners want their dogs walked together. Dogs are always attached to their leash before opening the door & exiting the home & are not let off leash until they are back inside with the door closed.

For dogs who enjoy getting out more we do offer what we call a half day trip. These consist of an activity such as hiking & can range from two to four hours depending on the dog & their owners preference. All activities & locations are discussed with & pre-approved by the dog's owner. Every safety precaution available is taken & dogs are not permitted off leash unless a designated fully enclosed  location is desired by the dog's owner.

Pet check ins are for owners who cannot get home to let their dog out for potty or to give pets needed medications. We have experience with giving pet medications from pills to injections with even the most resistant of kitties gained from work as veterinary technician. A check in can take place once per day or multiple times per day but typically are a 25 minute or less process. If your dog needs to go potty & you do not have a fenced yard they will be walked on leash but will go potty & go directly back inside-this is where a check in differs from a walk. Kitty litter will be scooped during a check in if needed. We always socialize with the pet during a check in although many kitties prefer to keep their space. Food & water dishes will be filled if the owner desires during a check in.

Doggie daycare for dogs whose owners would like them to get out & socialized with other dogs on a regular basis is also available in our founders home. For this service your dog would enteract with our family dogs & other daycare guests, grouped by size, energy levels, & behaviors. All dogs would undergo a pre-approval evaluation before being approved for the program which consists of various interactions with other dogs to monitor the responses. If approved training options can be added if desired along with walks. We recommend at least two days per week so your dog can truly blossom & enjoy the time at daycare. Spaces are very limited & fill up fast so please reach out quickly if you'd like to reserve a spot!

Our name Hypnotic Dog TLC is truly based off our training. A friend once told our founder it was like she could hypnotize the dogs & so it stuck! We train our dogs to be trustworthy at all times including off leash, to be well balanced, loving, loyal, & happy members of their family. Our training programs are tailored specifically to each dog & their family & are based on positive training methods much like world famous trainer Victoria Stilwell & our founder is currently enrolled in her training certification program. We believe every dog is an individual & requires an individual approach opposed to one broad program for every dog.

With the use of positive reinforcement obedience training we will give your dog the stability & mental well being needed to be a healthy & happy dog. Dogs are natural learners & thrive with calm confident guidance to achieve happy, stress free, & balanced lives.

Most dogs with behavioral problems happen due to stress & anxiety in their everyday lives that the average dog owner just doesn't see, not at any fault of their own, they just don't speak dog. The average dog owner simply doesn't understand how to clearly communicate with their dog so much of our training is teaching owners how to better understand their dog. We believe a basic understanding of dog behavior & psychology will help owners succeed in living harmonious lives with their dog.

Our training programs include all basic obedience commands sit, place, down, watch me, heel/leash manners, wait, & leave it. Those are simply the basics & there are many things you & your dog can learn! We offer advanced obedience & other more advanced training as well for dogs who have completed the basic obedience training. Reach out today for a free consultation to discuss training with you & your dog!

If you prefer to email us directly you can do so at [email protected]

Working with dogs is what we love!

Being able to make a positive difference in a dog's life & their family is truly amazing every single time. Seeing the smile on a dogs face as they watch you arrive for a walk through the window, the pure joy of a dog whose owner just picked them up after being away on vacation, the happy tears a family cries when they get to keep their dog because they no longer have behavior problems, the pur of a cat who can't wait for you to open that can of food, these are just a few of the reasons we at Hypnotic Dog TLC love what we do. 

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  • Ashley Smith

    Honest, caring, passionate & professional. You could tell there’s love for what’s being done. Very fair pricing. Built a bond with my dog that I don’t see with very many people. Made sure both myself and my dog were comfortable. I wouldn’t go anywhere else now. Just all around great. 10/10 would recommend.

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What is your typical process for working with a new customer?

All new clients will be asked what services they desire, what goals they have for their pet, specific questions about their pet, & then we will discuss how we would achieve the desired goals. All discussions can take place however the owner prefers but we do enjoy speaking over the phone as it's more personal than text or email. We always come meet the pet while the owner is present before services begin.

For pet sitting or boarding we would go over all of the above along with the dates of service & the preferred the location, the sitters home or pets home.

With dog walks we would discuss how often they'd like the walks to occur & how long they'd like the walks to be. We would also map out a specific route so the owner knows exactly where their dog is being taken. For dogs who are walked more than once per week we often like to pick a route that corresponds to the day of the week to give the dog extra stimulation by not always taking the same walk.

For training we really like to get to know your family & your dog. We have various programs that are based on not only the type of training required but also the amount of involved the owner would like to participate in training.

What education and/or training do you have that relates to your work?

Our staff have dedicated their lives to working with dogs and are selected specifically for their passion to help families and their pets live happier fuller lives.

Much of the knowledge needed to be an outstanding dog trainer is gained only by true experience and our trainers all have five plus years of hands on work with training dogs of all breeds, sizes, & temperaments.

We also require all of our trainers to go through a strict training process of their own to mold them into a Hypnotic Dog Trainer.

Eventually as our business grows will require all trainers to be certified by the Victoria Stilwell Academy as our founder is.

Our pet sitters are all trainers as well at this time. As we expand we may bring in staff who does not train but only provides pet sitting, dog walking, or any of our other care related services. In that case those employees will be required to attend an orientation program about our standards of care & requirements.

All of our potential staff will have thorough background checks to ensure we would trust them with our own pets before being hired.

Do you have a standard pricing system for your services? If so, please share the details here.

Our services are very specific to what each individual dog & family requires so prices vary because of that.

We do have a range for our services but these are not set & can fluctuate up or down at anytime based on number of staff available, experience level of staff, & outside factors like the COVID-19 pandemic.

Pet sitting prices are either by the hour or by the day. Anything six hours or over is a full day. If your pet will be a guest for five hours or less than you can choose the by the hour pricing of $12 per hour. A full day price is $80. Remember, a full day pet sitting includes two walks, unless the owner requests otherwise, and this is in the sitters home like a member of their family. A nail trim is available for full day guests at no additional cost. There is a multi-day discount as well as a multi-dog discount. These rates would be determined by the amount of days & guests.

Doggie daycare packages are based on the size of the dog, the amount of shedding, house training, the temperament of the dog, & how often they would be coming for daycare. These prices would be gone over once we speak with the dogs owner & again can change at anytime due to more or less demand & other outside factors. But for an example a 45lb dog with a short coat, no behavior problems, who is fully house trained, gets along with people & dogs, & that comes to daycare two days a week would be $100.00 per week. A dog with a longer coat, like Huskies or GSDs, that require more cleanup would be an extra $10 per day. A dog who is not house trained or has occasional accidents would be an extra $20 per day. Please keep in mind doggie daycare is in our homes with our families & pets. 

For dog walking within 15 miles drive of the walkers home prices start at $18 per 20 minute walk per dog. Next, we offer a 40 minute walk at $28 per dog. A 60 minute walk is $38 per dog. We do offer multi-dog discounts for dogs from the same home who can be walked calmly & safely together-it would be an extra $6 per dog. Dogs who are difficult or reactive on walks must be walked separately for safety. Clients who sign up for regular, prescheduled, & prepaid for walks will receive a 10% discount & can bundle a leash manners training package as well for even more savings! Clients outside of the 15 minute range may be required an additional fee of $5-$10 depending on the travel time.

Our training packages are tailored specifically to each individual dog and their family so our prices reflect that as well. We do our best to tailor the cost of training to what works best for each family so that training that might save a dogs life is not limited to those with a few extra thousand dollars to spend. We truly love dogs & want to help them stay with their families.

That being said we do offer a few structured group courses that have set prices listed below.

Our 5 week, one lesson per week, basic obedience course is $350.00. This course is a group class with dogs & their owners. It's excellent for puppies aged at least 4 months, & adult dogs young or old. It will teach sit, come, down, place, begin leash manners, & teach your dog to focus on you.

If you'd simply like your dog to learn to walk at your side on leash we offer a full leash manners course that varries based on how much training your dog needs. The course starts at $150.00 for a two hour session. If more sessions are needed prices will be discussed based on the dogs requirements.

For behaviorial problems we must evaluate the dog in person before we can come up with the appropriate training plan & coresponding price. We are very fair & reasonable with these prices & even offer a hardship program for discounted & sometimes free training if you qualify.

How did you get started in this business?

I started working with dogs in the rescue/shelter community but quickly learned that realistic, knowledgeable, and effective dog trainers were lacking in not only the rescue community but especially for the dogs who already have families as well.

As I started to work more hands on with dogs with serious behavioral problems and accomplished helping them learn to live happy, healthy, and behavioral problem free lives people began suggesting I had a gift with these 'problem' dogs. The more time that passed I realized my gift was actually with communicating to dogs in a way that they not just understood but also put them at ease, along with being able understand what dogs are communicating to me. This understanding gives me the ability to help all types of dogs & families who are struggling with all types of problems. Keeping those families together is truly the more rewarding experience every single time.

Changing the lives of dogs and their families for the better is my passion!