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Hey guys, my name is Kristjan Sokoli. I have two dogs which I have raised since they were 8 week od puppies. I am passionate about dogs and am looking to build on the experience I have with dog hosting. I have been hosting other dogs for a couple of years now.

I take pride in providing loving and responsible care for your pet. I do not take this responsibility lightly.

For any questions or just a conversation on anything regarding your dog, please feel free to reach out.

Thank you,

Kristjan Sokoli


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He trained my dog Kobe and taught me how to maintain proper obedience training.
He was always on time as well, very reliable.
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June 07, 2020

Frequently asked questions

First I like to have a conversation with the client discussing what they want to accomlish with dog training.  I am okay having this conversation on the phone or in person, whatever works best for you.  

After agreeing on what we are working on, I then provide the lessons either at the client's home or my home, whatever works best for you.  

Once I feel that I am comfortable with your pet, I may recommend having my two dogs also be a part of the training.  This will help your dog improve their socialization skills with other dogs and also helps them learn new tricks by seeing my dogs perform the desired behavior before I ask your dog to. 

I have experience with raising both my dogs since they were 8 week old puppies.  They can do the basic commands like sit, lay, roll over and stay.  But also they can walk on leash, walk in public places like the park off leash and stay near me, and other desirable behaviors that usually just take time and a good approach.  

I am passionate about dogs and have trained myself for the most part, since I've had my first puppy.  I did this through books, online classes and also other dog trainers.

As for now I am keeping it simple by just charging $50 per hour of training.  Rates for staying over night with or without training involved can be discussed.  The first call/meeting to see if we are a fit, I'm currently offering for free.

I have really enjoyed my dogs, reading about them, hanging out with other dog owners, and wanted to see if I could take this passion a step further.

I've worked with a few different customers.  I've worked with those that live alone and have a pet for the first time, I've worked with families who are getting a puppy and nobody in the house has any experience with dogs, and I've also worked with those that have experience with dogs but just don't have the time they want to gie their dog as far as training goes. 

Have a conversation with at least 2-3 people and find someone you are comfortable with.  Also don't be afraid to be honest and straight-forward if there is something you don't like or that you don't feel is being addressed enough. 

What do I want out of this training? 

But I'd like to emphasize, that you don't necessarily need specific goals to help your dog.  Most, if not all of dog training is general obedience and learning how to treat others around them.  The same way we do with kids.  So, focus less on specific actions like roll over, fetch, etc and more on is your dog going to get better at socializing and being around other humans and other dogs, so he can have the best chance at a happy and fulfilled life. 

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