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I LOVE seeing a dog enjoy the full-day-SPA treatment and observing how they feel during the entire transformation. I usually take a photo at drop- off and then another at groom's finish and send Before , After pics to the client.  Clients are amazed with their dogs beautiful groom. They can see the dogs ego is boosted too by the way they look into the camera! I give out extra little perks, bows, bandanas, other adornments & creative perks as I think of them or desire to share..or even see a need...such as special situations for rescue dog's needs.  

I enjoy the challenge of working with each dog that I have the honor to meet & work with. Every dog is a unique individual SPIRIT, with his or her own personal likes & dislikes- just the same as humans. I take my time with the dog as needed. I make space in my life to take notice of and respect interspecies communication.  Additionally  for each & every dog:  Not only do I write client-intake cards, but I also keep a dated notebook on the day's groom for each dog.. I take a few moments before we start the groom, to really inspect your dog's general hair & skin condition. I then create a PLAN for your dog exclusively for that day your dog comes in for my grooming. I create a quick check -off -list of the steps I will take ( types of shampoo & conditioner) or any special add-ons I will do for your dog's grooming needs..( example warts, flea or tick removal, other special topical treatments..paws, noses, etc.) These are examples of the kinds of things I consider for your dog's personalized needs each &  and time your dog comes to me for grooming. A good many of my clients have returned for more than a decade now at a general rate of at least one time every season. ( I don't require it-the Like to!)  Another words, I personally tailor the groom you dog will get for the day based on your own dog's considerations: such as dogs skin, hair, age, breed, temperament, special needs: warts, tumors, ear issues etc.  

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  • Deborah Serrano

    Angela was very patient and kind to my two babies. She took her time and gave both a beautiful cut. I could not ask for a nicer groomer.

  • Gregory Huebler

    BYOP Grooming and Pet Supplies is a GREAT establishment focused mostly on grooming your dearly beloved pets. I know for sure (via information i was able to gather on BYOP'S Facebook Page) that it's a what you could/would call a 'one-stop-shop' at least for dogs, where you could get your dog properly groomed, get healthy and tasty food options for your dog with good healthy and hearty ingredients, and this establishment even serves as what you could call a day care for you dogs with fairly reasonable pricing. I've seen a couple of their fliers around town and wondered what they were about. I for one know how valuable, being an owner of a cat and a dog myself, it is and could be to have a high quality, trusted environment in an establishment that could be held accountable that I could bring my baby girl (4 year old Chiuwawa) or my baby boy (4 year old American Domestic shorthair cat) to stay a day if say I needed to paint my room, or say I wanted to do some heavy duty cleaning that involved(s) chemicals that would be dangerous or harmful to our babies, I would consider an actually establishment like BYOP a lot more reliable, safe, and accountable then some random someone I could find on an application from the phone. Not to mention, I always love supporting a small family owned and operated local business, as BYOP is, located in the West New Brighton neighborhood or section of the North Shore of Shore of Staten Island, hopefully they will be here and get enough good quality solid consistent business and customers to where they can expand their business and maybe hopefully in the near future we would see more BYOO establishments in the South Shore, Brooklyn, Queens, Long Island, The Bronx, Harlem, West Chester, Yonkers, Connecticut, and or even multiple locations in New Jersey. Nowadays where everything seems automated and extremely unpersonal it's a great and a beautiful thing to have real live accountable people that are highly acclaimed by also local and highly acclaimed dog owners And specifically dog trainers as an option for grooming, watching, babysitting your pets as well as a one stop shop for all supplies and food you may need for your furry friends. 5 stars easy.

  • Ryan Sheehan

    Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Reliability, Responsiveness, Value Amazing staff and talented caring Groomers couldn’t ask for anything more!

  • james mahoney

    Takes great care of my dog, always comes back looking great.

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What is your typical process for working with a new customer?

Fill out a basic Client -Intake Contact- Card give important information         (useful to grooming) on your dog. Discuss what hair length, type of clip/ style you are looking to achieve. I DO full grooms...Freshen-up grooms.. Sanitary clips. Yes- I clip nails too if the dog allows without too much resistance ( we don't want to stressed-out the dog if it's too traumatic for them) ... I have done many rescue grooms also of extremely neglected & nervous dogs, senior dogs, special needs dogs, even De-Skunking ( if necessary) I can remove thistles...or anything embedded in dogs coat. ( I once removed to my surprise,  2 harnesses: one- over -another actually lost in one dog's very overgrown collie-coat!!  I have & do handle some of the toughest matting situations you ever can imagine. I enjoy the challenge and I am gratified to help improve a dogs quality-of-life & health- even If the dog has no human owner or care giver!

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