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I have a very personal connection to my clients, as we work together to design your home to be the best mirror of you and your family. We integrate beauty, color and function to personalize your space...Color Consultation -- Custom Kitchen/Baths -- Space Planning -- Art Selection

I love to get to know my clients and help them figure out what makes them happy. I like to figure out what their inspirations are and how we can integrate them into their homes and how I can make them proud of their home and have their day to day life function better.


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Beth Simon has done a few projects our family. The biggest was staging our studio apartment for the Kentlands House Tour. She expertly designed the small space to not only look larger than its 800 sq.ft. but created a place you could imagine being home. She was able to help the people visiting see just how much you could do to make a small space work by carefully selecting furniture pieces that provided more than one use, selecting items that were for proportional for the space, and expertly selecting a color palette. We also hired Beth to choose paint colors for our home. This was no easy task. I was at a loss to understand how to even begin since we have open concept floor plan where you can see into 6 different spaces from one of 3 levels. Beth Simon came to the rescue again but choosing color that were perfect for our spaces.
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October 12, 2018

Frequently asked questions

I usually have a free 20 minute consult over the phone to speak with client about their plans for their home...From there we speak about the scope of the project, Budget range, style preferences, project timeline.  Many times client need some assistance and give them some ideas on how they can prepare for for our next step.  The next step is to schedule and in-home consultation.  I come to your home, discuss at length plans, I give advice about floor plans, color pallettes, budget set-up, and review style preferences...All that is discussed during the consult will be written up and sent back to you.

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