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One would likely assume that if I am offering these services I love animals, and of course that is true! However, I have made animals my career, my life and my passion.

From a very young age I have pet sat, house sat, cared for and riden horses. I have spent my life only expanding on that, so with me you truly get a lifetime of experience. I truly love what I do and know that your animals are just as much your family as the rest, and when they are with me they will be treated as such!

Naturally, my career path guided me towards a life with animals. I ran my own H/J Horse Show Barn for 15 years where I trained horses and riders. Part of running my business was having a part of every aspect of the animals care. From feeding them 2 times a day, 365 days a year. to scheduling and participating in veternary care, the farrier, and every other part of their lives. I have always felt as though having that hands on approach was an extremely important part of giving each horse and rider the best training and life possible.

When I first opened my horse training business I supplemented my income by working for a pet sitting/dog walking of icompany. While I truly appreciate the opportunity to care for all types of animals, I knew that if I ever did it again my quality of care (including quality of visits, spending more time with each customer and making sure I allowed myself time to check every animal for any issues. There is a place for those businesses, and I am certainly not knocking them, but I knew I wanted to provide a different type of care and it was really important to me to offer that to people.

I have also worked for a few top knotchdog breeding programs, hands on caring for the dogs on a regular basis. Not only did I take care of the daily care (feeding, exercising, cleaning their areas clean, medication etc) I also helped with the breeding process, from helping to get them breed, assisting in the whelping process as well as personally assisting in C-sections. Then of course caring for the liters and eventually weaning. All the breeding programs I have worked with have been very high quality, with the dogs wellbeing our top priority (including never being overbred). Some of the programs were smaller (but still very successful, and the largest one had over 100 chocolate labs (where Clinton got his chocolate.)

Through my years of working closely with my vets I have also assisted both small animal and large animal vets do proceedures, administer IV sedation and pain relief, and have even helped perform surgeries (C-Sections, castrations and others) with the vets guidance. The vets I have worked with for years trust me and my opinion. On a regular basis I have needed to deal with many many injuries, sick horses (and dogs) administer medications via orally, Subq, IM and IV, and am very comfortable doing so. Deworming, daily medications, fluilds, supplements, eye care etc. has always been a part of daily life. If a situation arises I am comfortable handling it, and in an emergency I am capable of providing the care necessary until we are able to seek veternary care.

Additionally, I have a lot of experience working with older and handicapped dogs. One of my dogs was in a wheelchair for several years. While he did great for most of that time, there is a lot of extra care that goes into having a handicap dog, I have been through it all.

I also love when I get to do dog training! My preference is clicker training because I have had a lot of success with it. It works with a positive reinforcment method and is easy for the owner to continue. However, I am very flexible when it comes to the training method. I have dealt with all types of animals including dogs that can't be around other animals, runaways, housebreaking, general obideience etc, and I love when we can work on more advanced training! If that is something you are interested let's talk about a plan!

I also offer basic grooming for my furry friends when they come to stay! I offer nail trimming (or filing), ear carem wash and blow dry, oral care (including teeth brushing, a protective cleansing and a daily breath treatment while with me) brushing (including removing the undercoat especially this time of year) as well as basic trimming around the ears, face and paws. A lot of clients like to take advantage of this service while their pets are already with me (offered all year around.)

I look forward to hearing from you soon!

While you're away let the pets play!!

The easiest way to put it is animals are my life! From my career to my passion, you won't find anyone who loves pets more than I do. Nor will you find anyone who has more experience than I do!

I love all types of animals and there aren't many types I haven't cared for! I have had and cared for all types of animals my whole life...dogs, cats, horses, snakes, guinea pigs, fish you name it!

No matter what direction my life takes me I can't imagine animals not being a large part of it. Since having my twins a few years ago I unfortunetly was forced to close my horse business. Since that time I have been home with my children and so I became a foster for a local dog rescue. I typically Foster litters of puppies until they are adopted out, Often the puppies come with their mother still with them and nursing. At times I have an older Foster dog in the house as well, in addition to my two year old "foster failure." There are no animals I have not comfortable caring for! I do however keep the amount of animals in the house under control, so that is never a worry.


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    Richard D.

    Robyn is fully qualified to be a pet sitter. She has a common sense and a caring personality that makes her a wonderful person to work with you and the needs of your pet. You can be confident that your pets will be in good hands under her care. Robyn is a very responsible, punctual person that follows instructions without any problem. Dogs respect her gentle and caring authority. You can be sure that your pets will be in the best hands with Robyn, a responsible and integral person.
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    March 28, 2020


    Pam H.

    She loves animals.
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    March 27, 2020


    Jill G.

    She was reliable, gentle with the animals, trustworthy, and seems to know a lot about many different species: horses, dogs, cats, small mammals, etc. She really went above & beyond; she did more than I expected. I dont have to worry when shes there!
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    March 26, 2020

    Frequently asked questions

    I would discuss with my new client their specific needs and expectations. I like to get as many details as possible before a new animal comes to visit.

    After talking about all of the details if we still feel a meet and greet is needed we can go ahead and schedule that! Then we would schedule the services needed. 

    I have worked under well respected horse professionals while I was learning the business. Then I started and ran my own training and showing business for 15 years working with both the customer service and most importantly the animal end of the business. I trained both riders and horses through the National level .

    I have cared for all types of animals most of my life. I have worked with dog trainers, breeding opperations, veternarians, and pet care/dog walking services.

    Depends on service, type of animal and number of animals. 

    Services offered

    Packing And Unpacking
    Picture Hanging And Art Installation
    Home Organizing
    Dog Walking
    Cat Grooming
    Pet Boarding
    House Sitting
    Pet Sitting
    Dog Training
    Dog Grooming