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Anne Markstein Designs is a full-service interior design firm with residential and commercial projects in the Baltimore-Washington region and has over 25 years of experience in retail, business, and design. We are now expanding in home renovations with a MHIC license.

What sets us apart? They are our extensive experience, our knowledge, a full understanding of what's going on currently in the design field but more than that is the way we look at things, our passion for design and art, our creativity, our vision to see what's not there yet and make something unique and wonderful from a mix and blend of materials and unusual resources, our way of really listening to and understanding our clients and their needs, and our ability to give them a product and service that they would not be able to envision themselves, and we get a warm satisfaction from the whole process. We believe that it's very important for all our projects to be fully functional, orderly and practical and yet harmonious and beautiful. This melding of form and function is what good design is about -- the enhancement of our lives. Some of the services we offer are as follows: * Interior design * Space planning * Fine furnishings * Selection and coordination from extensive resources * Ordering and installation * Custom designs and fabrications * Furniture and cabinetry * Bedding, linens and window treatments * Area rugs * Color consultation * Materials specifications * Project management * Art consulting

All of it! I love meeting with my clients, the creative aspect, putting designs and ideas together that are workable and fulfill my clients' needs and wants, finding new resources, custom designs, seeing the finished product, making a positive difference in people's lives...and the list goes on. I'm very lucky to be doing the work I love.


2 employees
30 years in business
Serves Westminster , MD

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Frequently asked questions

First is the initial meeting, getting to know the client and their project.  Once we've established that we want to work together, I start with space planning which to me is like having a map to guide us.  Then it's putting all the ideas and designs together that will make the interiors memorable.  I have a long list of resources and contacts in the industry, and can make all the pieces of the puzzle come together.

Now that we can offer home renovations, our options are much broader.

I have a BA in fine art from Tulane University in New Orleans, and over 25 years experience in interior design.  Just completed the process for a Maryland Home Improvement licence.

I work by the hour; my fee is $150.00/hour for all design and consultation work.  I also can purchase furnishings for my clients -- everything from flooring and rugs to furniture, window treatments and accessories -- at significant discounts.  The hourly fee can be discounted upt to 15% when design packages are purchased

We have a new service available: home renovations. Each project would be priced after detailed evaluation.

I've always wanted to be an interior designer since I was very young.  It wasn't a direct route here but every step helped me on the way.  I have been fortunate enough to work in my chosen profession all of my life, after graduation from college.  Now we are expanding into renovations, as fully licenced contractors.

Mostly residential, smaller commercial projects as well.  Clients are all ages, with styles ranging all over the place. 

Just received a call from a client of many years, asking for help again with a new project.  It's always wonderful to know that my clients feel their project couldn't be completed without me!

Another milestone:  we are licensed contractors now and can offer home renovations and updates.  It's been an exciting year.

Ask questions.  Find out the designer's preferred style, how they work, how they invoice, expected timing, what the design process is, how they work with clients as well as their resources, what services they can offer, and be sure to check references.

Most important is to meet with the designer so that both of you can make sure you'll have a good workign relationship.  It should be fun and rewarding for everyone.

Besides what I mentioned above, you should have some ideas of what your goals are, what you want to accomlish, what your budget is, what your style is, how you live and how you want to live in your new spaces.  Think about what you may want to keep from your present furnishings, what you want to add.  The more you can articulate your needs and wants, all the better.

Services offered

Custom Cabinet Making
Picture Hanging And Art Installation
Home Remodeling
Interior Design