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I believe my BIO can help you with that!

To start.. it's not boring! I pride myself in my ability to excel at various aspects and multiple professional categories. However, to answer the question.. being able to meet and connect with people from all walks of life and the interpersonal relationships I recieve due to that.. is what I enjoy most!


120 employees
4 years in business
Serves Lisle , IL


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Private lessons

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Puppy training, Aggressive behavior modification, General obedience training, Therapy or service dog training


Leash pulling, House training, Barking, Digging, Biting, Chewing, Destructive behavior, Crate training

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    beth L.

    Keirsten is incredible. Her approach is atypical and adaptable!!! She doesnt train.. she modifys your dogs behavior as well as your own; which I learned is MORE IMPORTANT! She explains in great detail what needs to be done and WHY. Shes overflowing with knowledge. Harry, who was what I thought.. my aggressive pit mix.. and our family can not thank her enough. I thought my only option was euthanasia.. she is now my number one go to! I would not trust my dog with anyone else!
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    September 27, 2023


    Todd C.

    My Mastiff/Shepard rescue had so much aggression towards other dogs. Id have to tackle him to stop the charging at dogs on our walks. Completely out of hand.
    Because of Keirsten I take him everywhere! I am now able to talk him everywhere I go. He trusts me to keep him safe and knows Ive got him! Hes not going back to the rescue! Weve been in similar situations then before and his first move is to look to me for guidance. Could never have gotten there without Keirsten!! Thank you sooo much!!!
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    October 30, 2021


    Epiphany L.

    BEST money I have EVER invested! I am on the 3rd day of training and I already have a different dog!!!! The training is IMMEDIATE and OBVIOUS! I am amazed how fast Butch gravitated to Keirsten and understood what she wanted from him! 120lb Rottie that ignored anything I said -fixed! I realized it actually wasnt him that needed the training it was me. Keirsten slowly and patiently guided me to realize that. Very strategically and methodically! Shes the best and now Butch is too!!
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    October 30, 2021


    Bethany J.

    Keirsten has been sent from HEAVEN!! SHES AN ABSOLUTE GOD! My Mini girl was a very anxious girl among MANY OTHER THINGS!
    She was transformed into a confident, less stressed, anxiety free, balanced -treasure! It used to be impossible to go anywhere with her! From the barking to the aggression around anything else that would breathe, it was a nightmare situation.
    With her intuition and guidance, my anxiety and tension no longer exists and my girl reflects that.. thanks to Keirsten! I dont avoid walks during the day now, I actually look forward to them and know she does too. The aggression that was always there in the shadows and came out unexpectedly, is no more!!
    Reaching out was so worth it! Me and my girl.. my neighborhood, all of our sanity, couldnt be more thankful!
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    October 30, 2021


    Contessa S.

    The knowledge she has is beyond compare. Her abilities with animals are second to none. However, whats far beyond fascinating is the inate connection with the WHY and HOW when it came to behavior. Unreal!
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    October 30, 2021

    Frequently asked questions

    Bios don't really do it for me!!  With my professional career being as eclectic as it is... which I attribute my avoidance of complacency and mediocrity at all costs to..  I initially and most importantly, aim to customize all my efforts!  I believe it sets me apart! 

    From fitness... to animal behavior  modification... to power washing.. I don't focus on the advertising or the new slick and catchy way to lure potential clients to me.. I concentrate on the now... and objective! 

    My goal is to base ALL activities and interactions off individual needs, desired and optimal outcomes... AND nothing but succes as a inevitable RESULT!

    Success and results are always nice.. huh?  That's the reason you're here, right?  

    This answer soley depends on why you're reading my profile..  each field I specialize in, began with my education at that point. 

    Because the services I can offer vary.. this answer depends on how I'll be prepared and dressed our first encounter!!  Not for a fashion sense.. thats an area I admit I struggle in! :)

    If I'm in a business suit, addressing increasing sales and/or business development implementation... either in your gym, salon, residential community..  or jeans and a hat working on the behavior of your horse, dog, or both.. All the way to athletic attire, working on your fitness, health, rehabilitation, self-defense, UFC mixed martial arts aspirations, or sport specific, NBA, NCAA, Olympic goals... then the answer would be...

    BA in Excercise Science & Kinesiology degree with a focus in business,  25 years of American Red Cross Multiple Certification Qualifications,  17 years of World Athletic Coaching... with 9 certifications, 30 years in martial arts, owner and operator of a 3rd generation family owned skin care franchise, and not limited to.. 20 years of animal behavior training and experience!  

    The list goes on!! 

    ***Side note.. Im the least boastful person you could meet..  I'm assuming this is necessary to show you Im the right person for your task!!***

    Please see the incredibly long description above.. let's figure it out together!

    You don't have enough time here... :)

    Mom and Dad.. Grama and Grandpa, Fortune 500 business tycoon, NBA athlete, Olympic Gold Medalist... but most fondly, average Joe and Jane! 

    I would even know where to start... my goodness!  I'll get back to ya on this one!! ;)

    Stop!!!  Ask yourself.. is this sketchy?  It probably is. 

    Use your gut and instincts.. they'll never fail you! Even if you think they did.. somehow it's gonna work out the way it should!

    No questions.. Actions!  Make them show you first!

    That's where true confidence shows itself!

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