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    Frequently asked questions

    Management & Leasing Introduction

    Full service management and leasing is designed for those property owners that want the benefits of property ownership without all the headaches that go along with it.  All management functions, including tenant screening, leasing, accounting, and maintenance are taken care of for you.  Our experienced team of management professionals takes the hassle out of being a landlord and provides you with the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your investment is in capable hands.


    Performance Guarantees

    Satisfaction Guaranteed - Our owner's satisfaction is 100% guaranteed or they can cancel our management services at any time at NO CHARGE to you! *

     Tenant Guarantee – If the tenant we procure defaults for any reason within 6 months of lease signing, we will place a new tenant at no charge to you.

     Guaranteed Rent Disbursement Date - If Castlegate Group has received rent from your tenant on time, we guarantee that your rent will be disbursed (mailed or direct deposited) to you on the 10th of every month unless it falls on a weekend or holiday then it’s the next business day.

     What We Offer

    Marketing and Leasing

    Marketing of your property includes:

    • One of our Client Origination Specialists will perform a rental price evaluation and competitive market analysis to determine an initial target rental rate.
    • Standard professional photography of interior and exterior *
    • Property renovation and staging recommendation
    • Coordinate property renovation, if necessary

    Publish property listing to FMLS including 500+ syndicated sites to get the most coverage for a qualified tenant.

    • Install lockbox for anytime access
    • Install “For Lease” Sign within 48 hours of signing contract

    A Leasing Specialist assigned to your property will:

    • Receive and follow up on prospect calls, voicemails, and emails requesting rental information
    • Relay prospect feedback, recommend necessary pricing or marketing adjustments, and update property listings
    • Negotiate lease terms and conditions, including special owner stipulations, HOA, condo association rules, regulations, and legally required disclosures
    • Conduct a move-in inspection, including a move-in inspection report and photographs documenting the initial condition of the property prior to move-in

    Extensive tenant screening is conducted on every qualifying applicant over the age of 18, including:

    • Credit check
    • Criminal background check
    • Eviction history check
    • Employment/income verification
    • Residence/rental history verification

    Tenant Management *

    • Rent collection
    • Late payment follow-up via phone/email
    • Notices
    • Evictions/dispossessory proceedings handled *
    • Lease renewals
    • Service request processing *
    • Tenant to buyer conversions

    Premise Management *

    • Maintenance coordination and follow-up
    • 24-hour maintenance (within reason)
    • Property turnover and renovation
    • Photographed move-in inspections and reports
    • Photographed lease renewal inspections and reports
    • Photographed move-out inspections, reports, and security deposit settlement
    • Non-routine and lease compliance inspections
    • Coordinate repairs through existing home warranty company
    • HOA bylaw compliance
    • Use of existing preferred vendors of landlord and/or Castlegate Group

    Record Keeping

    • Clear easy to read tenant ledger available copies upon your request
    • All contracts kept on file for your easy access anytime
    • Copies of all maintenance records are kept on file
    • Monthly Statements are emailed or mailed to you


    To get specific details on what is included in the above plans, please contact us for a no obligation appointment. We can customize a plan that fits your needs and budget. We are flexible.

    •  A discount may apply if multiple properties are involved in the above plans.

    We look forward to serving you!      

    Our team has over 30 years combined real estate and property management experience!


    Lease Listing Agreement 90 days minimum to find qualified tenant

    Management Agreement is 12 months*

    Cancel anytime with just 30 days’ notice – no fee charged

    Maintenance is not up-charged

    Broker Fees

    First time NEW Tenant = 100% one-month rent

    No Property Management fee the 1st Month! 

    Lease Renewal – same Tenant 75% of Gross Rent (12 month) or $395 (month to month)

     To Procure NEW Tenant (after 1st 12 months) = 75% of Gross Rent + Co-Op Fee

    If no Co-Op Agent involved – it’s not charged to you.

     Do you have a Tenant already in place?Startup fee $250.00 + Property Management Fee - WAIVED FOR NEW CUSTOMERS

     Property Management Fees Monthly to choose from

    6% - Program:  Collection and Disbursement of Rents only & Notices to Tenants

    8% - Program:  Full Service Management including 3 inspections per year -Maintenance

    + 27/7 Emergency Service

    10%-Program:  Full Service Management including 4 inspections per year Maintenance

    + 24/7 Emergency Service

    We can customize a plan for you that fits your needs and budget

    Sales Commission – If you decide to sell the house to the Tenant We Procure, Brokerage is due 3% of Sale Price or we can customize a plan for you.



    Home Warranty Recommended – Reduces your Maintenance costs tremendously and streamlines the process!!

    Georgia has been my home my entire life. I began working at the age of 14 at a travel agency as secretary and eventually moved up to becoming an office manager at a printing company.  Being an office manager taught me the important skills of paying attention to details, being organized and multi-tasking, not to mention my mother had a small role in that as well!   I developed a love for the real estate early in 1998. Although I started on a different real estate path in real estate investing and educating myself in that realm, including short sales, foreclosures and rentals, the bigger picture was becoming a licensed agent which I accomplished in 2006.  As of 2012 own my own Real Estate Brokerage.

    My experiences in home sales, property management, distressed situations while equipped with the finest tools and technology, coupled with my broad knowledge of the residential real estate community helps me navigate my clients through a seamless and stress-free process from our first meeting to closing.

    The most rewarding part of my job weather you’re a first-time homebuyer, an investor, moving up to a home of a lifetime, need assistance with managing your property, down-sizing or in distress, I can help!  I take pride in myself and will work hard to help you find a home or sell your home no matter the situation.

    I’ve got the experience and resources to find solutions to the challenges in this ever-changing market. Honesty and Integrity are my motto.  Selecting the right agent to handle your needs is so important to your family and your future.

    I look forward to serving you!

    Single Family Homeowners, Investors, Distressed Property owners, Foreclosures, Relocation buyers & sellers, Landlords.

    If you’ve owned income property for any length of time, you know that managing a rental can be financially rewarding. At the same time, you’ve also likely discovered that property management requires a large commitment of time and effort.

    While it may make sense to take the do-it-yourself approach if you’re a handy person, live close to your property, and don’t mind devoting several hours per month to the task, in many cases this just isn’t practical—especially if you hope to expand your business. With this in mind, here are some critical tasks a property manager can help you with:

    §  Setting the right rental rates: While looking through the classifieds to see what other landlords are charging for similar properties is a fine way to ballpark your rent price, a good property management company will conduct a thorough market study in order to set a rental price for your property, ensuring that you achieve the perfect balance between maximizing monthly income and maintaining a low vacancy rate.

    §  Collecting and depositing monthly rent payments on time: If you’ve ever worked in a billing department, you know that securing payment from clients can be difficult, not to mention awkward. Property management companies have efficient, tried-and-true systems in place to effectively collect rent and maintain on-time payments. You’ll find this particularly important if you have a limited number of properties, and collecting payments on time is crucial to maintaining your cash flow.

    §  Marketing and advertising your property: Through long experience, a property manager will know exactly where to market your property and how to craft compelling advertising materials—a significant advantage when it comes to filling your properties quickly and avoiding long vacancies.

    §  Finding the right tenants: Experienced property managers are experts at finding good tenants, and will take care of all the details, including the securing all criminal background and security checks, running credit reports, verifying employment, and collecting previous landlord references.

    §  Managing tenants: In addition to finding good tenants, a property management company will manage all aspects of the tenant-landlord relationship. The property manager will handle both routine and emergency maintenance, take care of routine inspections, and manage any situations where conflict resolution is required.

    §  Managing vendor relationships: Property management companies have relationships with maintenance workers, tradesmen, contractors, suppliers, and vendors that it’s almost impossible for an independent landlord to duplicate. Not only will your property manager get you the best work for the best price, they’ll oversee any necessary maintenance projects.

    §  Ensuring that you’re in compliance with housing regulations and property laws: There is a multitude of applicable laws and regulations to abide by when renting and maintaining your rental property. These include local, state and federal regulations, as well as fair housing regulations (such as the ADA). A property manager can help you avoid lawsuits by keeping your property up-to-date and in compliance with these regulations.

    §  Enabling you to invest in geographically distant properties: If you manage your own properties, you’re pretty much limited to investment opportunities within a tight radius of your own home. By hiring a property manager, you can take advantage of investment deals in any location you wish.

    §  Maximizing the profitability of your time: By having a property manager take care of the day-to-day aspects of running your income property, your free to spend your time identifying further investment opportunities or otherwise furthering your career.

    What do you charge for services?

    Can I reach someone anytime 24/7?

    Do you upcharge your maintenance?

    Are your vendors / maintenance crew licensed and insured?

    What happens if the tenant does not pay rent?

    Do you handle the eviction process?

    Can you find a good qualified tenant for my home?

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