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I travel to your home and customize your lessons for your dog, your family, your home, your neighborhood. I have an arsenal of learning tools and experience I've acquired over 21 years of working with dogs and people since 2002. I have worked in shelters and formal educational settings. I hold a Master's Degree and have a professional state educator's teaching certification.

I love watching dogs and people learn and acquire new skills which help them. I like teaching people how to work cooperatively with their dogs, and showing them how easy that is without having to punish the dog or use aversive methods.


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    Bruce S.

    Madeline is a knowledgeable trainer and was helpful in setting a foundation with the training needs of our dogs with behavioral issues. During the lessons she was very pleasant to work with and shared many examples of her past training sessions and experiences which helped to establish a level of confidence and trust in her level of experience. It is very clear that she cares very much about both her business and the dogs/clients that she chooses to work with. She has high expectations for the clients to work with and document their training progress on a daily and weekly basis. If you are someone that needs a professionals experience and someone who also needs to be held accountable, look no further.
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    February 06, 2023
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    Judy G.

    1. How do you feel you got value for the service you received?
    Madi spoke to me on my level and demonstrated each task. I would rate it a 5 (out of 5, highest value).
    2. Can you speak to the communication skills of your Trainer with both the canine and human elements, her knowledge, user-friendliness, professionalism?
    First of all, Madi was amazing with our Lulu. She literally had her eating out of her hands and Lulu followed and remembered what was taught the following session. It is apparent Madi’s knowledge of behavior is applied consistently, with compassion and experience.
    3. What were your priorities/expectations for the training, and do you feel they were satisfied?
    My main expectation was for my girl to be more calm and less demanding of attention when guests arrive at our home. Madi explained that because Lulu is so young, her excitement is overwhelming. She gave us great suggestions using a distractor such as the Kong toy to help redirect the dog’s energy. We find that when we are caught off guard by a visitor, our girl calms down faster than she did before. We continue to work on this skill.
    4. Would you recommend your Trainer, Madi, and what is the best way to recommend her, in your view? I would only recommend Madi to clients that plan to follow through and work consistently with their dog. There is no magic, although watching Madi with my dog was magical. Word of mouth is good but advertising would have helped me find her faster.
    Judy took the Triad option (three lessons).
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    March 21, 2022

    Ron S.

    Ms Friedman’s gentle way of training our 4 year old small ShihTsu female was not only effective but touching .
    Our dog bonded with her immediately & enjoyed her learning experience Ms Friedman ( Maddie) indulged in with her as well as us .
    She showed us warmth & respect as 2 owners who weren’t performing quite properly . She taught us as well with patience .
    It was & is a pleasure to work with her & Samara is progressing quite nicely .
    Ron Santlofer
    Elliott Toback
    Pompano Beach FL
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    January 27, 2020
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    Heather H.

    I ran into Madeline downtown
    Metuchen while we were both walking our 3 month old puppies, she was so calming as she could tell Stella was a bit
    scared.. We started talking and I looked her up online and hired her. I was willing to wait even though her schedule
    was full because I felt it was going to be worth the wait. And it was!
    I can not really speak to the pricing as I did not look into what other trainers cost. I was willing to spend the money because I felt Madeline knew what she was doing,
    Owning a puppy has been a journey as I in the past would not consider myself a dog person. But training a puppy has
    been so much fun. I learned a lot from Madeline and really got a lot out of each training session both for me and
    Stella’s that I don’t think one thing stands out. I did like how Madeline made every thing we learned make sense and she explained why we do do something a certain way.
    Each lesson built on the next and we
    reviewed the previous lesson to make sure I understood why it was done and how it benefited both Stella and myself and family. Keeping the expectations in check and following through with the training until the next lesson were very important and the methodology works, Consistency is key!
    YEs, with Madeline I have learned so much to help me become a better dog owner! Stella is amazing it was me who needed to learn how to teach and handle her. Every day has been better than the next with her! And I don’t think that I could say that without the proper training!
    Madeline IS a dog person! She is very
    passionate about her work and it shows and that is why she is successful and very busy!!!
    I would and already have recommended Madeline to new dog owners and even people who have had a dog awhile! I am very thankful I ran into her downtown!
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    October 22, 2019

    Kirsten S.

    Working with Madi and her team was a wonderful and rewarding experience. Madi came to our home to work with our two older dogs when their behavior regressed. We stated what our dogs were doing and she came prepared the first lesson with ideas, strategies, and a plan to address the dogs and our needs. The result of 3 lessons with Madi far exceeded our expectation. She was professional, extremely knowledgeable about behavioral training for dogs, and she was attentive and demonstrative to both the dogs and my husband and I in the training sessions. In between physical training sessions, Madi and her team were available to respond to phone calls and emails. Without hesitation, hiring Madi with NY & NJ Dog Training and Behavior Consulting was one of the very best decisions we could have made.
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    October 18, 2019
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    Chris R.

    We had selected her from a number of other trainers found online, however none were interviewed. Madeline’s website provided lots of information not only about training dogs, but how she felt it was important to train us as owners as well. Through her website we could tell her values were about creating better lives for both dogs and owners through safe and effective measures. We appreciated her background at Rutgers and her past professional experience as a teacher as well. This set her apart from the others we had seen online, and we felt we did not need to interview anyone else. The wait time was no problem as we were very excited to work with her! We felt the pricing was fair for all that Madeline provides. She is very knowledgeable and her skills are worth the price she is charging. There are points during each lesson where we have an ‘aha’ moment! We have seen a huge difference in Nash’s behavior following our training with Madeline. She knows more of that’s expected of her, and she loves trying to figure it all out! We have seen a decrease in biting and excessive barking, and we feel we now have many tools to help her continue her progress. Madeline (Madi) is a wonderful trainer and is very knowledgeable! Her background in teaching is apparent when she is speaking to dogs and well as their owners. We can tell she is passionate about her work and enjoys it very much. She always has many different ways to explain things and knows exactly what works for us and our dog. We can tell she continues to do her own research as she always has interesting tips and tricks! We felt Nash has progressed greatly since training with Madeline. She seems less stressed and knows how to better communicate with us, and us with her. She is using her teeth and barking less often to tell us what she needs, and she loves being challenged by the training we have learned in our toolbox! Madeline was knowledgeable in what sets Nash off when she meets new people, and being more aware of this we were able to use her training to help minimize these stressors and she now is much better and more relaxed when meeting new people. We feel confident that we can continue to use our toolbox in the future to progress Nash’s training after Madeline has gone. Madeline is excellent with both dogs and owners and her love of her profession and these animals is very apparent! Her beliefs and behaviors truly reflects this from the very first session. She exhibits all the above traits and more and it was a pleasure working with her for the past few months! We have already recommended Madeline to friends! We feel confident she knows how to handle many different kinds of dogs and have even recommended her to friends with rescue dogs with timidness and aggression with confidence that she would be just as helpful as she was to us! Training has exceeded our expectations in that Madeline has truly helped us understand Nashs needs and allowed us to be the main factor in her training. Each session she is sure to make sure we fully understand what we are doing and why we are doing it, and makes sure that we can execute it before she leaves. She focused each lesson on our understanding. Definitely not the average pet training class and we couldn’t be happier!
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    October 15, 2019

    Frequently asked questions

    Before I accept any new customer we must have a phone conversation.  There are simply certain questions that can't be answered through messaging.  In any case, speaking is a lot faster than messaging back and forth - I'm working all day and can't be messaging for most of the day (though I have assistants which help me out - and they need to speak to potential students as well).  I need to get a sense of my potential student, and I need to know that they'll be compliant and that we're a good fit.  It takes a few minutes for a phone call - it takes 3x longer to text, and important details and nuances can be missed via texting that I would pick up in an actual conversation.  It's also important that you have realistic expectations that I can meet, and that I know my expectations of you as as student will be met.  After we speak, we can schedule your lessons, which include an evaluation and  assessment.  I have a four- to eight-lesson minimum (depending on the issues you're having and the training you need), but I offer single lessons by the hour after you've completed the amount of lessons I suggest.  The number of lessons necessary varies for each student, so the price will vary as well.

    If you'd l ike me to call you, please provide your number and let me know the best times to reach you.  We appreciate serious inquiries only.  If you've provided a contact number, please do not behave as if we're an annoyance when we call you.  We do not respond to queries where it's indicated that a phone number has not been provided.

    I hold a Master’s Degree.  I am a New Jersey State Certified Educator (since 1992).  I have taken countless classes and seminars in animal behavior and have worked with dogs and other species since 2002.  I majored in Counseling Psych and Animal Science after I got my Master's Degree.  I am insured and bonded.  I have multi-species experience, having worked on a pig farm, a sheep and goat farm, a chicken farm, and I have worked with horses a great deal, having ridden both English saddle and Western pleasure.  I sing, write, play piano and guitar, so I have a good deal of 'right brain' creativity as well as left brain logic which serves me well and will serve you well.  I'm a freelance writer and illustrator as well.

    Pricing depends on the issue and other factors, as well as location.  My pricing is fair and competitive; but, you also get what you pay for, and my best customers are those who appreciate the value of my education, experience and professionalism.  My pricing is subject to change.  I guarantee the pricing I give you in a phone call, followed by an email, for one week.  Gas and other prices are going up weekly at this time.

    I was studying Counseling Psycholigy and decided I’d like working with animals, primarily.  I started working with dogs in 2002 while obtaining that degree.

    Adults, children of my adult customers age 6 and up, and many people on the autism spectrum (mostly Asperger’s).  I work best with people who understand that they will need to do homework with their dog in between lessons.

    A customer’s dog was bolting out of doors and almost got killed.  Within two lessons, I was able to have the customer controlling the dog and having the dog “wait” and not bolt out of doors.  This training ensures that the dog will be safe.

    If someone is going to train you and your dog, they must have a lot of behavioral experience, and also be able to articulate concepts very well to you.  Otherwise, you won’t get much out of the training.  Various private school or organization certifications don’t require the formal education required to perform at this level.  Look for experience, professionalism, maturity.  If the person seems so busy that they are overwhelmed, then they probably are, and you will be just another number.  I limit the number of customers I take on so that I can give my customers the attention they deserve.

    Know what your priorities are, and what you want to accomplish.  Be reasonable and realistic about goals and the time it will take to achieve them.  Most issues take several lessons to address - not resolve, to ADDRESS to the point where a student is starting to understand how dogs learn, even issues that may seem minor to you.  Hire someone you feel you trust.  Talk to the person and make sure they're patient with you and you don't feel rushed.  A trainer or sitter should be responsive to your call and respond back to you within a day.  If it takes longer, then that trainer or sitter is not making you a priority.

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