We provide guidance to manage the indoor environment to include on-site inspections, evaluations, sampling and testing services, building science services. We also provide PRV (Post Remediation Verification) to verify the successful completion of any remediation services. We were previously a remediation contractor with a heavy science background and the currently have the ability to explain complex issues to our clients.

We have been in business in Lancaster for 30 years, serving folks in Pennsylvania and surrounding states and beyond. We have even helped a client in Greece.

Its all about the folks. I enjoy being Analogue, that is, being face-to-face with people. People need people. I have been gifted with the ability to analytically solve complex building science problems. Together with my understanding of human physiology, anatomy, biology, chemistry and physics, I have been able to develop an understanding which lead to solutions for helping people to live comfortably in their 'built environment'.

Give me a call at (717) 569-6211 for a free no-obligation, no-pressure conversation.


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Frequently asked questions

I enjoy speaking on the telephone with a potential client.  It is important to get to know another person before you invite them into your personal space.

I even encourage a video call and emailed credentials so that clients can get to know who I am and what I publish about myself.  More than anything, I desire a potential client to become comfortable with me, my credentials and my personality.

The 3 C's are most important:  Competence, Caring, Communication.  Please call me and I can explain more to you.  I have time for you.

Bachelors Biology with emphasis in Chemistry and Physics.  Trained as an Industrial Hygienist, Environmental Hygienist, Council-Certified Indoor Environmental Consultant, IICRC Fire, Smoke, Odor, Water Damage, Carpet Restoration.

30 years in the environmental business working in homes, offices, industrial and factory sites.  I work in all types of environments including air sampling for chemicals, worker safety, OSHA complaints, sound/noise issues, write reports for PPE protocols and various types of remediations.

Basic residential fee, single HVAC system up to 2,500 SF; $375.00 for 2 hours on site.  At times, there can be travel charges which is distance depemndent.  I always give a bit extra to satisfy and favor our clients.

Commercial and Industrial sites are at a different price structure dependent upon requirements, size, reference documents etc.

Sampling which is sent to a lab is additional dependent upon the type of sampling required

I got started after I tired of corporate life.  I began the first modern air duct cleaning company in Lancaster, PA in 1989.  From there, I began to see indoor air quality concerns that were not being addressed.  Folks were not being served and I incorporated my knowledge of science with construction and became a building scientist.

Having taken many classes, courses and been on hundreds, even thousands of investigations, I have become well versed and competent in my field.  I am also the Membership Chair for the New Jersey IAQ chapter.  This chapter includes the states of New Jersey, New York, PA, DE, MD and parts of Virginia.

Residential, Commercial, Industrial.  Homeowners, Renters, landlords, tenants, multi-story buildings, single homes.

Metal-working factories, Printing operations, Food Manufacturing, Dental supply distribution, Warehousing of foodstuffs, paper products, automotive and motorcycle distribution; milling operations, grinding, cutting, finishing, woodworking, steel mills, foundries.

Commercial offices, multi-story, single story, multi-tenant, daycare, manufacturing offices inside factories.

Traveling with my family; my wife, daughters and husbands.  We took a road trip to Tennessee spending time in a BNB for about 10 days.  We have taken several trips together, including Florida.

It is always a good time to be together for a week to 10 or more days as adults.  We have a wonderful time.  I had thought that after our daughters were graduated from High School that we would not be able to be together for family trips.  I am so glad that I was wrong.

Find a person with whom you can communicate.  The 3 C's are the most important;

Competence: why discuss a project with someone who has no competence to help?

Caring:  Make certain that the person cares about every project they undertake, especially including your project.

Communicate:  Be certain that the person with whom you will work communicates well and understands your concerns.  Communication is key.  If you are unable to communicate, then the other 2 C's are irrelevant.

Understand why you want to spend money in regards to this issue.  Are you willing to COMMIT to a Plan of Action after you spend your hard earned money?

Am I teachable?  What are the most important issues at hand?  Am I open to being told that I made a mistake in managing my building?  Am I willing to accept some responsibility for the problem at hand?  And am I willing to make the changes required to solve the issue?

If you can successfully and honestly anwer these questions properly, you should have a successful endeavor.

Services offered

Indoor Air Quality Testing
Water Damage Cleanup And Restoration