How much does trailer hitch installation cost?
Ashburn, VA

How much does trailer hitch installation cost?

Ashburn, VA

How much does trailer hitch installation cost?

$300 – $650average total cost (receiver hitch)

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$300 – $650 average total cost (receiver hitch)

Get free estimates for your project or view our cost guide below:
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Trailer hitch installation cost

Trailer hitch installation costs $300 to $650 on average for a receiver hitch. Material prices are $200 to $450 for a class 1 to 3 hitch. Installation labor costs $100 to $200. The total cost of trailer hitch installation depends on the vehicle type, towing needs, and installation complexity.

Average trailer hitch installation cost - Chart
Average trailer hitch installation cost - Chart
Trailer hitch installation cost
National average cost$475
Minimum cost (DIY installation)$200
Maximum cost$1,800
Average range$300 to $650

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Cost of trailer hitch installation by type

The following table shows the cost of a trailer hitch installation by type:

Cost of trailer hitch installation by type
Hitch type Average cost installed Details
Receiver $300 – $650
  • Suitable for most vehicles
  • Installed under rear bumper
  • Attached to chassis or frame
Fifth wheel $800 – $1,800
  • For heavy-duty towing
  • Used for large RVs/campers
  • Installed in truck bed
Gooseneck $600 – $1,000
  • Heavy-duty design
  • Installed in truck bed or under rear bumper for SUVs
  • Used for horse/flatbed trailers

A receiver trailer hitch installed on the back of an SUV
A receiver trailer hitch installed on the back of an SUV

Receiver hitch

Receiver hitch installation costs $300 to $650 on average to add a receiver and towing mount with wiring onto small to mid-size cars and SUVs. Adding wiring connections is important because laws in most states require functional taillights on a trailer.

Receiver hitch cost
Hitch class Tow capacity (pounds) Vehicle type Average cost installed*
Class 1 2,000
  • Compact cars
  • Midsize sedans
  • Small crossovers
$300 – $400
Class 2 3,500
  • Midsize cars
  • Crossovers
  • Full-size sedans
  • Minivans
  • Small SUVs
$400 – $500
Class 3 8,000
  • Large SUVs
  • Full-size sedans
  • Vans
  • Light-duty pickups
$550 – $650
Class 4 10,000
  • Full-size SUVs
  • Full-size pickups
  • Small to mid-size commercial vehicles
$650 – $750
Class 5 20,000
  • Heavy-duty pickups
  • Commercial vehicles
  • Large vans
  • Large SUVs
$750 – $900

*Prices include the full kit of a hitch receiver, towing mount, & wiring harness.

*Prices include the full kit of a hitch receiver, towing mount, & wiring harness.

  • Class 1 – Light-duty hitches are for a maximum weight capacity of up to 2,000 pounds. Ideal for small cars and crossovers, they're perfect for bike racks, cargo carriers, and small trailers.

  • Class 2 – Regular-duty hitches typically handle up to 3,500 pounds. Suited for larger cars and minivans, they can tow small campers or utility trailers, providing versatility for weekend getaways.

  • Class 3 – Heavy-duty hitches are for mid-size trucks and SUVs. Class 3 hitches can handle weights up to 8,000 pounds, like towing small boats, multi-ATV trailers, or moderate-sized campers.

  • Class 4 – Super-duty hitches are for full-size trucks and SUVs with a towing capacity of up to 10,000 pounds. A Class 4 hitch tows campers, horse trailers, and most recreational equipment.

  • Class 5 – Commercial-duty hitches are for heavy-duty trucks with towing capacities up to 20,000 pounds. A Class 5 hitch can tow big boats, commercial trailers, or hefty campers.

Trailer hitch installed on the back of a pickup truck
Trailer hitch installed on the back of a pickup truck

Fifth-wheel hitch

A fifth wheel hitch installation costs $800 to $1,800 total. The unit alone costs $400 to $1,200 depending on the towing capacity. This hitch system is for towing large RVs, big boats, and extra-large trailers with a more stable connection.

  • This hitch mounts directly in the bed of a pickup truck, allowing for smoother and safer towing of heavier loads than the truck's basic towing capacity.

  • A fifth-wheel hitch offers enhanced maneuverability, especially in tight spots.

  • The installation can be complex and may reduce the usable space in the truck bed.

Gooseneck trailer hitch

A gooseneck hitch installation costs $600 to $1,000 on average. The part alone costs $350 to $600. These heavy-duty hitches are best for larger trucks that can tow up to 30,000 lbs. This secure connection distributes weight efficiently to allow for tighter turns.

While a gooseneck hitch is durable and reliable, its installation requires precision and might alter the truck bed's appearance.

Trailer hitch cost factors

Trailer hitch installation labor costs $100 to $200 on average, depending on the type and size.

Trailer hitch installation cost breakdown
Factor Average cost*
Material parts $200 – $450
Installation labor $100 – $200
Total cost to install $300 – $650

*For class 1 to 3 receiver hitch installations

A pickup truck towing an RV
A pickup truck towing an RV

Cost factors include:

  • Towing capacity – Heavy-duty Class 4 and 5 hitches for bigger vehicles and trucks cost more than the lighter Class 1 and 2 models because of the stronger materials and design.

  • Dealership vs. general service – Installing a trailer hitch at a dealership costs more to get the parts specifically made for your vehicle with longer warranties.

  • Vehicle modifications – Some vehicles need modifications or additional equipment, making the job more difficult and raising the cost. For instance, adding bumper cutouts on vehicles with limited access points will increase expenses.

  • Branding & quality – Premium brands or hitches with advanced features like weight-distributing capabilities typically cost more.

  • Labor costs – Professional hitch installation costs $85 to $150 per hour depending on the workshop or service provider.

  • Geographic location – Urban areas or locations with a high cost of living typically have higher installation costs.

  • Warranty & services – Some companies offer extended warranties, inspection, or maintenance services at an additional cost.

  • Electrical setup – Vehicles towing trailers with lights or brakes need an electrical setup that costs $50 to $200, which is part of the total material costs.

  • Rustproofing & finish – Adding rustproofing or specialized finishes can cost between $20 to $100.

  • Periodic inspection & maintenance – If you own a trailer, inspections cost $15 to $50 annually with registration at the department of motor vehicles. Trailers must have a license plate in most states. However, you won't pay inspection fees when renting a trailer.

Trailer hitch installation FAQs

Is it worth it to install a trailer hitch?

Trailer hitch installation is worth it if you will regularly tow trailers, boats, or other recreational equipment. For outdoor enthusiasts, hitches also make a stable platform for bike racks.

How long does it take to install a trailer hitch?

Trailer hitch installation takes 1 to 3 hours on average, depending on the vehicle type and condition, hitch complexity, and the expertise of the installer. Custom work on vehicles that need modifications on the mounting points the hitch receiver will take longer.

Can I install a trailer hitch myself?

While you can install a trailer hitch yourself with the right tools, the job has many risks. Errors made with the wiring can compromise parts of your vehicle's electrical system, and you may void the car's warranty. Professional installation guarantees proper fit and adherence to safety standards.

Who installs trailer hitches?

The following places install trailer hitches:

Get free estimates from towing companies near you.
  • Trailer rentals and moving companies

  • Auto dealerships

  • Car mechanics and auto service centers

  • Specialized hitch and trailer service providers

  • Vehicle rack retailers

  • RV dealerships and service centers

  • Mobile hitch installers

  • Towing company mechanics

Getting estimates from trailer hitch installers

Before hiring a trailer hitch installer near you, be sure to:

  • Request 3+ quotes from licensed and insured trailer hitch installers to compare.

  • Check if they have certification as a mechanic.

  • Ask if they're members of any local automotive or mechanic associations.

  • Read their past reviews on HomeGuide and Google.

  • Confirm if the installer has 5+ years of experience.

  • Get an itemized estimate and contract copy before the job starts.

  • Avoid hiring the cheapest installers who might cut corners and cause damage.

  • Never pay in full until the job is complete.

Questions to ask trailer hitch installers

Ask these questions to find a good trailer hitch installation company:

  • What's your minimum fee for a hitch installation assessment?

  • How long have you been in the trailer hitch installation business?

  • What experience do you have with installing hitches on vehicles like mine?

  • What type of hitch do you recommend for my vehicle and towing needs?

  • Are there potential issues or modifications needed for my specific vehicle model?

  • Which brands or models of hitches do you typically work with or recommend?

  • Can I get a hitch made by the manufacturer of my vehicle, and is it better?

  • Are all materials, labor, vehicle modifications, and cleanup in this bid?

  • Will there be any additional fees for electrical or brake system installations?

  • How long will the hitch installation process take?

  • Will I be able to use my vehicle immediately afterwards?

  • Can you provide references from past clients with similar installations?

  • Will you give me a written estimate, contract, and warranty for the project?

  • What do you do if unexpected issues arise during installation?

  • Can you offer me a guarantee on your installation work?

  • How should I prepare my vehicle for the hitch?

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