How much does it cost to repair stucco?
Ashburn, VA

How much does it cost to repair stucco?

Ashburn, VA

How much does it cost to repair stucco?

$8 – $50+stucco repair cost per square foot
$500 – $1,500average total cost to repair stucco

Stucco repairs cost $8 to $50 per square foot, or $40 to $60 per hour plus materials. On average, homeowners spend $500 to $1,500 on stucco repairs, while DIY stucco repair kits to fix cracks cost $40. Prices depend on the home's size, the square footage of stucco, and accessibility.

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$8 – $50+ stucco repair cost per square foot

$500 – $1,500 average total cost to repair stucco

Stucco repairs cost $8 to $50 per square foot, or $40 to $60 per hour plus materials. On average, homeowners spend $500 to $1,500 on stucco repairs, while DIY stucco repair kits to fix cracks cost $40. Prices depend on the home's size, the square footage of stucco, and accessibility.

Get free estimates for your project or view our cost guide below:
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Stucco Repair Cost

Small stucco repairs such as filling cracks, patching holes, or fixing chips on walls or the foundation cost $200 to $800, or $8 to $50 per square foot. More significant jobs like stucco chimney repair or fixing water damage cost $1,000 to $4,000. A stucco inspection typically costs $500.

Average stucco repair cost - chart
Average stucco repair cost - chart
Stucco Repair Cost
National Average Cost $1,000
Minimum Cost $150
Maximum Cost $5,500
Average Range $500 to $1,500

Prices depend on the extent of damage discovered during an inspection. To get an accurate quote for your project, consult with local stucco contractors in your area.

Stucco siding is durable and lasts upwards of 50 years if properly maintained — however, stucco chips, cracks, and warps due to weather issues. Repairs should be addressed immediately to avoid additional damage to your home. Removing the damaged stucco and reapplying a new coat requires an experienced professional.

Get free estimates from stucco repair contractors near you.

Stucco Repair Cost Calculator

Stucco repair costs are typically calculated using the square footage of damage for large projects, or a flat-rate based on the estimated time required for smaller jobs.

Stucco repair cost calculator - chart
Stucco repair cost calculator - chart
Stucco Repair Cost Calculator
Item Average Cost
Inspection $500 – $1,000
Materials & Tools $300 – $1,000
Labor $200 – $1,200

Stucco Inspection Cost

A stucco inspection costs $500 to $1,000, depending on the home's size, the square footage of stucco, and accessibility. A stucco inspector drills and inserts small probes into suspicious areas of the walls to detect the amount of moisture. After the moisture reading, the holes are caulked and sealed.

Stucco Repair Cost Per Square Foot

On average, stucco repairs cost $8 to $50 per square foot or more, depending on the extent of the damage. If severe problems such as water damage are discovered during an inspection, repairs can range from $60 to $120 per square foot.

Stucco repair cost per square foot - chart
Stucco repair cost per square foot - chart
Stucco Repair Cost Per Square Foot
Repair Cost Per Square Foot
Basic Hairline Cracks, Holes, Chips & Repainting $8 – $30
Multiple Large Cracks, Foundations, Chimneys $30 – $50
Extensive Repairs, Water Damage, Foundation Damage $60 – $120

Stucco Repair Labor Cost

Contractors charge $40 to $60 per hour plus materials to repair stucco or $8 to $50+ per square foot total. Most stucco repairs take 5 to 12 hours of labor ($200 to $720) depending on the complexity and how long it takes for each coat to cure.

Stucco contractor plastering over fiberglass mesh patch on wall corner
Stucco contractor plastering over fiberglass mesh patch on wall corner

Pricing will vary depending on if you hire a handyman, a stucco specialist, or a general contractor. Labor costs increase significantly for homes with multiple stories or architectural details such as shutters, porches, and odd-shaped windows.

Stucco Material Cost

Overall, stucco materials cost $300 to $1,000 for the average project, including stucco mix, flashing, vapor barrier, metal lath, touch-up paint, ladder, gloves, and other supplies. Other materials to take into account are:

Stucco Material Cost
Type Average Cost
Traditional Stucco $0.05 – $0.10 /SF
Synthetic Stucco $0.25 – $0.50 /SF
5 gal. Synthetic Stucco Bucket $40 – $60
25 lb. Stucco Patch & Paint Kit $15 – $40
25 lb. Stucco Repair & Patch Dry Bag $10 – $15
80 lb. Base Coat Bag $10 – $30
Finishing Material $20 – $25
Vapor Barrier & Metal Lath $40 – $60

  • Traditional stucco costs $0.05 to $0.10 per square foot, or $10 to $30 per 80 lb. bag of base coat with each bag covering 100 to180 square feet. Fixing 10 medium-sized cracks takes about 15 to 20 bags of stucco.

  • Synthetic stucco runs $0.25 to $0.50 per square foot, or $40 to $60 for a 5-gallon bucket, which covers 100 to 250 square feet.

  • Finishing coat stucco costs $20 to $25, depending on the thickness and quality of the mix.

  • A new vapor barrier and metal lath are often required when repairing a hole or a significant crack in stucco, which costs $40 to $60.

  • Touch-up paint is required to cover up most repairs or if the stucco has discoloration from mold, mildew, or age. The cost of painting a stucco home exterior is $1.00 to $5.50 per square foot, while painting over small patches costs only $30 if you can find the right color match.

Stucco Repair Cost Estimates

Stucco repair estimates depend on the size, type, and location of the damage, the age of the stucco, and the current climate. Below are some rough estimates on what to expect.

Stucco Repair Cost Estimates
Type Average Cost
Crack Repair 1500 SF home is $400 to $1,500; DIY hairline cracks for $30
Small Patch Repair DIY for $35 per 4’ x 4’ hole
Wall Repair $8 to $50+ per square foot
Ceiling Repair $100 to $300 per hole
Caulking Repair DIY for $30
Chimney Repair $60 to $120 per square foot
Water Damage $1,000 to $4,000 depending on the damage; may be covered by insurance
Foundation Repair $250 or more to repair each 4' section
Board Siding Repair $30 for each 4' x 8' stucco board siding panel + labor
Re-stucco a House $3 to $9 per square foot

  • Smaller projects with a smoother finish that won’t need a base coat applied before the stucco is re-coated cost a few hundred dollars, or sometimes less.

  • Large projects with re-coats, extensive crack repair, and vast surface areas requiring patching—before a new stucco coat can be applied—cost $500 to $3,000.

  • In the case of severe damage, the average cost to re-stucco a house is $14,000 to $34,000, or $7 to $17 per square foot for stucco installation.

  • If another material is also damaged, siding repair costs $2 to $14 per square foot.

Stucco Crack Repair Cost

The average cost of stucco crack repair on a 1500 SF home is $400 to $1,500, depending on the number of cracks, their length, and their thickness. Fixing 15-medium-size cracks takes about 20 bags of stucco, which costs $200 to $300. Labor runs $50 per hour and takes 4 to 8 hours.

Close up view of cracked stucco exterior wall both hairline and wide
Close up view of cracked stucco exterior wall both hairline and wide
  • Fixing hairline cracks in stucco thinner than the width of a credit card costs $10 to DIY with standard caulk or a premade elastomeric stucco patch material.

  • Repairing large stucco cracks in walls the width of a penny or larger cost more since they require the removal of paint and loose stucco pieces. To DIY, a pre-mixed bucket of stucco can be purchased for around $15, but we recommend hiring a professional.

  • Horizontal cracks in stucco are often part of normal wear and tear.

  • Vertical cracks are often an indicator of a larger structural issue, and the foundation of the home may be shifting. Foundation repair costs $250 to $800 per crack. Schedule a foundation inspection if you or your contractor notices one of these cracks.

Stucco Patch Repair Cost

Stucco patch repair costs $35 per 4’ x 4’ hole for just the materials and $30 to $50 per hour for professional labor. Fixing larger or multiple patches with touchup painting costs $8 to $50 per square foot.

Typically, stucco professionals will provide a fixed-rate quote for smaller repairs, and a quote calculated using the square footage for more significant repairs.

Stucco Wall Repair Cost

Stucco wall repairs cost $8 to $50+ per square foot, with flat surfaces priced on the cheaper-end, and jobs that involve working around shutters, windows, windowsills, and doors on the higher-end. Repairing stucco cracks around windows takes longer and costs more, especially if the windows have unusual shapes.

Cracked stucco over concrete wall showing fiberglass mesh ready for patch
Cracked stucco over concrete wall showing fiberglass mesh ready for patch

Repairing stucco around a new door is common and typically occurs as the new door is set in place. Repairing this damage is often tedious and time-consuming, resulting in additional costs.

Stucco Chimney Repair Cost

Stucco chimney repair costs $60 to $120 per square foot since it's more complicated than repairing a wall. A stucco professional will inspect the chimney to determine the severity of the damage before providing a quote.

Hairline cracks are the easiest to repair, but you should still expect to pay a couple hundred dollars. Complex issues such as water damage can degrade the chimney’s foundation, requiring a complete stucco replacement and rebuilding the base materials. Extensive damage could cost thousands of dollars to fix.

Stucco Water Damage Repair

Stucco water damage restoration costs vary on a case-by-case basis, depending on how extensive the damage is and which materials are used. Water damage is the most expensive stucco problem, but your homeowner’s insurance may cover it.

Stained stucco showing signs of water damage
Stained stucco showing signs of water damage

Indications of stucco water damage are chips, bumps, crumbling stucco, and soft spots on the exterior walls. Greenish-black stains that seem to be "weeping" indicate moisture problems. These signs lead to the walls cracking and deteriorating, cracks around windows and doors, and mold if left untreated. Stucco water damage restoration procedures include:

  • Install drainage plane to prevent water from entering the wall.

  • Patch all areas where loose stucco has fallen off.

  • Install a vapor barrier.

  • Modify weep screeds to enable proper drainage of water.

  • Reapply sealants and caulk.

Before fixing any water-damaged stucco, ask an expert to perform a moisture detection test to find the underlying cause of water damage. Sometimes, the flashing is incorrectly installed. Flashing prevents water from getting into the joints in the structure of your home.

If the water damage is extensive, a permanent solution would be a complete siding replacement as repairs could leave your home at risk for future water problems.

Stucco Foundation Repair Cost

It's common for stucco to chip off at the bottom of your foundation. Repairs cost $200 or more for each 4' section. Applying a stucco finish on your foundation wall may also protect it from leaking, cracking, or chipping. Adding stucco is a more viable and cost-effective solution than replacing the foundation and makes it more resistant to further damage.

Stucco Board Siding Repair

Stucco board siding repair is easy and involves removing the panel and replacing it with a new one. A 4' x 8' stucco board siding panel costs around $30. The labor cost for these repairs will depend on how many panels need to be replaced and the extent of the damage.

Stucco Ceiling Repair

To patch up a standard-size hole in a stucco ceiling, expect to pay $100 to $300 for labor and $15 to $50 for materials. Stucco ceiling repair is a bit more complicated than repairing walls, so ask your stucco professional if they have any experience before hiring.

Stucco Caulking Repair

Stucco caulking repair costs less than $30 if you DIY, and usually takes under an hour. Small cracks in stucco between a width of 1/16" to 1/8" can be easily repaired with caulking and paint. When hiring a stucco contractor, ask them to inspect for any larger structural issues and for moisture penetration points around your windows and doors.

Traditional vs. Synthetic Stucco Repair

There are two types of stucco, synthetic and traditional, with synthetic sitting at the higher end of the price spectrum.

Traditional vs. synthetic stucco materials cost - chart
Traditional vs. synthetic stucco materials cost - chart

Traditional Stucco

Traditional stucco is cheaper, heavier, stronger, and provides a better moisture barrier for humid climates than synthetic. Traditional stucco is made from cement, sand, lime, and water that is applied in three coats over a lath base or a piece of mesh and coated with a finish.

Traditional stucco costs $0.08 per square foot or about $12 per 80-lb bag, which covers around 100 to 180 square feet. The DIY cost to fix 10 standard-sized cracks in stucco is $230 for approximately 15 bags, supplies, and finishing materials. When hiring a pro, expect to add another $200 for labor costs.

Synthetic Stucco Repair Cost

Synthetic stucco, or exterior insulation finishing system (EIFS), has multiple layers containing a foam insulation board, a coat of pre-mixed synthetic stucco, fiberglass mesh or wire, and a final coat. Synthetic stucco is softer, more energy-efficient, easier to repair, and lasts longer than traditional.

Get free estimates from stucco repair contractors near you.

Synthetic stucco costs $0.25 per square foot, or $50 for a 5-gallon bucket, which covers 100 to 250 square feet. Repairing 10 standard-sized cracks costs $600+ in materials and $200 for labor.

Exterior Stucco Repair Cost Factors

When looking to estimate the cost of your exterior stucco repair project, keep these additional cost factors in mind:

  • Removal costs

  • Which floor the damaged exterior stucco is on

  • Whether stucco exterior maintenance has been regularly performed

  • The extent of the damage

Stucco Removal Cost

In some cases, you'll need your old stucco removed to lay down new stucco. Stucco removal costs $1 to $4 per square foot. The cost to remove all of the stucco on an average home ranges from $900 to $2,100. Typically, only small portions of stucco need to be removed, and you may have to pay a nominal disposal fee.

Upper or Lower Floor

Stucco repair on walls over 8’ high requires a ladder or scaffolding and will often cost more. Renting scaffolding costs an extra $50 per day on average, and working on a ladder will increase labor costs.

Extent of Damage

Stucco contractors base their cost estimates on how much time is required to make the repairs, the cost of the stucco mix, and the cost of materials. Stucco damage that involves removal and replacement of the old stucco down to the paper or lath layer costs more to repair. Complex repairs require supplies such as a metal lath, vapor barrier material, and finishing mix.

Stucco Repair Kits

Stucco repair kits cost $5 to $300, depending on the kit size and the concrete strength. These kits are sold at home improvement stores and include all the materials you need to make minor repairs.

DIY stucco repair kit cost - chart
DIY stucco repair kit cost - chart
  • Look for kits that contain additives to speed up drying time.

  • Some kits don't require mixing cement and are made for small cracks.

  • For small projects, look for kits that come pre-mixed for a simple and streamlined process.

Stucco Repair Tools

Get free estimates from stucco repair contractors near you.

Some kits come with many of the tools and supplies needed to fix a crack or apply a patch, such as:

  • Caulk gun

  • Screwdriver

  • Margin trowel or putty knife

  • Wire brush

  • Utility knife

  • Hammer

  • Chisel

Stucco Maintenance

Although stucco is an incredibly durable siding material, damage can occur if proper stucco care and maintenance are not performed. Consider these stucco maintenance tips for cleaning stucco walls:

  • To clean stucco, use a garden hose with a sprayer attached. Avoid using a pressure washer, since high levels of pressure can damage your stucco.

  • If stucco becomes discolored by mold, apply a mixture of 25% bleach and 75% hot water to the affected spots using a sponge. Allow it to soak for a few minutes before rinsing it clean. Check back the next day and repeat the procedure as necessary until the mold is gone.

  • For retouching the color or filling small hairline cracks, use acrylic or elastomeric paint designed for masonry.

  • Check the sealant around your windows and doors regularly to make sure there are no potential penetration points for moisture to seep into your stucco.

Stucco Repair FAQs

How Much Does Stucco Repair From Home Depot Cost?

Home Depot provides stucco repair through their Pro Referral service. The cost will vary depending on where you live, the extent of the stucco damage, the type of stucco, and more.

What Is the Best Caulk for Stucco Repair?

While most standard caulk will suffice for simple stucco repair projects, there are caulking tools explicitly designed for stucco repair. One of the most popular caulks for stucco repair is Quikrete Stucco Repair Sealant, which is excellent for sealing small cracks in your stucco.

How Much Does Stucco Remediation Cost?

Stucco remediation costs depend on the severity and progression of mold, the home's size, and the number of windows. The entire stucco system is removed for $900 to $2,100, and the underlying issues are fixed. Then, new siding costs $3 to $11 per square foot or $7,500 to $15,000 to re-stucco the house.

Mold under stucco is often caused by poor installation or long periods of unaddressed water penetration. While the cost of stucco remediation can vary depending on a wide range of factors, stucco remediation is always quite expensive.

What Does Styrofoam Stucco Repair Cost?

Repairing a styrofoam stucco system, molding, or plastering trim on a rendered wall costs $8 to $50 per square foot, depending on the amount and extent of damage. Small repairs around the house may run $100 to $200 total.

How Can I Tell if My Stucco Is Even Salvageable?

It's difficult for the untrained eye to detect the extent of damage in stucco, so it’s best to have a professional inspection to decide if it's salvageable. A stucco contractor can determine if your stucco should be repaired or replaced. If the stucco was installed incorrectly or there is widespread water or mold damage, your stucco system needs to be replaced entirely before causing more problems.

How Long Does Stucco Repair Take?

Smaller stucco repairs, such as filling cracks and holes, take 1 to 5 hours on average. Larger repairs or total stucco remediation take 5 to 24 hours spread across 2 or 3 days.

Extensive stucco repair takes at least 24 hours from start to finish because the first layer of stucco needs to set and dry before additional layers can be added.

DIY vs. Stucco Repair Contractors

You can DIY small stucco repairs such as hairline cracks and minor chips with a stucco repair kit, which could save you hundreds of dollars. For anything more complex like several large cracks, foundation issues, or water and structural damage, it's best to hire a professional.

Other costs include materials you'll need to purchase and may only use once. Also, the damaged stucco may be in hard-to-reach places that require a ladder or areas such as a windowsill or doorway that require a professional's expertise.

Before taking on a DIY project, look for these signs of severe damage:

  • Crumbling stucco – This could be a sign of water damage that is compromising the wall’s integrity or a pest infestation.

  • Soft spots and indentations – This could suggest underlying water damage and rot.

  • Wide or numerous cracks – Although a few hairline cracks are part of normal wear and tear, a large number of wider cracks could indicate water damage.

Hiring a professional who gets the job done correctly is worth the cost, and proper stucco installation prevents further issues down the road.

How To Repair Stucco

To repair stucco yourself, this brief guide on how to repair stucco will run you through how to patch holes and fill cracks in walls. Before starting this project:

  • Be certain temperatures at night will stay above 40° F.

  • Once the water is added to the mixture, you have 30 to 90 minutes before it sets.

  • Make sure your coating is permeable to water vapor and alkaline tolerant or else it will peel off.

  • Always wear gloves and safety goggles and keep a bucket of water nearby to wash any stucco mix off your skin.

Stucco Tools Needed

  • Stucco Mix (Portland cement, sand, and water)

  • Notched trowel

  • Plaster-finishing trowel

  • Sponge

  • Gloves

  • Eye protection

  • Ladder

  • Hammer

  • Mason’s chisel

  • Straight edge

  • Matching paint

How To Patch Stucco Holes & Repair Cracks

  1. Remove Loose Stucco – Use your mason’s chisel and hammer to remove any old, damaged, or loose stucco by chipping away at the edges.

  2. Cover the Exposed Lath – Trim a piece of builders paper with a utility knife where the old stucco meets the wood lath. Fasten with nails, then add a second layer.

  3. Add Mesh or Wire – Add a fiberglass or galvanized metal lath over the paper and trim the edges. Secure mesh with more nails.

  4. Prepare the Stucco Mix – Mix up a batch of stucco. To improve adhesion, add an acrylic bonding agent to the mix.

  5. Apply First Coat – Use a brick trowel against the mesh until it's completely covered, filling any cracks or holes. This is called the "scratch coat".

  6. Smooth it Out – Smooth the stucco mixture with a finishing trowel and pack it against the edge of the existing stucco surface.

  7. Scratch The Coat – Use a notched trowel to scratch grooves into it, which will allow future coats to better adhere to the first layer. Let it set and dry between 24 hours and 7 days.

  8. Apply Second Coat – Apply water to the area using a sponge to make it easier for the next coat to adhere to the surface. Evenly spread another layer of stucco down before completely leveling it with a straight edge.

  9. Add The Finish Coat – Apply the final finishing coat. This coat should be evenly applied and about a quarter-inch thick.

  10. Match the Texture – While this coat is still wet, use a sponge to create a texture that matches the surrounding stucco.

  11. Paint – Let the patch cure for a week, then paint over using a dense acrylic elastomer to ensure a uniform look.

Stucco Quotes

Although stucco repairs can be costly, a professional is more than worth it to protect your home’s integrity. Get free estimates on HomeGuide from trusted stucco companies:

  • Get at least three onsite estimates to compare.

  • Look for companies that are licensed, bonded, insured, and have been in business 5+ years.

  • Read reviews on HomeGuide and Google.

  • Review their portfolio of previous projects, and ask for local references.

  • Get a detailed contract and warranty in writing.

  • Confirm the estimate includes old siding removal and disposal.

  • Never pay in full before the work begins. Follow a payment schedule for work completed, and get receipts.

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