How much does poison ivy removal cost?
Ashburn, VA

How much does poison ivy removal cost?

Ashburn, VA

How much does poison ivy removal cost?

$50 – $125average cost per hour
$200 – $500average total cost to remove

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$50 – $125 average cost per hour

$200 – $500 average total cost to remove

Get free estimates for your project or view our cost guide below:
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Poison ivy removal cost

Poison ivy removal costs $200 to $500 on average, depending on the accessibility and removal method. The cost to remove ivy from a yard is $50 to $75 per hour. The cost to remove vines from a house is $100 to $125 per hour. Disposal costs $10 to $20 per bag.

Average poison ivy removal service cost
National average cost $350
Minimum cost $100
Maximum cost $750
Average range $200 to $500

*Cost data is from research and project costs reported by HomeGuide members.

Cost to remove ivy and vines from house and yard

The cost to remove poison ivy is $200 to $500 on average for 4 hours of work. Removing ivy from a yard or house costs $50 to $125 per hour, depending on the ivy type, location, size, and treatment method.

Cost to remove ivy from a yard or house
Plant type Cost to remove per hour Description
Non-climbing poison ivy $50 – $75
  • Basic removal
  • Ground level
  • Easier to remove
Climbing poison ivy $100 – $125
  • Complex removal from structures and trees Requires a ladder

*Minimum service fees are $100 to $150.

Additional cost factors include:

  • Method – Herbicide spray is cheapest and fastest while manual removal is most effective but costs more.

  • Locations – Ground level removal is cheapest while removing poison ivy from a fence or tree takes more labor.

  • Quantity – Large amounts of poison ivy increase labor and disposal cost.

  • Trip fees – Additional travel costs of $20 to $40 per hour may apply when out of standard service areas.

  • Repeat visits – Some removal methods may need multiple trips, which is sometimes a separate additional charge.

  • Disposal – Disposal fees costs $10 to $20 per bag or up to $500 for a full trailer.

Poison ivy removal cost by treatment method

Poison ivy removal costs depend on the treatment and the plant size. The three common methods are with herbicides, manual removal, or a combination of both.

Poison ivy removal cost by method
Removal method Average total cost to remove
Herbicide $175 – $400
Manual $400 – $700
Combination $375 – $750

Herbicide poison ivy removal cost

Herbicide poison ivy removal costs $175 to $400 on average. Herbicides kill the poison ivy, but the dead foliage remains until it decomposes or someone removes it. Well-established ivy with strong roots may sprout again and need multiple applications.

In comparison, regular weed control costs $50 to $125 on average.

Manual poison ivy removal cost

Manual poison ivy removal costs $400 to $700 on average plus $10 to $20 per bag for disposal. Removing the roots and plants by hand is the most effective method and eco-friendly but labor intensive. This method may require multiple visits.

Disposal fees
Size Average cost
Per bag $10 – $20
Per foundry bag (1 cubic yard) $100 – $125
Per trailer $300 – $500

*Additional offsite disposal fees of $25 to $100 may apply.

Combination poison ivy removal cost

Combination poison ivy removal costs $375 to $750 on average. This method includes spraying the plants and then manually removing the roots on a second visit. Benefits include faster removal and less chances of allergic reactions afterward.

Poison ivy leaves.
Poison ivy leaves.

Cost to remove poison ivy yourself

Removing poison ivy yourself costs $20 to $140 on average, depending on the amount of ivy growth and the removal method.

  • Safety equipment costs $20 to $55 for gloves, disposable coveralls, a particulate mask, and safety goggles.

  • A 1- to 2-gallon pump sprayer costs $15 to $40 to apply the herbicides with.

Herbicide prices
Chemical Average material prices per gallon
White vinegar $4 – $8
2, 4-D $25 – $45
Glyphosate $40 – $60
Triclopyr $65 – $90

Poison ivy removal FAQs

How to identify poison ivy

Identify poison ivy by the following characteristics:

  • Each main stem has 3 leaves close together.

  • The center leaf is biggest.

  • All leaves have pointed edges.

  • Leaves look waxy on top with a hairy underside.

  • The stems are reddish brown without thorns.

  • Some species have cream-colored berries.

  • The pale yellow-green flowers are small with 5 petals.

What’s the best way to get rid of poison ivy plants?

The best way to get rid of poison ivy plants is through manual removal to pull out the plant roots. However, manual removal is labor intensive and may require multiple visits for complete removal.

Who removes poison ivy?

Trained landscapers, pest control specialists, and arborists remove poison ivy. Hire only experienced professionals who are familiar with county laws on noxious weeds.

Can goats eat poison ivy?

Goats can eat poison ivy. Renting goats costs $200 to $700 for up to 7 days. A herd of goats will eat most types of leafy plant weeds and should only graze near plants meant for removal.

Getting estimates from poison ivy removal services

Before hiring a poison ivy removal service near you, be sure to:

  • Get at least 3 estimates to compare.

  • Confirm that the company has commercial liability insurance.

  • Read online reviews and view work portfolios.

  • Search for companies with a valid business license and years of experience.

  • Beware of advice to bury the poison ivy as this removal method rarely works.

  • Ask for a written estimate and contract that includes a warranty.

  • Pay only when the service is complete.

  • The lowest quotes may result in low-quality service.

Questions to ask

  • How long have you been removing poison ivy, and who trained you?

  • What do you charge for my first on-site consultation?

  • Do you pull up the roots by hand or use herbicides?

  • Will you charge more to remove ivy from buildings or trees, and if so, how much?

  • What type of herbicides do you use?

  • Do you have a license to spray herbicides?

  • Will you protect my other plants while removing the poison ivy?

  • How long will the removal take?

  • Will you offer a guarantee to return later and dig out any new growth?

  • Do you have insurance?

  • Does your estimate include removal and disposal?

  • Are there discounts for bundled lawn care services?