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How Much Does It Cost to Install or Replace a Mirror?

$50 – $150 Installation Only
$139 – $432 Mirror Glass + Installation

A plain mirror glass costs $20 to $50, or $5 to $15 per square foot, and $50 to $150 for professional installation. A bathroom mirror replacement costs $80 to $200, and a medicine cabinet runs $150 to $400 to install. Costs depend on the weight and size of the mirror. Get free estimates from mirror installers near you or view our cost guide below.

Mirror Installation Cost

The average cost to install a mirror is $139 to $432, which includes the mirror glass, the hardware, and labor. Additional mirror framing costs $40 to $400 depending on the material, and existing mirror removal costs $25. Installing a mirror takes a handyman 1 to 2 hours.

Mirror Installation Cost Chart

Mirror prices vary based on the dimensions, glass type, thickness, edging, backing, and corner finish. Custom mirror glass costs extra but can be cut to any size and delivered to your home.

Mirror Installation Cost
National Average Cost $241
Minimum Cost $50
Maximum Cost $700
Average Range $139 to $432

The cost to install old antique mirrors ranges drastically as the glass is more fragile and may require resilvering or repairs before installation.

Mirror Cost Per Square Foot

A standard 1/4 inch thick wall mirror costs $6 to $20+ per square foot, including professional installation. Pricing depends on the complexity of the install with large, frameless, carved, and decorated mirrors costing more. Mirrors with beveled polish and seamed edges are the cheapest to install.

Mirror Cost Per Square Foot

Table of Contents

  1. Mirror Installation Cost
  2. Bathroom Mirror Replacement Cost
  3. Mirror Costs By Type
  4. Cost To Hang A Mirror
  5. Frequently Asked Questions
  6. Mirror Installation Near Me

Installing a mirror increases the appearance of space, and it's a favorite design trick of interior designers. Mirrors also reflect light, thereby adding brightness to bedrooms, bathrooms, and living rooms. Hanging a mirror can be tricky, especially for larger mirrors that require specialized hardware and wall strength requirements. Get free estimates from mirror installers today.

Bathroom Mirror Replacement Cost

A typical bathroom mirror replacement costs $80 to $200 for a steel-framed mirror and $100 to $150 for a wood-framed mirror, which includes installation above a vanity and sink. Add $25 to remove an existing bathroom mirror before hanging a new one.

A heavy or large bathroom mirror measuring 30 to 50 inches will take up to an hour, and more wall reinforcement and hardware might be necessary, pushing up the installation time and price.

Bathroom Mirror Replacement Cost Chart

Bathroom Mirror Replacement Cost
Type Mirror Glass Labor & Hardware Total Cost
Frameless Bathroom Mirror $20 – $213 $75 $195
Large Bathroom Mirror $30 – $600 $100 $415
Oversized Bathroom Mirror $50 – $741 $175 $571

Many bathroom designers recommend that the mirror be 2" to 4" shorter than the vanity and show not extend beyond the edges of the bathroom countertop.

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Mirror Costs By Type

You can truly install a mirror anywhere, but some have extra features you might think are worth paying more for, such as anti-fogging capabilities or outlet covers built into the glass. Others have built-in lighting or can be pulled out from the wall.

Mirror Cost
Type Average Cost
Basic Dresser Mirror $50 – $150
Framed Mirrors $13 – $1,818
Mirrored Walls $250 – $2,061
Mirror TV $311 – $2,799
Two-Way Mirror $38 – $287
Mirrored Closet Doors $232 – $1,379
Pivot or Tilt Mirrors $68 – $1,167
Ledge Mirrors $63 – $434
Venetian Framed Mirrors $97 – $1,649
Extending Mirrors $33 – $573
Lighted Mirrors $147 – $1,946
Smart Mirrors $345 – $1,882

Mirrors can be plane (flat), concave (curving inward), or convex (curving outward). Most owners choose one of the former two for bedrooms and bathrooms.

When buying for a bathroom, be sure to buy a mirror backed with silver, as another backing can peel off in places due to moisture getting trapped under it.

Mirror Cost By Size
Category Average Cost
Small, 16” or smaller $10 – $350
Medium, 16” – 30” $15 – $400
Large, 30” – 50” $20 – $525
Oversized, 50” and above $50 – $680

Bathroom Mirror Costs

Flat-mounted bathroom mirrors cost $20 to $100 without a cabinet or between $200 and $500 for a mirror with professional installation above a vanity and sink. Larger and oversized bathroom mirrors can cost $1,000 to $3,000 or more for custom or designer models.

Bathroom Mirror Cost
Type Average Cost
Mirror TV $311 – $2,799
Magnifying Mirrors $30 – $433
Makeup/Shaving Mirror $10 – $100
Lighted Vanity Mirror $85 – $3,000
Door Mirror $30 – $100
  • Bathroom Mirror TV Cost – A bathroom mirror with a TV costs $311 to $2,799. An LED screen is set into the mirror along with built-in speakers. It comes with a waterproof remote, and you can customize the frame.
  • Magnifying Mirrors – Costing $30 to $433, these can be fixed to the wall or are freestanding units on the counter.
  • Makeup/Shaving Mirror – Shaving mirror can be attached to the wall of the shower and costs $12 to $30. Others sit on the counter or are wall-mounted and with options such as special lighting, a magnified side, or folding sides for around $100.
  • Lighted Vanity Mirror – These have lights built into the mirror’s edge or as a backlighting feature, and cost $85 to $3,000. Wiring for valence or side-lighted mirrors costs $160 if you have no electrical hookup.
  • Door Mirror – Framed or frameless mirrors are installed on the back of a door measuring up to 68” high. They can hang over the door on hooks, but are better installed to avoid breaking. A door mirror will generally cost $30 to $100 to install it.

Cost To Install Medicine Cabinet

A surface-mounted medicine cabinet costs $120 to $250 for materials and professional installation, while a recessed medicine cabinet runs $120 to $300 depending on the complexity. A 3-way mirror costs $300 to $550 to install, and matching light fixtures run $250 to $650, including the electrical connection.

Cost To Install Surface Mounted or Recessed Medicine Cabinet Chart

Cost To Install Medicine Cabinet
Type Materials Labor Total Cost
Surface-Mounted: Basic $56 – $180 $63 – $77 $119 – $257
Surface-Mounted: 3-Way Mirror $248 – $456 $66 – $82 $314 – $538
Recessed Cabinet $57 – $218 $63 – $77 $120 – $295
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Dresser Mirror Replacement Cost

Dresser mirror replacements costs can vary a lot, but a standard 40” x 20” price is $50 to $150, before shipping charges and tax. Custom-cut dresser mirrors are also available based on the length and width of mirror, design and quality of furniture, and mirror quality – thickness, edging, tint, silvering layer.

Install Frameless Mirror

A frameless bathroom mirror costs $10 to $100 for a plain mirror. A frameless mirror has a beveled edge and gives your bathroom a sleeker look. Frameless mirrors come in all shapes and sizes, including round or oval. Some will require specialized mounting hardware which costs more.

Framed Mirrors

Framed mirrors cost $50 to $250 on average, with wood, plastic, marble, tile, and metal as common framing materials. Standard framed mirrors include a hangrail for installation and are easy to install or replace. The four kinds of framed mirrors are traditional, contemporary, ornate, and rustic.

Tinted Mirrors

Tinted mirrors cost between $50 and $175 on average and come in a variety of different tints. Gray and bronze are the two most popular tints and are commonly used as decorative accents in places such as a tabletop, a bathroom vanity, or on a dividing wall. Tinted mirrors can also be custom-cut with thick glass or with special edging.

Mirrored Walls Cost

A standard 6’ x 8’ floor to ceiling wall mirror costs $250 to $500, including installation and hanging hardware. Delivery fees are about $100 and are typically included with installation. Gym mirror kits to cover a complete wall cost $800 to $2,500.

If you’d like to try your hand at creating a mirrored wall for your bathroom, Lowe’s estimates the DIY job will take one weekend and cost less than $500 using frameless mirrors.

Cost of Mirrored Closet Doors

Sliding mirror closet doors cost $223 to $492 per pair or between $536 and $1,230 for a 3-door bypass closet. Bifold mirrored closet doors cost $104 to $211. The labor cost to install mirrored closet doors is $70 to $220, depending on if they are bypass or bifold closet doors. Installation takes a handyman 1 to 3 hours.

Mirrored closet doors have a jump-proof bottom rail track and come in a vinyl, steel, or aluminum frame. Bypass closet doors slide over each other, whereas bifold mirrored closet doors give full access to the closet.

Mirror TV Cost

A mirror TV costs $5,499 to $12,999 and up and is made of vanishing mirror glass. Installation ranges from $100 to $300 depending on if you want it to tilt, or want it on a full-motion bracket. Add customized lighting, a clock, or a defogger for extra.

Standard screen sizes for living spaces are 42”, 49”, 55”, and 65”; and for bathroom and bedrooms, most buyers choose from the 19”, 27”, or 42” sizes. The biggest single mirror screen available is 94” x 70”, but multi-piece screens can be created as well.

One-Way & Two-Way Mirror Cost

One-way and two-way mirrors cost $100 to $250 on average, which enables one side to be reflective and the other to be see-through. They are useful for hiding security cameras; however, they must be installed into a wall, and one of the rooms must be dark to work correctly. Another option is to apply privacy film to a window, available from most home improvement stores for $0.55 to $1.20 per square foot.

Smart Mirror Cost

Smart mirrors cost $499 to $8,999 and are backlit with optional colors, have voice activation, and display a smart home's central hub. Apps are available such as a calendar, weather, and music. Another option are LED wall mirrors that connect to a phone or computer via Bluetooth for $249 to $775.

Tri-View or Three-Way Mirror Cost

A tri-view makeup mirror with a magnification mirror installed onto or into the larger mirror costs $32 to $102. A tri-view mirror found on a medicine cabinet with three mirrored doors costs $69 to $1,466. You can open one on each side of the central door to achieve three different reflections.

Pivot or Tilt Mirrors

Pivot or tilt mirrors are mounted on the wall with a few inches between them and cost $53 to $2,117 depending on the size. The mirror is installed on a hinge to allow it to be tilted forward or backward as desired.

Ledge Mirrors

Ledge mirrors cost $60 to $450 on average and have a ledge under the mirror. If you’d like to add a ledge to an existing mirror, you can buy the shelf alone for about $40. Some stores have some in precut sizes, but you might need to have it custom made. Some pricing options are,

  • Pottery Barn 16” x 26” ledge mirror $209
  • Amazon 40”x 24” ledge mirror $352
  • Home Depot $63 – $434

Acrylic Mirrors

Acrylic mirrors cost $300 to $550 are ten times more resistant to breaking than glass, come in 19 colors, and are scratch resistant. Consider acrylic mirror sheets for a full wall mirror in a children’s room, shower, locker room, RV, or on a ceiling. Custom sizes can also be cut.

Venetian-Framed Mirrors

Venetian-framed mirrors cost $50 to $800 and have a 15th-century Venetian style of frame around the mirror.

Extending Mirrors

Extending mirrors cost $20 to $1,000 depending on the size and extend from the wall when needed. Many extending mirrors have two sides with one of magnified glass, which costs $30 to $450. Most are attached to a wall with an extendable arm, but some are pulled out from the space inside the wall or between shelving units.

Lighted Mirrors

Lighted mirrors typically cost $100 to $650 depending on the size, and can cost up to $3,500 for designer mirrors. These mirrors have LED lighting strips built into the glass to provide a more seamless look and a better lighting experience. Some designers etch colored blocks into the mirror design for additional effect.

Freestanding Mirrors

Freestanding mirrors, or floor mirrors, are large mirrors with built-in support to enable them to stand on their own. Prices start at $40 and go up to $2,500 for a contemporary 65" x 23" mirror on wheels. A freestanding mirror takes up more floor space, but you save on installation costs, and you can angle it any way you wish.

Polished Clear Mirror Ceiling Pans

To add the illusion of more space and add light to a room, install mirrors on the ceiling. One option is stainless steel or aluminum 2’ x 2’ pans with a concealed or exposed grid, which costs from $11 to $20 per square foot, which includes materials and professional installation.

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Cost To Hang A Mirror

The labor cost to hang a mirror is $50 to $150 per hour and takes 30 minutes to one hour depending if it's surface-mounted or recessed. It will cost another $160 if an electrical outlet needs to be wired, and $50 more to install mirror lighting. The time a handyman takes to hang the mirror depends on the weight and size of the mirror and the strength of the wall.

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Mirror Hanging Hardware

The average cost of the hardware to mount a standard mirror is $10 to $20, while mirrored walls require $45 worth of hardware and mastic. The average costs of mirror hanging hardware you might need are:

Mirror Mounting Hardware
Hardware Average Cost
Mastic $8 – $20
Brackets $0.50 – $2.50
Hangars $2 – $15
Cleats $4 – $30
Hooks $1 – $6
Picture Wire $2 – $5
Clips $2 – $10
Drywall Anchors $0.22 – $2.50
J bars or L bars $25 – $55
Mounting Kits $3 – $30

New mirrors should come with hardware and instructions. Avoid hanging a mirror on a newly painted wall for 1 – 2 months to give it time to cure.

How To Hang A Heavy Mirror

Sheetrock alone may not support your mirror, no matter the strength of your wall anchors. Studs need to be in the right places behind the sheetrock to hold up a heavy mirror safely.

The hardware required depends on the weight of the mirror. Most heavy mirrors are hung on brackets, which then hang on wall nails. Before hanging, mark off where the mirror wire or bracket will sit rather than the top of the mirror. If more than one nail or screw is installed on the top line, line them up correctly with a laser level before installation.

How To Hang A Heavy Mirror
Weight Hardware Required
1 lb. Nails, Clips, Picture hooks, Hanging strips
3 lbs. Metal hooks, Clips, Picture wire, Strong hanging strips, Hangars, Brackets
5 lbs. Metal hooks, Picture wire, Brackets, Hangars
8 lbs. + Hangars, Wall plugs and screws, Toggles
50 lbs. Heavy hangars, Cleat hangars, Wall anchors
90 lbs. Cleat hangars, Wall anchors
120 lbs. Brass threaded wall anchor
160 lbs. 1/8” molly bolt
190 lbs. Threaded toggle
290 lbs. ¼” toggle bolt

To calculate the weight of your mirror, stand on a weighing scale with the mirror, and then subtract your weight from the result.

Some walls are not strong enough to hold a heavy mirror, so anchors must be placed in the wall studs to support it properly. Medium-weighted mirrors can be hung using rawl plugs and screws, or larger toggles in the sheetrock, and small mirrors can be mounted with hardware as simple as some hooks or nails and wire.

To hang a mirror on a tile wall, you’ll have to drill into the grout between tiles and install one or two wall anchors and screws. Small mirrors can be hung with adhesive pads or hung on hooks on adhesive pads.

Mirror Removal Cost

A typical mirror removal costs $25, but only if the removal is part of a bigger job. If the drywall is damaged, drywall repair costs $75 to $150. Mirror removal includes the costs of protecting the surrounding furniture and disposing of the old mirror.

Cost To Frame A Mirror

The average cost to frame a mirror is $40 to $400 depending on the size, the materials used, and if you install it yourself. Common framing materials are wood, plastic, marble, tile, bronze, gold, nickel, and silver.

You can frame most mirrors, even bifold and trifold mirrors and mirrors on medicine cabinets. If your mirror measures more than 90” wide, the frame can be made from two pieces to accommodate the width for a surcharge of $50 to $100.

Cost To Frame A Mirror Chart

Cost To Frame A Mirror
Type Average Cost
Medicine Cabinet (16" - 24" wide) $80 – $150
Powder Room (24" - 36" wide) $90 – $200
Single Vanity (36" - 60" wide) $150 – $250
Double Vanity (60" - 72" wide) $180 – $250

If you’d rather DIY it, you can buy a mirror framing kit, available from most home improvement stores, for $15 to $100. Also, corner plates can add to the decorative look, costing $15 to $25 for a pack of four.

Additional Cost Factors

  • Drill Out – A receptacle or screw hole drill out costs $25 to $45 for each 1”, 2” 3”, or 4” hole
  • Shipping & Delivery – When ordering or framing a mirror, expect to pay delivery charges of $15 to $50 with an additional $50 to $100 fee for frame more than 90" long.
  • Size and Weight – A large mirror costs $50 to $150 more to install because of its size and weight. It might take two people to install it properly.
  • Built-in Defogger – Some bathroom mirrors come with a built-in defogger, which costs more. You can even buy a heating panel mirror for a mere $1,500

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where To Buy Low-Cost Mirrors?

You can find low-cost mirrors in most stores, such as Home Depot, Amazon, or Wal-mart. The low price point usually reflects the thickness and quality of the glass and the frame. You can pay $7 for a 49.5’ wall or door mirror framed in plastic and about $30 for a 20” x 30” framed wall mirror.

How Much To DIY A Mirrored Dresser?

Lowe’s sells a set of 6 x 12” x 12” polished wall mirror tiles for $11, which can be cut down to fit the size of any dresser. Also consider acrylic mirror sheet that costs $14 for a 1.3-square-foot sheet, or mirror tiles start at $2 per square foot.

A better-looking project requires each piece of mirror custom cut with holes drilled for drawer handles at $2 to $10 per hole. Measure the total square footage of each side you would like to mirror and place your order. Additional costs will be for the Gunther mastic (recommended), paint, and your drawer knobs.

How Big of a Mirror Can I Buy?

Glass sellers stock mirrors up to 110” x 144”, and they can cut them to any custom size as well.

Where Do I Hire A Mirror Installer?

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